[DISCUSSION TIME] Finishing the new world! LWF project?

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[DISCUSSION TIME] Finishing the new world! LWF project?

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:41 am

A while back GuardDaos has posted a new topic about his vision of the new world. Link: http://www.lufiaworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1384868

Although it inspired me to adopt its concept into a new project, over many months of controversy and procrastination I realized I cannot make this world alone. Truth be told, I never made the world, GuardDaos did.

The suggestion would've been great if the forums were thriving once more, now its just a forgotten drawing I would hardly consider a map. The map was based on the history of all of the major Lufian forums. The discoveries and opinions of thousands of fans who communicated with one another to preach the magnificent phenomena known as Estpolis Denki. It was us who kept Lufia's legacy alive within our hearts.

Thus I admit: I was wrong. Lufia never died. Although she is in miserable limbo, she is still alive within all of us. (I refer to the series as a she) The stories told from her is always being retold to others. Sure, the GBC and GBA installments sucked hard, but they really didn't hinder the legacy of the SNES games. In fact, they reinforced Lufia's true legacy as a masterpiece awaiting to happen.

This is the world created by all of you, everyone who is apart of this forum as well as the forums the land were named after and more. The land of Estpoland is where our imaginations cross over. From new discoveries to recreation of those long past and more, it can be anything we want the land to be. Heck, Inflatable City is already marked on the second map.

I am the last person anyone wants to hear a proposed project from. Nevertheless, I see Estpoland just as I see the Lufia series: Incomplete. Something that needs to be finished, fan based or not.

All I ask of you, Lufia World, is to lend a little bit of your imagination into fulfilling this empty map. It could be a random name for a city, or it could be a small mud hole. Regardless having a lot draw a little will create a world of extraordinary detail.

I wish for all of us to finish this little map for the sake of shaping our world, the world of the forums. Whether or not you wish to contribute, its up to you.

This is the map so far:

(to view the original, click on the html link on top.)

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Postby Anthony » Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:10 pm

I'm tagging and bookmarking this, I'll have a go at a city- seems like a very good plan indeed :)

Any help, comments, suggestion or any other form of feedback is heavily appreciated :)

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