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Lufia headcanon

Postby SinReVi » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:57 pm

Share you headcanon if you have any? =P I don't think there has been a topic like this here before?

Lufia I
- Lou becomes a professor/inventor when he is older. And he thinks he is better than his father Raile =P
- Frederia Shaia has curly hair
- Lufia stays a amnesiac after the end of the game and doesn't get her memory back.
- Jessy and Hilda passed away before Guy did.

Lufia II
- Selan's aunt is from her mother's side of the family
- Maxim uses the Capsule Monsters as his pets when he's at home.
- The old woman in the inn at Tanbel is either Guy and Hilda's grandmother or their guardian.

Lufia TLR
- Wain's parents are alive, they just don't live in Patos anymore (or at least not in the same house as Wain)
- The people who wrote history books after the events of Lufia I forgot the name of the Hero, and just refer to him as Maxim's descendant, since they do remember the Hero kept introducing himself saying he's Maxim's descendant to a lot of people. Which is why he still doesn't have a default name during the intro movie of Lufia TLR.
- Wain doesn't like history books.
- Artea still lives in Elfrea during the events of TLR.

Lufia RoL

Lufia DS
- Karyn's husband had brownish hair
- The captain that trained Selan had black/dark hair. And he wears white clothes like the rest of the Parcelyte Army. Like Selan he uses discs as his main weapon.
- Guy and Jessy aren't originally from Parcelyte, I like to think they lived in Tanbel with Hilda, but the two of them moved to Parcelyte a few years (maybe 2) before the game started
- Guy writes letters to Hilda during the game
- During the timeskip, Iris spends most of her time relaxing on Doom Island
- When Gades was teaching Idura how to use the teleporting spell for the first time, Idura failed and teleported himself in a tree.
- Idura likes going into the Ancient cave in his free time
- At the cutscene after the Caldia Shrine, Daos seems to blow something up in the background. I like to think that's when he blows up Chaed, but unlike in Lufia II, Maxim and his party aren't in Chaed when he destroys it.
- The different universe Dekar was sent to is a part/region of the Gate World from CIMA The Enemy. And he has to go through a few dungeons before he can go back to the Lufian world.
- Lexis had green hair when he was young.
- The things you see at the touchscreen (map/escape/reset function) are a gadget Maxim carries around with him.
- The Escape function is linked to the Excelion (after all you're always at the the Excelion when you use Escape)
- Maxim can't use Escape at the end of the game when they are on Doom Island because Lexis damaged some parts of the Excelion when he fell down with it after the scene where he flies the Excelion to Doom Island.

Lufia III
- Yu sees Cion as his older brother
- Cion and Albert become best buddies, though they sortof behave like rivals at some times
- Cion and Cecil become a couple
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Re: Lufia headcanon

Postby teefa85 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:05 pm

Now I have a mental image of Dekar punching CIMA with his fists epically.
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Re: Lufia headcanon

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:57 am

Cion's grandfather was originally going to be named Wain. But seeing as how Lufia the Legend Returns uses a traditional medieval setting, Wain was the mane protagonist of Lufia the Legend Returns.

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