Character ages

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Character ages

Postby SinReVi » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:46 pm

Lufia characters, from youngest to oldest.

0 Jeros (he’s 6 months when Idura kidnaps him)
11 Panapas (scrapped character from TLR)
13 Chelsee (scrapped character from TLR)
14 Eldin
16 Lufia, Seena
17 Tia (DS), Wain
18 Tia (snes)
20 Selan (snes), Melphis
21 Maxim, Selan (DS), Ruby
23 Betty
24 Dei, Guy
25 Berty (DS)
26 Dekar, Aima
27 Yurist
28 Idura (DS), Bareia (scrapped character from TLR)
32 Deckard
35 Lexis (snes)
43 Isaac
61 Lexis (DS)
72 Randolph
250 Milka (TLR)

(TLR Milka’s age was listed as 25 but that’s not right since she’s an elf and appeared in earlier Lufia games so… I’ll interpret that age as 250)
Hero’s age isn’t mentioned, but Flake says he is Lufia’s age. Though I’m not sure if he means that literally or if he just means that Hero is around Lufia’s age)
-Chelsee, Bareia and Panapas were going to be playable characters in TLR, but they didn't make it into the game. Each of them has artwork though.
I only listed main/playable characters here =P Some minor NPCs
5 Pixie (NPC from RoL)
10 Reyna (NPC from Lufia I)
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