Lufia II's ending/epilogue during development

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Lufia II's ending/epilogue during development

Postby SinReVi » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:43 pm

just in case: There are spoilers here!

Recently I was taking a look at my Japanese magazine again, (these ones =P )
They have a lot of developer comments/interviews on Lufia DS, so I tried making sense of them.

Anyway, one of them said that when they were working on Lufia II, the higher-ups (a president or manager?) were trying to convince Masahide Miyata (the director and scenario writer of the Lufia series, minus Ruins of Lore) to write a happy ending similar to Lufia DS' 2nd ending (I think they're referring to Maxim and Selan surviving). However, Miyata was absolutely against the idea =P

(he then explains stuff about Lufia DS which I don't fully understand, but I'm guessing that it says 15 years later, when Lufia DS was being developed, Miyata changed his mind on the subject since he is now married and has a child(children?) of his own?
^but don't quote me on that

Anyway! This reminded me that when I played through a proto rom of Lufia II, the ending was a bit different.
After Doom Island, in the final version everyone talks about going to Guy's party in Tanbel. In the proto epilogue Guy's party doesn't exist and the characters have different reactions.
(Guy does mention his party in the Portravia scene, but I think the ending itself was still being written/rewritten because everything after the final battle at Doom Island is very incomplete. Developer messages and other things like missing dialogue, Artea saying Selan's line once and For The Savior doesn't even exist in the game files yet! And neither does Iris's theme. The Mystic Stones room are only accessable by using a cheat code)

Warning: might not be 100% accurate
(I had to look up a lot of words/kanji =P)'

For reference:
Proto ending:
Final ending:
(Artea's eye is still hurt in the proto)
Artea: Milka, I’m leaving on a journey.
Milka: Why!?
Artea: Because (Artea’s explanation I don’t understand)(something about Doom Island)
Also, for Maxim and Selan……. (I also owe it to Maxim and Selan?)

Hilda: By the way, brother. What happened to Maxim and Selan?
Guy: ………….
Jessy:…… N-no way.
Guy: ……He has to come back. I have faith.

Soldier: Do you think Maxim will come to this castle? (I really want to hear/listen to his stories???)(not sure about that last one)
Dekar: (thinks) …………
Soldier: どうかしたのですか?
Dekar: ……No, (stuff about after the battle and not(?) feeling Maxim’s energy waves?? or them having changed??) (I’m guessing Dekar is saying he is concerned because he can’t feel Maxim’s energy waves after the battle on Doom Island?)
Soldier: I see.
Dekar: Maxim has to come to this castle……. そうとも! We haven’t finished out duel yet!
Soldier: I see! I’m looking forward to it!

(apparently at one one point of development Daos was going to drop Doom Island at Portravia or it’s simply a mistake? At Doom Island Daos said he was going to drop it on Parcelyte)
(other than that it’s the same until Lexis says he must go to Westland)

Assistant: We haven’t found a way to Westland yet (so?) (explanation)(stuff about Excerion)

Lexis: I’m still going! (more stuff I don’t understand)(he mentions doom island)

Tia’s scene is exactly the same, but some dialogue got swapped with the blonde girl

Jeros and Selan’s aunt’s scene is also the same except for an added line that’s not in the final version:

Your mom and dad saved the world. You too, will surely grow up to be strong and kind like them.

Other differences:
- Iris says Maxim has only 5 minutes to destroy the three mystic stones.
- In the final version she says Arek thought it would take at least 1000 years until Dual Blade would resonate. In the proto it's only 100 years.
- Maxim thinks "Thank you Iris" after she disappears. Iris also has a thought bubble she doesn't have in the final version ... ne_of_Daos
- Maxim and Selan's conversation is in the Portravia inn instead of on the bridge.
- I was never able to trigger the scene were Dekar appears on his whale and the others go to Doom Island.
- The Three Towers look very different.
- the mystic stones rooms exist in the data and they also look very different. ... tic_Stones

- at the mirror of truth, Iris has a different line after thinking "There's no stopping.. Only when one of them is no more (literally die in the JP version) can the answer be known."
In the proto version she thinks" Farewell, Maxim." right after this, whereas in the final version she thinks "Isn't that right... Sir Arek?"

- Tia and Selan never follow Maxim into the Ancient Tower.


Something else from one of the magazines
-Eastland and Midland apparently don't exist in the Curse of the Sinistrals world. (they were mentioned in Lufia TLR)
It describes Northland is in the North, Westland in the west, Southland in the south, and Estoland in the east. It also says there's supposed to be a secret lying in Estoland. The title itself "Estpolis" means "Capital of the East"
(PS in Japan the original Lufia games were announced as a trilogy, unfortunately Lufia III was canceled so it's still a mystery.)
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Re: Lufia II's ending/epilogue during development

Postby Guard Daos » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:21 pm

I've always found it weird that everyone's so cheerful at the epilogue, acting like Maxim and Selan will be at the party for sure when it looked like they were going to die. I guess the higher-ups got what they wanted in part?
I'm glad Masahide held firm for the sad ending though. I hate scenes where a character has an emotional death scene and then later he turns out to be alive without a good explanation. (I'm looking at you, Bleach).

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Re: Lufia II's ending/epilogue during development

Postby Rezic » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:10 pm

どうかしたのですか? = I something wrong? / I something up? (If you watch anime, you've probably heard this phrase. brown stuff No? or sometimes even just brown stuff?)

Edit: OMG the censors are real! I'll omit the i, but it's "Doushta No?" or "Doushta" lmao that's hilarious.

そうとも = Absolutely! (そう - really, とも - of course)

Rikai-kun/Rikai-chan for Chrome/Firefox is good for translating Japanese relatively accurately on the fly ^^;
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