The first time Lufia 2 made me laugh

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The first time Lufia 2 made me laugh

Postby Shade-Duelist » Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:53 am

(I didn't want to put this in the 'Funny things' topic because it's not actually a quirky thing in the game, just... something I find funny personally. So new topic it is!)

When I first played Lufia 2, it was in German. At that time (age 15) my German was abysmal. I still don't really know how me and my brother made it through the game in one piece. We had only basic ideas what all the dialogue meant and everything!

Anyway, we fight our way into Gordovan Tower and we're confronted with this enemy:

(screenshot is taken in the Ancient Cave though, so don't bother about my party)

...So take a Dutch-speaking pair of teenagers (I was 15 and my eldest brother 14) and give them this enemy name, and what does it turn into?

'Kamp-fork' (pronounce 'kamp-vork') :roll:

Now, fifteen years later and countless replays later, this enemy still gets me to laugh.

(Feel free to share your funny moments in playing Lufia. I'd love to know all about them!)
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Re: The first time Lufia 2 made me laugh

Postby Canaris » Sat Nov 28, 2015 1:24 am

The sight of a pig in shining armour had me in stitches. Lufia was myy first exposure to the concept of "Orks"

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