Chaos Seed's Soundtrack

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Chaos Seed's Soundtrack

Postby Terry93D » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:17 pm

Hello! I'm not completely sure this is the right place to post the topic, but the games do share composers (Shiono and Nakajima) so I figure they're related enough.

Anyways. I've been taking a listen to what bits and pieces of Chaos Seed's soundtrack are floating around YouTube. There was a CD release in 1996 with 30 tracks plus 4 arranged ones, complete with composition credits. The soundtrack was re-released as part of the 'Game Sound Legend' series across three CDs - including, I might guess, a rather large number of tracks that weren't on the previous release. (Though the third seems to be a bonus disc of apparently Nakajima-mastered arrangements.)

Unfortunately, they did not have composer credits. I've been trying to figure out, as much as I can, whom composed what (collaborating names is a bit difficult as one full-length soundtrack on Youtube lacks track names, another has tracks with different-er names. I was wondering if anyone here knew anything of whom composed what or has any guesses.

I have as of yet not finished listening to it, but I must imagine that nabbing Katsuhiro Hayashi for some tracks - him being a former Sega composer - must've been something of a coup for Neverland, given his experience ranging from Super Hang-On to Galaxy Force to Zaxxon (the SG-1000 version).

Here is the original soundtrack release from 1996:

Daily Training - Yasunori Shiono
Enchanted Cave of Training - Yasunori Shiono
It's Recount Time! - Yasunori Shiono
Doutenfuku - Yasunori Shiono
Creating the Enchanted Cave ~ Dousen's Theme - Katsuhiro Hayashi
The Foolish Douten Army - Yasunori Shiono
Raikan's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Petty Tactics - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Bar - Yasunori Shiono
Reiran's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Causing a Turning Point - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Douten Mountain Cave ~ Dousen's Theme - Katushiro Hayashi
Meihon's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
A Fiendish Enchanted Cave - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Soujin's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
A Friend's Sudden Visit - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Wan's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Shasta's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Optimistic Girls - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Izanagi's Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Heroine's Happiness - Yasunori Shiono
Kevress' Theme - Yasunori Shiono
Chaos - Yasunori Shiono
Star Drop - Yasunori Shiono
Alex's Theme - Yukio Nakajima
Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! - Yasunori Shiono
Heroine's Sadness - Yasunori Shiono
A Dragon-Sealing Enchanted Cave ~ Dousen's Theme - Katsuhiro Hayashi
The End of the Struggle - Yasunori Shiono
Closing to the Infinite Encounter - Yasunori Shiono

Next, here is the 'Game Sound Legend' release. I have excluded Disc 3 as it contains no new tracks (e.g. tracks that were not on Disc 1 and 2 being what I mean by new) and have further excluded the arrangements on Disc One as well as the Nakajima arrangements on Disc 2.. Known composition credits from the previous release will be included where possible - thankfully, Happinet had the courtesy to include not only the track names but also other, alternative names for each of the tracks. As you can imagine, this makes it much easier to identify them when put next to the 1996 release. (Information on both releases comes from VGMdb, incidentally...)

Daily Training (Roushi's Tune) - Yasunori Shiono
Dragon Furnace
An Extensive Enchanted Cave (Enchanted Cave of Training/Practice Screen) - Yasunori Shiono
Recount of Thoughts (It's Recount Time!/Recount Time - Yasunori Shiono
The World of Enchanted Beasts
The End
Doutenfuku (Douten Town's Tune) - Yasunori Shiono
Creating the Enchanted Cave - Dousen Song (Creating the Enchanted Cave ~ Dousen's Theme/Main Theme) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
The Comfortable Douten Army (The Foolish Douten Army/Douten Army) - Yasunori Shiono
Burouan Tune
General Raikan's Tune (General Raikan's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Death Mark Beast (Phantom Beast 1)
Ending 1
A Refined Enchanted Cave (Petty Tactics/Enchanted Cave) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Douten Pub (Bar) - Yasunori Shiono
Rin Reiran's Tune (Reiran's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Another Dimension
Causing a Turning Point (Decision) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
A Perpetaul Mountain Cave - Dousen Song (Dousen's Mountain Cave ~ Dousen's Theme/Main Theme 2) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Kou Meihon's Theme (Meihon's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Strain (A Fiendish Enchanted Cave/A Powerful Enchanted Cave) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Soujin Shirou's Tune (Soujin's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
A Friend's Sudden Visit (Friends 1) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Escaping Thousand Deaths (Battle Tune 2) - Yasunori Shiono?

Thus ends Disc One. Here's Disc Two:

Wan Sougen's Tune (Wan's Theme/Battle Tune) - Yasunori Shiono
Shasta's Tune - Yasunori Shiono
Optimistic Girls (Optimistic Girls/Friends 2) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Dungeon - Yasunori Shiono?
Izanagi's Tune (Izanagi's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Nap in the Flowers (Heroine's Happiness/Heroine's Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Kevress' Tune (Kevress' Theme) - Yasunori Shiono
Betting Pride (Battle Tune 3) - Yasunori Shiono?
A Lake in Earth's Depths
Amazing (Chaos/Chaos Seed 1) - Yasunori Shiono
Star Drop (Flute) - Yasunori Shiono
Heroes' Attack - Yasunori Shiono?
Alex's Tune (Alex's Theme) - Yukio Nakajima
Ending 2
The Last Enchanted Cave - Katsuhiro Hayashi?
Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! (Phantom Beast 2) - Yasunori Shiono
Distant Hometown (Heroine's Sadness) - Yasunori Shiono
A Dragon-Sealing Enchanted Cave - Dousen Song (A Dragon-Sealing Enchanted Cave ~ Dousen's Theme/Main Theme 3) - Katsuhiro Hayashi
Soaring Beast (Phantom Beast 3)
Venerable Phantom Beast (Phantom Beast 4)
The End of the Struggle (Last Battle) - Yasunori Shiono
Closing of the Infinite Encounter (True Ending) - Yasunori Shiono
Staff Roll

It is rather easy to postulate on some themes - given that Shiono handled "Battle Tune" and "The End of the Struggle" we can easily make the leap that he most likely composed the other battle themes. Hayashi, having handled all the Enchanted Cave themes, almost certainly composed "The Last Enchanted Cave". Unfortunately, beyond these immediately obvious ones, it becomes much more difficult, and I am not particularly talented at guessing whom composed what.

As such, I am interested in the guesses of you the fanbase of Lufia, whom are so ludicrously dedicated that you not only managed to find a prototype of Lufia II but you also released the ROM over the 'Net, put the soundtrack on the 'Net, and carefully analyzed as many details as possible within reason to find the changes between them. Please - work your magic upon this game, tragically obscure though it is.

FEB 4 2016: Added tentative composition credits to the guesses mentioned above as well "Heroes Attack" which has an intro that any Lufia fan will be familiar with. "Dungeon" also seems like a natural progression from the dark ambient themes of the first Lufia.

(Oh, and if this isn't related to Lufia enough, feel free to move it over to the General Discussion section.)

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