Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals Jumping scores!

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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals Jumping scores!

Postby Camu » Sat Apr 01, 2006 10:00 pm

If you go to Leuda with a Selkie, you'll see some kids jumping on a rope trampoline. If you talk to them, 1 will say he's not good at jumping. The other 2 will ask you if you want to jump. Say yes. they'll then ask you to press the buttons that they ask you to. Every button pressed will give you 1 point. If you press a wrong button or don't press it in time, you'll mis-place you jump, then you get off.

*EDIT* The highest score I've gotten has been 164 points off 83 jumps

I'm eager to learn the scores of anyone else. I wonder if anyones beaten my score. This ones a bit harder :twisted:
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