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Modern Gods

Postby Jacob Shepherd » Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:03 pm

This is what happens if you get bored...

January 1, 2056-a unexplained wave of new miracles and 'divine intervention' pop up... many people take this as a good time to join a religion. Of course, said miracles generally cause the collapse of lots of world governments, what have you... like most earth-shattering changes.

A small percentage of the world is turned into people who gain power by worship(Or obedience, reverence, intense honor, etc.). Your character is one of those people. So... what are the benefits of being a demigod?

1. You can't be killed, to some extent. The only thing that can truly kill you is someone who fanatically believes in a religion. Regeneration and resurrection takes a couple of days, at least, though. Also, another demigod can still kick your ass. In personal combat only, though, so no sneaking up on someone and knifing them in the back.

2. You have god powers. Dropping volcanoes on people and turning them into salt is something you'd love to do in real life, no? What about causing nuclear explosions? Or flinging fireballs? Of course... you need power to do that.

3. You gain abilities and power by people worshipping you. (Or revering, deeply honoring,etc.)4. You are faster, stronger, tougher, and nastier than a normal human. And you only get more capable with more power. At the start, with your starting resources... you get a little more than normal abilities.
5. You can empower others... at the cost of your own abilities. Empowering dozens of people makes you weak and vulnerable. Empowering nobody makes it difficult for you to manage your little cult/empire/whatever.

So... what do you start with? Not much. About three dozen followers, maybe some weapons, and your character.

Character creation:
You need to state...
Power areas:

At least.

Power areas:
You know how the Roman and Greek gods only controlled certain things? Well, as a demigod, and not God (capital letters), the same occurs for you. Power areas are what you're good at... and what you basically can do. This is where decisions get tough. Do you choose combat-oriented powers, allowing yourself to be highly powerful, but reducing the chances of you getting enough people to use your powers effectively? Or do you choose powers that will allow you to gain followers, but make it easier for someone to slap you across the room with their massive fireballs of death? Decisions decisions. In any case, you can only have eight areas of specialization. I was thinking three, but that might be a bit *too* limited.

Anyone interested?

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