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SinReVi wrote:
in Clemento in Lufia II

Clemento?! It is Clamento!!!

Quest Name:
Quest Availability: Humans and Elves (Professor is scared of monsters)
Quest Difficulty: Level 3
Quest Character(s): Professor (has no name yet) Shaia, Catfish, Thiefs
Quest Locations: Professor's House, and lake near forest (I need more info about the locations)
Quest Items: Professors stolen stuff
Mission: Bring back the stolen stuff of the Professor
Reward: 2500 EXP, 10 Hi Potions, 1000G
Quest Briefing

Description: Some thiefs stole stuff of the Professor (I don't know what, yet). But when you find the thiefs they accidently let the stuff fall in a lake and you have to beat the Catfish who lives in the lake.


(when you are a monster)

(When you are human/elf)
Prof: Hey, you look like a warrior to me...
Hero: I am a warrior indeed.
Prof: Do you want to help me?
Hero: What's the problem?
Prof: You know about the thiefs around here? Let's say that they visited me and stole my (don't know the item yet)...
> No
Prof: Got other things to do? That's too bad.
Prof: That is great! There are rumors that the thiefs went to the forest nearby.

(when you find the thiefs)
Hero: So you are the thiefs who stole the Professor's (item), huh?!
Thief#1: You're totally right!
Thief#2: Did the prof hire you?! WHAHAHA!!!
Hero: I'll show you my power!
Thief#1: Fine then!

(after the battle)
Thief#2: Huh, he's stronger than we thought!
Thief#1: Yeah! But he won't get the (item) back! HAHAHA!
Hero: Not so fast!
*Thiefs start slowly walking away, Hero goes after them*
*Thief#1 bumps into a tree, Professor's (item) falls into the lake*
Hero: Thank you very much for letting it fall in the lake!
Thief#2: "Thank you very much"?! Thank you is something you say to people who have done something nice for you! And we thiefs are never nice!
*Catfish appears*
(I'll continue later)

nice imagination, hahah

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