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Long Time No News

Postby News System » Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:51 am

Just for the record, I'm no longer in New Zealand! Infact I've been back in England for a long time, and even completed my first term of university. Those of you who've experienced the student life will understand that I've been incredibly busy... but I'm at home now for three weeks, and would like to use the time to freshen things up at Lufia World. First of all, I'm busy uploading some brilliant new <a href="http://lufia.rpgplanet.gamespy.com/lwgallery.php?level=album&id=2">Lufia 2 fan artworks</a> that Katrin sent to me (thanks!). Not all of them are up just yet, but in the next couple of days they should be (I'll post news again at that point). Secondly, I want to become more active in the community again. But before that, I need to stop these spam registrations from taking place - and I have a technical idea that might. Hopefully it will be implemented this week. And hopefully this won't be the last news post of 2006!
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