Lufia II Concert from last November

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Lufia II Concert from last November

Postby News System » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:31 am

A Lufia II only concert was performed by Music Engine in Japan on the 12th of November of this year, in the Mitaka City Arts Center Concert Hall.

This was Music Engine's first concert, and it consisted of around 40 songs, which were composed by Yasunori Shiono and arranged by Koichi Kawai.

After the concert was over, Yasunori Shiono held a signing session.

(most information from here)


M1 Judgment day, Main Theme

M2 Estpolis 1 Opening Motif, Theme of Town, the Earth

M3 Theme of Cave, Theme of Labyrinth, Battle #1

M4 Theme of Castle, Hidecka (Dekar)

M5 Theme of Tower, Theme of Shrine, Trembling

M6 Despair, Battle #2

M7 Ending Motif, The Sorrow of Parting

M8 Wedding Ceremony, Rice Shower

M9 The Mystery Lady,Mysterious Tone, Theme of Port Town

M10 Theme of Village, Lexis Shaia Lab, Jimmy and Tommy (Berty and Bart)

M11 Deep Blue, The Whole Silent World, Theme of Tower

M12 Theme of Mons, Over the Sky

M13 The Turret Forgotten, The Land Nobody Knew, The Fortress of Doom

M14 The Last Duel, Final Battle

M15 Four Master, battle #3

M16 The Mystery Lady, For the Savior, Ending, Priphea Flowers


Battle #3 (Soundtrack Arrange Version)

Before the concert, there was a speech by several people involved with Lufia II; Yasunori Shiono, Yukio Nakajima and Masahide Miyata.

First Masahide Miyata (the Director and Scenario Director of the games) told a story behind the creation of the Lufia series. He gathered about 4-5 people and wanted to create a RPG, so they developed a prototype using PC98 and he tried selling it to several companies. This was before powerpoint existed so they presented it to companies using a PC98 and a CRT monitor.

Taito bought it, but when development of the game was officially approved, the Super Nintendo was starting to get popular, so that's how Lufia I ended up on Super Nintendo instead of the PC98.

(but apparently the first prototype (including music) for PC98 isn't around anymore)

Yasunori Shiono mentioned composing music for Lufia I was hard, as it was his first Super Nintendo game. He had worked on PC games before, but apparently creating music works differently for Super Nintendo games because of the system, which has to do something with the use of sound samples and libraries.

Masahide Miyata thanked everyone for coming to the concert, even though Lufia II is a 20 year old game.

Yukio Nakajima also had a story about the development days of Lufia II, he told about how Yasunori Shiono received specifation notes for the songs from Masahide Miyata, but the descriptions were so short Yasunori Shiono replied with "These aren't specification notes, it's a song list!"

For example, for the ending music Masahide Miyata only wrote "tear-jerking" as the description.

An interesting fact is that Lufia II's music was completed before Masahide Miyata had finished writing the entire scenario, so he actually listened to Yasunori Shiono's music while writing, also mentioning he likes the battle themes.
Apparently he even used his headphones to listen to Lufia II music on loop all day!
He says when he was writing the final parts of the scenario, he was writing hard because he was boosted by the music.

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Re: Lufia II Concert from last November

Postby Overlordz » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:20 am

Cool. They need to come play in Seattle!

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Re: Lufia II Concert from last November

Postby Guard Daos » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:30 am

That's great. And what an awesome story! That actually sounds like a great idea for writing theatre as well. Listen to the music you're going to use.

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