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Ah well, we can always change names.

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Postby Tapas » Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:59 pm

Quest Name: Deliveryman(? Got a better name?)
Quest Availability: Human only, probably.
Quest Difficulty: Pretty easy, Level 1 I suppose.
Quest Characters: Footman Hanlon, Blacksmith Arne / Boss: Bordor
Quest Locations: Begins in a starter town, let's say Elcid or Alekia or something like that. The quest requires the player to go to the next town, and then to a combat area in the wilderness.
Quest Items: Claim Check, Hanlon's Mail, Stolen Items
Mission: Hanlon has asked you to retrieve his custom-fit scale mail from Blacksmith Arne in (Town 2's name).
Reward: 200 gold, 150 experience. (He's a foot soldier, just how much gold can he spare? And 100-150 XP should suffice--I guess the idea is to get the person to level 3 or 4 by the end of the quest[depends how many enemies the person fights besides the boss]. If we go by Lufia and Lufia II XP, that's a lot of XP for the beginning levels.)

Script: Hero unlucky enough to talk to Soldier Hanlon talks to Soldier Hanlon.

Hanlon: Hey there, (Hero name)! How are you?
Hero: I'm alright. And you?
Hanlon: Life has turned up ever since I joined the (town name) (Guard/Army). I've really been strengthening my body. I even had to order a custom-fit armorpiece from (Town 2) because I'm outgrowing this dinky thing.
Hero: Yeah, you look beefy.
Hanlon: Hah, thanks.
...Come to think of it, that armorpiece ought to have been finished by now. I ordered it a month ago. Y'know, maybe it's the monsters that are delaying the deliveryman.
Hero: You mean those monsters that suddenly began to appear in the wilderness?
Hanlon: Yeah. Word has it that they're even on the road to (Town 2) nowadays. It's really causing Captain Mete a headache. He's doubled the guard watch over town, and I can't go to (Town 2) myself to pick it up.
Hero: Is he afraid that (Starter town) will be ATTACKED?
Hanlon: Maybe. Some people in the tavern the other day were even speaking of goblins hiding out in the forests. I don't take much stock in tavern talk though, if you know what I mean.
Hero: Indeed.
Hanlon: ...Say, could you do me a favor? Some people are saying that you're leaving town soon. If so, could you go to (Town 2) and pick up my armorpiece from Blacksmith Arne? I'd be most grateful, and I'd even pay you out of my, eh, low salary. After all, if we ARE ever attacked soon in the future....I don't want to be caught with insufficient defense. My life's worth more any day.
Hero gets a choice: > Sure, I'll deliver it. (Accepts quest) [Hanlon: Great, I can't thank you enough! You're a true pal. Hanlon gives you Claim Check]
> Sorry, I can't spare the time. (Rejects quest) [Hanlon: Oh, alright. I understand. I'll try to get someone else to help.]

Later, when the player reaches Town 2 and goes and talks to Blacksmith Arne...

Arne: Hi, can I interest you in anything?
Hero: Hello, I'm here to receive an order from Footman Hanlon in (Town 1). You give Blacksmith Arne Claim Check.
Arne: Hm, listen, I'll make you a deal.
Hero: What?
Arne: I said, I'll make you a deal.
Hero: I know, but...look, I just want to finish this delivery. Just give me the armor so I can go. Please?
Arne: I'll give you Hanlon's order if you go to the (forest or dungeon combat zone name here) and find my stolen goods.
Hero: Stolen goods?
Arne: Aye, my son was driving our cart to (First town) to drop off a number of goods, one among which was Hanlon's order. But he was attacked by monsters along the road, so he attempted to whirl the cart around and ride back here before they could get a good swipe at him. The poor fool's maneuver tilted the cart, and it almost fell over. He managed to right the cart and escape, but some of the items had fallen out. We both went back later and saw that they were gone, and a pair of footprints were at the scene, leading in the direction of (combat zone).
Hero: *Sigh* Fine, I'll try and find them.
Arne: Thank you. I'll be waiting.

In the combat zone, upon finding and talking to Bordor the Lizardman/Goblin(you get the idea).

Bordor: Yar, yeh bettar run'r a'll gut ye, human!
Hero: Return the weapons and armor you took on the road!
Bordor: Har, found em fair meself! Finders-keepers, whelp!
Hero: This is your last warning!
Bordor: Think ye're a wolf, eh? A'll cut ye down with this weapon I found on that road meself!
Hero: You wouldn't dare!
Bordor: Ah would! RARGH!
Hero: Hey! <Battle begins.>

Boss: Bordor
HP: 100? That sounds decent for a starter-area sort of boss. Somewhere around there.
XP: 100? Up to you.

After the battle.

Hero: Hm, here are some wrapped-up weapons, and here's a shield. That (goblin/lizardman, whatever you choose) was wearing some of the armors and held that sword. It's all messy from the battle though. I'll bring it back anyway.

Later, back in Arne's smithy.

Arne: Ah, you've returned. You look roughed up.
Hero: There was a (goblin/lizardman) in the (combat area), and he had the stolen goods. He was wearing some of the armors and held this sword, so they'll need to be cleansed.
Arne: He cut you well, did he? Of course he did, for my weapons are of better quality than any other smith around here. You're pretty tough to have sustained the blow.
Hero: Thanks...I guess.
Arne: No, I thank YOU for returning these. I put a lot of work and passion into my craft, and the loss of my creations to such an uncouth, rabid creature was wracking my brain. Oh, and here is your order. It's been a pleasure.
Hero: I'm sure...

Back in (First town), upon talking to Hanlon.

Hanlon: Oh, wow, is that my scale mail?! It's beautifully crafted! Thanks a bunch, (Hero name)! Man, this is great! Here's your pay, like I promised. I know it's not much, go protest to Captain Mete to raise our soldiers' pay. That right there is a month and a half of savings. I'm going to try this on right away!
You receive 200 gold.
You receive 150 EX.
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Postby devonm042690 » Sun Sep 11, 2005 3:55 pm

Man, every time I try to make a quest, my imagination gets to the point of needing a break, then someone trashes it.

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