Urgent Message from Ostiaka Continent

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Urgent Message from Ostiaka Continent

Postby Dekar The Great » Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:20 pm

Reports of Destruction Rattle Ostiaka

Many cities including Larania, Shiou, Kayal and even the Haijan Kingdom have been under constant stress due to an outbreak of recent unknown attacks.

Reports of earthquakes, volcanic activity, freak storms and more have brought cities and villages to their knees. People from all over the continent are flooding to the Haijan Kingdom in
search of help. Due to the recent influx of people migrating towards the Haijan Kingdom, the King has forbidden anyone else from approaching the Haijan lands as supplies and Inn-space has run low. Even now, earthquakes shake the walls of the castle, ready to collapse at any given moment.

This just in -

A strange light has appeared above a tower very near to Haijan lands... perhaps a hero sent to save us?
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