Lufia 2: The forgotten warriors (Sign up)

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Lufia 2: The forgotten warriors (Sign up)

Postby Volt » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:25 pm

I posted this thread once before on the gamefaqs forums, before it was seemingly randomly deleted. Because of this, I only managed to save my RP posts and that of someone else (named Ocelot, character name Orca).

Anyway... I'll sum up what this RP is about. Basically this rp takes place during the main events in lufia 2. Your character may be a friend of one of the main warriors, a pupil, or just a random stranger. For whatever reason, you became involved in the Doom Island War, on a less wellknown scale. Behind the screens if you will.

You will go on a journey, and assist the main characters "offscreen". You may meet them, talk with them, fight alongside of them, as long as it doesnt alter the main storyline of the heroes. For example, you may have a sparring session with Guy before Tanbel is attacked by Camu, but you cannot spar with both maxim and guy since this would mean you are included in the battle against the henchmen. Then again, you are allowed to actually fight camu in the northeast tower, but you can't be the one who actually kills him. Easy right?

In regards to equipment, you are allowed your setup as you want it. However, just because you use a Zircon Sword does not make it more powerful then say, a rapier. The names are purely for RP value. Weapons do keep their elemental properties though (such as a silver sword being very strong against undead monsters). I urge you to not go overboard on obscene power though. No problem with being strong, but I will eject you from the rp if you start talking about taking down entire armies yourself ;).

Post your character profile here, as well as your backstory.

Name: Volt
Age: 25
Race: Human, male
Hometown: Durale
Height: Around 6ft
Characteristics; black hair jetted backwards, dark green eyes, a short scar on his forehead, thin physique, a red scarf/bandanna covers his scar.
Any known lufia 2 associates: None
Met any Lufia 2 characters: Iris
Prefered Weapon: Silver Rapier
Class: Fighter
best statistic: Speed (good reflexes)
Magic Known: Fake

Character backstory: Volt is a young hunter who lived in Durale his whole life. As a young boy he would visit the coasts and yearn to travel to other countries. However, he was one of very few townspeople who seemed to have a gift for battling the native monsters roaming the forests nearby. He feared he would never be able to leave his hometown, and instead of traveling he decided upon honing his skills with a sword, as well as reading book after book about monsters, hunting, and trading. At the age of 23, he was scouting the nearest forest, which housed a particular ferocious white dragon. The very few trading that took place in Durale became even scarcer because of it, and Volt took it upon himself to slay it (though in reality the trading becoming scarce was not his true motive. He wanted to slay this dragon as proof to himself that he had become the best swordsman in the area). He had bought a Silver Rapier with his last savings, and was eager to test it.

Following the imprints the dragon left behind, it did not take him long to find it. To his surprise though, he noticed a green-haired girl in a red dress sitting in a small open spot below a tree. A little ahead was the White Dragon, preparing for the attack. Without hesitation, Volt jumped out of hiding, in front of the girl. "What are you doing here? Move! You're in danger if you stay here!". To Volt's surprise, the girl merely smiled, and only took a few steps back. The Dragon roared in anger, and assaulted Volt. After long and gruesome battle, Volt managed to pierce through the tough white hide with his rapier, piercing the monster's heart. In a final reflex, the dragon lunged at Volt, who barely managed to dodge it. The monster was dead, but he left his mark on his target; Volt now had a cut across his face, from his forehead to right above his right eye. Tired, he sat next to the corpse of the dragon he had just slain, closing his eyes.

He was surprised to have someone covering his forehead, and he opened his eyes; the girl he earlier told off tore a part of her red dress, and used it as a bandaid for his head.

"I wish to thank you. Not for saving me, I was quite fine. But for showing me true courage. Many a warrior would have waited for the dragon to ambush me. I see there is still courage and valour in mankind afterall. I will grant you a reward... I see you are troubled with your future. I shall grant you a glimpse of what it may possibly become, provided you pursue it."
"You... can see the future? Who are you?"
"My name is Iris, and I am traveling the world. Now, close your eyes and relax... I see a great adventure in your future. It is filled with a lot of combat. Pain, treason, loss.. but also joy, happiness, and purpose."

The girl then stood up again, and stared down at the young warrior. The sun was shining down upon them, and her face was now covered in shadow. "Travel north, then head west. Many strong warriors live there. You may find your purpose there..."

"If I leave, the village might be attacked..."
"I can forsee that the village will be fine in your absense.. that much I can assure you."

She then took off, and Volt never saw her again. His only memento of their fateful meeting was the red piece of dress she used as bandage.
Pondering this meeting for weeks on end, Volt finally came to a decision. He gathered what he thought he would need for his journey, including a diary, and took the first trading boat to reach his town. It was now nearly 5 months after his meeting with the mysterious Iris....

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