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Postby lufiamanaelf » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:04 pm

When can we expect more? ^^

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Postby SinReVi » Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:06 am

NOW! But it is just a little update of Ruin Chasers. I'll continue with the screenshots soon.

Naki:*runs in the city* You can't get me! Hahahahaha*sees a shop*Ooooooh! free dresses!*goes in the shop*
Amon: Now where did that girl go?!
Cecil:*sees the shop too*Ooooooh! free dresses!*goes in the shop*

*in the shop*
Naki: Why are these dresses free anyway?
man in the shop: Because they're 150 years old and there are gates in them!
Cecil: BLEH!*goes out the shop*
Naki: Umm...byebye*goes out the shop*

Naki: *sees another shop* Oooh! Beautiful dresses without gates for only 100000000000000000000000000 GOLD pieces!*goes in the shop*
Amon: Aha! I found you!*goes in the shop*
Naki: Wait! I don't have 100000000000000000000000000 GOLD pieces!
man in the shop: A huge amount of gold is fine too!
Naki: Where am I going to get a huge amount of gold?!
Amon: Hey! Don't take my Gold Armor! That were my only clothes!
Naki: Too bad for you!

man in the shop: No naked men in the shop! GET OUTTA HERE!
Amon: UNFAIR!*goes to Doom Island*

*later in the fortress of Doom*
Amon: DAOS! Open the door!
Daos: Sorry! But no naked men in my fortress!
Amon:GRRR!*goes to the free dresses shop and gets a free dress and comes back to Doom Island*
Daos: Hmm. That's better!
Amon: What you cal better...BAH!

*in the shop*
Naki: I'm finished here!*teleports away*
Cecil: How boring! Let's go to the forest!*goes to the forest*
Cion and Albert: WHERE WERE YOU?!*goes to the forest*

*in the forest*
Cion: I have an idea! Let's call this Operations Doom!
Albert: Whatever you want...
Cecil: You guys have no brain! We should find someone who can help us!
Cion: *sees a house with a sign* And I just found that person!
sign by the house: "A genius lives here!"

Yu:*opens the door* And that genius is me! Yu Shaia!
sister of Yu:NO that's me!
other sister of Yu: There is only genius in this house! And that's me!
Yu: I have enough of my sisters! I'll go with you guys!
sisters of Yu: Farewell little brother!

Cion: Can you help us by the "Operations Doom"?
Yu: Of course I can! *throws a very big bomb*
Cion: Cough!Cough! I said "OPERATIONS DOOM"! Not "OPERATIONS BOOM"!
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Postby lufiamanaelf » Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:52 pm

I swear this is hilarious! ^^ lololol!

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Postby Guard Daos » Fri Oct 01, 2004 9:00 pm


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Postby lufiamanaelf » Sat Oct 02, 2004 12:29 pm

*still laughing* lol

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Postby SinReVi » Fri Oct 08, 2004 4:40 pm

I'll continue with the screenshots soon.

Maybe not so soon because I've been sick, and next week I'm three days at schoolcamp, but after that I have holiday and will continue with the screenshots!

little Maxim: Go away stupid boy! I have more things to do!
John:GRR! I'll get you later when I'm finished with my food!

Little Tia:*still crying* Why do they tease me?
Little Maxim: People tease you because you cry so easily.
Little Tia: O that's the reason?
Little Maxim: INDEED! Can I go home now?! I want to kill all jellies of the world!*goes home*
Little Tia: NOT SO FAST! I want to ask you something!
Little Maxim: What?!
Little Tia: Can't you do something else than hunting monsters?
Little Maxim: What...?
Little Tia: could run a shop!That's better than that useless monsterhunting!
Little Maxim: Are you crazy?! I'm going to be the worlds greatest monsterhunter!

*meanwhile in John's house*
John: Jum,jum! When I am finished with this food I'l go back to tease Tia again!

*later in the night*
little Maxim: Hey Tiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Come outside! I stopped with being a monsterhunter!
Tia's father: SHUT UP! I'm trying to sleep!
little Tia:*comes outside* What the hell are you doing?!
little Maxim: You wanted that I stopped being a monsterhunter!*puts a sign before his house* Go and read the sign if you want to know what I do now!
little Tia: Fine! But I can't read in the dark!
Little Maxim: Then come back tomorrow!

*the next day*
ten million people:*are knocking at Maxim's door*OPEN THE DOOR! WE WANT PIZZA! NOOOOOOOOOOW!
Maxim's dad: Pizza?! What are they talking about!
Little Maxim: They are talking about pizza ofcourse!

sign by Maxim's house:"Maxim's Pizzeria"
Maxim's dad: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!*throws the sign away*

*the sign flies to Sundletan*
people in Sundletan: YAY! We have a pizzeria now! But where are the pizzas?
John: *followed the sign and is in Sundletan now*Pizza!Pizza!Pizza!Pizza!

*meanwhile in Arek's fortress*
Gades: I wonder were Amon, Daos and Erim are?
Arek: Look for them!
Gades: Okay... If you say so...*teleports away*

Gades:*in Sundletan* I'm hungry!*sees the sign* Oooooh! Pizza!
man: Hey stop! There is no pizza here! There is only Tablose tea!
Gades: i don't like tea! But maybe Arek wants some tea!*teleports away to Arek*

*by Amon, Erim and Daos*
Daos: Don't we forgot something?
Erim: Yeah! We promised to go to Arek today!
Amon: Why didn't i know that?!
Erim: Because Gades destroyed the calendar!
Daos: How do you know that we promised to go to Arek TODAY if the calendar is destroyed?!
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Postby Guard Daos » Fri Oct 08, 2004 8:30 pm

Seriously, how do you make that up? It's inhumanly funny!

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Postby lufiamanaelf » Sat Oct 09, 2004 12:25 pm

Lol, I like pizza...yuuuuuumm

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Postby bad_guy » Sat Oct 09, 2004 5:47 pm

i can't stop with laughing by the pizza joke!
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Postby DualBladeAlstadtMilitary » Sun Oct 10, 2004 1:44 am

To add on to the bottom of that:

Amon: Well, we just know, just like how I've memorized what days and times that Barney is on!
Erim: One more Barney comment that the TV becomes property of Gades!

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Postby lufiamanaelf » Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:42 pm

And to continue that:

Erim: And you know what that means!
Gades: *laughs in the distance*
Amon: *wimpers*

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Postby SinReVi » Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:32 pm

I added something by the Lufia RoL story:

*meanwhile in the holy land Ragule was chasing Eldin*

Eldin: What is this strange thing?
*Eldin touches the strange thing*
Goldiark: You revived me! Now I am going to kill you.
Ragule: As long as you don’t kill me I don’t mind what you are going to do.
Eldin: Ragule! Help me kill that stupid Goldiark or I'll hurt you!
Ragule:*changes his clothes.... Uh...Don't hurt old ladies!

And here is an update for Lufia Ruin Chasers!
*in Arek's fortress*
Arek: Enough talking! We have to find Erim now!
Amon: I'm not going outside in this dress!
Arek: I don't care! Get Erim... NOW!
Amon: GRR...Hey! I have an idea!

Idura Junior: Hello boss! What can I do for you?
Idura Junior: Alrighto! Um... What does Erim look like?
Amon: Blue hair and... *Idura Junior runs away* HEY COME BACK!!!

*in the forest by Cion and co.*
Daos:*warps in* What do you think about going to my Firestormruin?
Cion: Stupid idea!
Daos: That's not my problem! *warps everyone to the third Firestormruin*

*later in the third Firestormruin*
Daos: I don't like the color of this ruin! I'll give it a new color! *the paint falls at Albert's head*
Albert: GRR! I never wanted blue hair!

*Idura Junior warps in*

Idura Junior:Hey! Somebody with blue hair!I found Erim!*takes Albert and warps to Amon*

*in the Fortress of Doom*
Amon: Heu..?! Erim is NOT a boy! You're fired!
Gades:*has finally reached Doom Island* Look! I am bald!
Albert: *points at Gades'head* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! SHINEY!
Arek: Geez! What an idiots! I'll find Erim without you!

*later in the forest*
Arek: Aha! You two! *points at Cecil and Naki* Your Spiritual Forces! Is it possible...
Naki and Cecil: NO!*they teleport away*
Arek: GRR! I am sure one of them is Erim!
Cion: Now it is only me and Yu!
Yu: No you're wrong!*warps away to the place were Cecil,Naki and Albert are*

*in Doom Island*
Naki and Cecil: Phew.
Albert: Hey Ceciiiiiiiiiiiiiil!
Cecil: Oh no is he here too?!
Gades: I want hair!
Amon: Shut up!If you want hair you can get hair!*gives Gades a monkey costume*
Gades: O well, monkeyhair is better than no hair, I guess.

*in the forest*
Daos: Ehm. Let's go back to Doom Island!
Arek: Hmm. Tsss. Okay.
*Arek and Daos warped away*

*in Doom Island*
Arek: Alright! I want to know if one of you really is Erim! So that's why we are going to the Mirror of Truth in the Tower of Truth in Northland!
Yu:Yeah whatever!
Arek: Let's go then!*warps everybody to the mirror of Truth*

*later in the Tower of truth*
Daos: Ah! This is the tower of Truth! Everybody is going to stand for the mirror, and if somebody is Erim, we'll see that in the mirror!
Cecil: Um...maybe another time!
Naki: Eh... I am allergic to mirrors!

Albert:*sees the mirror* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! SHINEY! *the mirror breaks*
Arek: Oh great! Now what!
Cion: I have a great idea! But we have to wait three days!
Daos: HMM. alright! But.... we take you to the Fortress of Doom!

*later in the Fortress of Doom*
Arek: You stupid humans will stay at Doom Island for three days! Meanwhile D
*Doom Island falls in the middle of Parcelyte*

Lily: You are all arrested!
Daos: Why?!
Lily: You are not allowed to park your island here!
Arek: Whaaaaaaat?! *throws Lily by Cion and co.*
Daos: Let's put them in the Ancient Cave! Or else they'll escape!

*much later at the 100th floor of the Ancient Cave*
Master: Congatulations! You reached the 100th floor! And because Gades is in your team you get a surprise!
Gades: Hey you was my pet! But what is the surprise?
Master: The surprise is ............... that you can go to the 200th floor now! LATERZZZZ!* walks away*

* meanwhile somewhere in the Ancient Cave*
Grandpa: What did that Giant Jelly say to me again?? O yeah! SELL STUFF TO PEOPLE WHO ARE LOST!
Grandpa: Eheheheh.... where am I?! I think I am lost!!!
Grandpa: Hey! I am lost! I must sell stuff to myself! Hello me! Do I want to buy some coffee? Yeah ofcourse! Here is 5 GP! Thank you meself!

*later at the 200th floor*
Iris: Welcome! Do you want a fight with me?
Iris: Uhhh.... I am not E....Erim!
Cion: Ow come on! Let's begin the fight!
Iris: Okidoki!*uses sleeppowder*

everyone: ZZZZzzzZZZZZzZZZzZ!
Iris: Uh oh! I think I used a little bit powder on myself!!! ZZZZZzZzzZZzZZZz

*three days later*
*everyone woke up*
Daos: Huah... o yeah! Today is the day that Cion would tell his idea to find out who Erim is!
Cion: Yaaay! It is my birthday!
Albert: Haaaaaaaaaappy birthday!*gives a birthday cake to Cion*
Cion: I can do a wish now!
Cecil: Are you finished with doing your wish?!
*Pinokkio comes*
Gades: What the hell have you wished?!
Cion: I wished Pinokkio here!

Daos:So what's the plan Cion?!
Cion: Just look and listen. Pinokkio, repeat everything I say.
Pinokkio: OK

Cion: Cion is Erim.
Pinokkio: Cion is Erim *nose grows*

Cion: Yu is Erim.
Pinokkio: Yu is Erim*nose grows*

Cion: Albert is Erim.
Pinokkio: Albert is Erim*nose grows*

Cion:Lily is Erim.
Pinokkio: Lily is Erim*nose grows*

Lily: WHAAT?! How dare you to think I am Erim?!

Pinokkio: SHUT UP LILY!

Cion: Cecil is Erim.
Pinokkio: Cecil is Erim.*nose doesn't grow*

Cion: Euh...Iris is Erim.
Pinokkio:Euh...Iris is Erim.*nose doesn't grow*

Cion:*swings with his arms*Naki is Erim.
*Cion hitted Pinokkio's nose*
Pinokkio: Euh... my nose broke!

Arek: Ah! Thank you Cion! Now we know that Cecil and Iris are Erim! See ya later in the last fight! But first we are gonna search for Zalbak! Waaah haha!*warps away*

Cion: I have the feeling I did something wrong...
Cion: Whoops!
Daos: Yahaha! Now we only have to fuse Erim into one body and ......tadah... we're complete!*warps away with Gades-The-Very-Hairy-Monkey and Amon-the-man-who-wears-dresses *

Cion: Um... ok... It is time to go to the fourth Firestormruin!
Cecil: I don't want to! Daos is scary!
Cion: We have to visit all Firestormruins!
Yu: Why?!
Cion: Because WE are the Six Ruin Chasers
Naki: What do you mean SIX?! I am not a Ruin Chaser, I am the Girl of Puzzle! And I am now going to find out the real truth! So until we meet again guys! *warps away*
Cion: Eheheh... and we are still the Six Ruinchasers!
Lily: Well, let's find the sixth person then!

*Cion and co. went to a huge mountain*
Albert: Hey! I see a house!
Cion: I wonder who the Oracles Cardinal are?
*23 ghosts appeared*
23 ghosts: HELLO! We are the Oracles Cardinal!
Cecil: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!*jumps of the mountain*
Yu: Geez. You don't have to save me! I'm very safe!
Cion: *still falling of the mountain* YUUUUUUUUUUU I DIDN'T SAY YU! I SAID YOU!
Yu: Couldn't you said that earlier?! And like I said earlier, I am very.......*sees the ghosts* saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK!*jumps of the mountain*
Lily: You are all arrested! You are not allowed to jump of this mountain! *jumps of the mountain*
Albert: I am not so stupid like them! i will NEVER jump of the mountain!*sees a shiney stone on the ground* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHINEY!*jumps of the mountain*

*Cion, Albert,Cecil, Lily and Yu falled at a house*
Michelle:*in the house on the ground* EEEEK! Who are those people that fall at my house?!


*Cion, Cecil, Lily and Yu ran away to a castle*
Albert: Oh I'll save you! your name is!

*Albert saved Michelle*
Michelle:*heart eyes*Oooooh! You saved meeeeee! Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!
Albert: *blushes* .....Eh....
Michelle: MARRY ME!
Albert: Nonono not now! I first have to defeat the Sinistrals!
Michelle: I'll go with you!

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Postby SinReVi » Sun Nov 07, 2004 8:44 pm

I changed and added something in the end of Lufia The Legend Returns So if you haven't finished Lufia TLR, do not read this post!

Daos’ghost: GRRR How dare you to betray me??
Wain: What do you mean? She betrayed me!
Daos’ ghost: NO ME!
Wain: NO ME!
Daos’ ghost: NO ME!
Wain: NO ME!
Daos’ ghost: NO ME!
Wain: NO ME!
Daos’ ghost: NO ME!
Wain: NO ME!
Daos’ ghost: NO ME!
Wain: NO ME!

Zalbak: SHUT UP!
Zalbak: I will absorb Daos and Erim, and after that I shall fill the world with flames!!!
Daos’ghost: Zalbak??? Since when can you talk?
Zalbak: since NOW!

*Zalbak absorbs Daos and Erim*
*Zalbak goes to Doom Island*
Wain: I better should go too.

*Wain goes to Deckard's ship*
Wain: .............................................................. (silence) ...................WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I WANT COMPANY! I AM LOOOOOOOONELY!
Eggdragon: You want some company!? HERE is some company! *throws Chelsee, Bareia and Panapas on the ship*
Wain: Huh, the Eggdragon? Where did you came from!?
Eggdragon: Who cares! Byebye!*flies away*
Bareia: I want blood!
Wain: Drink Zalbak's blood!
Panapas: I am the wiseguy! And I play music too!*gets his flute*
Wain: Ho stop! we don't have time for this nonsense!*starts the ship and flies to Doom Island*

*later in the fortress of doom*
Wain: It is so dark! Can somebody use the Light spell?
Zalbak: Yes I will!

*Doom Island is on fire*
Wain: I didn’t mean such a light

Bareia: .......I WANT BLOOOOOOOD!

*the Eggdragon comes back*
Eggdragon: Hello again! I just revived all your buddies! Inclusive Dei! And I will join the battle!
Wain: Whaaaaaaaaaat? That is ..... 15 PEOPLE IN TOTAL! Why are there so much characters in this story?

Masahide Miyata: Hey! This didn't happen in the script! WHO CHANGED THE SCRIPT!?

Wain: Uh people...did you know the Fortress is still on fire?

Deckard: AAGH! I MUST SAVE MY SHIP!*goes away*
Randolph: Melphis! You must marry somebody before you die!*goes away*
Melphis: If you say so!*goes away*
Dei: I still have to steal all Fugo's money!*goes away*
Milka: Um... I must save Artia!*goes away*
Arty (through the telephone): My name is Artea! Not Artia!
Isaac: I'll die when I am old! And that's not now!*goes away*
Ruby: Huh... even going on a date with Tak is better than staying here!*goes away*
Yurist: The wind tells me where to go... And the wind is blowing to the exit of the fortress!*goes away*
Aima: I still have to throw the whole Garland gang in the jail!*goes away*
Bareia: I'm going to drink some blood!*goes away*
Panapas: I am going to play on my musicinstruments! But not here!*goes away*
Chelsee: I'll be famous! I am going to the studio!*goes away*
Eggdragon: I need to hatch some Dragoneggs!*goes away*
Masahide Miyata: I am going to write a script for a new Estpolis game!*goes away*
Wain: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Now I am alone again! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! And the fortress is still on fire!

*meanwhile in Arek’s fortress*
Arek: I wonder if that Sinistrals already have take over the world.
Arek: I will go to the Sinistrals now!!!!

*back in the fortress of doom*
Wain: Please stop that fire!
*Wain uses his mirror spell*
*Zalbak attacks with fire but it reflects to himself*

Seena: You defeated Zalbak and I will die soon.

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Postby SinReVi » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:25 pm

*Albert and Michelle followed Cion and the others to the castle*

Cion: So,what are we doing here? I thought we were the Ruin Chasers, not the Run Away-ers!
Yu: You have a good point!
Michelle: Me and Albert want to go out this castle!

*The ground started to shake*
Cion: Wha-what is happening?!
Albert: How-ow should I know-ow?!

*The Ruin Chasers fell into a cave under the castle*
Yu: Hmm, haven't we already been in this cave earlier?
Cion: No, this cave looks familiar, but we haven't been here earlier!
Cecil: Wait a minute... this is.... THE ANCIENT CAVE!
Cion: What? The Ancient Cave again?! I thought this was Lufia III Ruin Chasers! Not Lufia DX Ancient Cave!
Albert: GRR!

*The ground started to shake, and a very big hole appeared*

Cion: Let's jump in this hole!

*they jumped and landed on the 99th floor*

Master: ZZZZzzzzZZzzzZZZzzz!

Sign next to Master: Do not disturb! Except if you are the pizza-man!

Cion: O, let's be quiet then!
Michelle: That's a good idea... Hey what's that on Master's head?
Yu: Head? Since when does he have a head?! He's just one big piece of blob!
Lily: Who cares... but what is it?
Albert: It is... A SHINEY JEWEL!!!!!! YEEEEEEAH!
Master *woke up*: What?!?! How dare you?!?!? And that's not a jewel! That's my new hat!
Albert: It is a jewel!
Master: HAT!
Albert: JEWEL!
Master: HAT!
Albert: JEWEL!
Master: HAT!
Albert: JEWEL!

voices: SILENCE!

Master: HAT! Uh... I mean who are you?!

voices: We are... THE ORACLES CARDINAL!!! And we're going to warp you to the fourth Firestorm Ruin!

*The Oracles Cardinal warped the six Ruin Chasers and Master to the fourth Firestorm Ruin*

Cion: Hey! I know who we are going to fight here! ERIM!
Albert: But Arek said Cecil and Iris are Erim!
Cion: So, does that means we have to fight Iris and Cecil?
Cecil: I have absolutely no idea, what he was talking about!!

*Iris warps in*
Iris: Hello guys! Somebody made a hole in the Ancient Cave! So now I am here!
Cion: That is not a good reason to come to us!
Lily: Hmm strange, it seems there is nobody in this ruin.
Albert: We're supposed to fight Erim here...Hey wait a minute! The other Sinistrals and Arek are still alive too! And don't forget Zalbak!

*Zalbak appeared above the Firestorm Ruin*
Zalbak: GWAAAAAAGWAAAGWAKGWAK! (translation: Hey! Where did my voice go?! I must seach my voice!)
*Zalbak walked away to Doom Island*
Cion: Phew... I don't know what I would do if he attacked us!

*suddenly, somebody warped in, she had light blue hair, green eyes and a long red dress, it was ....................................................*

Cion: Huh? I don't know anybody with the name "...................................................."!
Albert: What a strange name!

*..........................................................................NAKI THE GIRL OF PUZZLE!*

Cion: What has she to do here?! We have to find Erim!
Naki: Let me tell something. She is very close.
Cion: Really? Where? Is Erim Iris and Cecil? Was Arek right?
Naki: Uh-huh!
Cion: What are you talking about?
Naki: There are three persons. Three persons that will form the real Erim. They are Cecil, Iris and....................................................
Albert: Damn! Again that mysterious "...................................................." person!
Naki: Hey! I wasn't finished with talking!
Albert: Humph!
Naki: Anyway, they are Cecil, Iris and .................................................... ME!

Cion: You?
Naki: Yeah me! Now let's fuse us into one body!

Cecil: I don't want to!
Iris: Uh...

Cion: I am not gonna let you do this!!!
Naki: Too late!

*Naki fused herself, Cecil and Iris into one body*

almost finished Erim fusion: Bwahahaha here am I! Huh, wait a minute, this is not good! This is not Erim's body! What is wrong with this?

*The Oracles Cardinal appeared*

The Oracles Cardinal: That's our curse!
Cion: Fine, will you now tell us your names please?
Cion: Okay then!

*The Erim fusion is now completed, but it failed and they formed somebody called Irecelz*

Irecelz: Who gave me this name? O well, if I can't beat you as Erim, I'll beat you as Irecelz!
Master: What do you think of my hat?
Irecelz: Oooooooooooooh shiney!
Albert: Hey that's my line!


* A fifth Firestorm Ruin appeared in the middle of the world*
Irecelz: A fifth Fire Storm Ruin? Why didn't I know about this?
Daos' voice: Because it is a surprise!
Irecelz: Say, Daos, how do I get my own body?
Daos' voice: Simple! Find the Dual Blade, do the fusion again, and that should be all!
Irecelz: Oh, great! Where is the Dual Blade!? Wait! In the fifth Fire Storm Ruin of course! *goes away to the fifth Fire Storm Ruin*

Cion: Irecelz? I never knew about a Sinistral called Irecelz!
Yu: I know how to go to fifth Fire Storm Ruin!
Michelle: How?
Yu: ...ALEHOOP!...

* they arrived at the fifth Fire Storm Ruin*
Cion: What? Only because you said "ALEHOOP!"?
Yu: Indeed! Only because I said "ALEHOOP!".
Albert: I see something shiney... It is the DUAL BLADE! *runs away to the Dual Blade*
Michelle: Albeeeeert! Wait for me!*runs after Albert*
Cion: YIHAAAAAA!*runs away to the Dual Blade*
Lily: Hey! You're arrested! You are not allowed to say "YIHAAAAAA!" if you are not a cowboy!*runs after Cion*
Yu: Um... *runs to the Dual Blade**stops running* I have a better idea! ALEHOOP!

Irecelz: Wahaha with this Dual Blade, I am unstoppable!
Cion: Oh yeah?!
Irecelz: YEAH!
Cion: OH.
Irecelz: No time to waste time with you!

*Irecelz splitted herself back into Naki, Cecil and Iris*

Naki *grabs the Dual Blade*: Okay, time for the real transformation!

*Naki, Cecil and Iris formed Erim*

Erim: So! That's better! *throws the Dual Blade away* And now it is time to...
Daos' voice: ...come back to Doom Island!
Erim: Why?
Daos': You'll see later!
Erim: OKAY THEN! *warps to Doom Island*

Cion *gets the Dual Blade*: Geez, what now?
Albert: I know! We are going to Doom Island!
Yu: The "ALEHOOP" doesn't work!
Cion: Hey wait a minute you are Yu SHAIA! So that means you can make a ship for us, right?
Yu: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrright!

*Yu made a ship that can fly*
Yu: How shall I name this ship? .... I know it! I will name it ...... The ALEHOOP ship!
Michelle: Sigh!
Albert: Double-sigh!
Lily: Triple-sigh!
Cion: Quadruple-sigh!

*The ALEHOOP ship flew to Doom Island*

Cion: *walks into the Fortress of Doom* Hello?!
*Daos teleported Cion and co. to his room*

*Daos, Erim, Gades, Arek and Zalbak were in the room*

Arek: HAHAHAHA! This is the final, final real final battle!
Daos: Indeed! Let's begin the fight! OK, Gades begins!

*The battle started*
Gades: Spiritual Force of Destruction!

*The Spiritual Force destroyed Gades' monkey costume*

Daos: Hey! No naked men in my fortress! *throws Gades out the Fortress of Doom* Come back when you find clothes!

Erim: Um, what shall I do?
Bird: Poop in an old shoe!
Erim: GRR!* throws the bird out the window*

Gades: Hey! I didn't know Daos' room had a window!
*The bird hits Gades' head*
Gades: OUCH! Wait a minute! You are the poop-in-an-old-shoe-bird! GRR! I HATE YOU! *Takes all the feathers of the bird* *makes a bird costume*

*by the fight*
Erim: Um...
Daos: What is it?
Erim: Um... I don't know what to do!
Daos: Eheheh no problem!
*Gades runs into Daos' room*
Gades: Tadaa! I have clothes!
Daos: Great! Continue the fight!

Gades: Here comes my Spiritual Force of Destr... no wait, that will destroy my new bird costume!
Master: Hello ex-boss! What do you think of my new hat?
Gades: AAAAARGH! Who brought you here?
Arek: Oooh, please! Hurry!
Daos: Let's skipp the warming up! Just go to the Guard Daos transformation!
Arek: Yeah!
Daos: Ok, Gades, Erim and Amon, come here and... WHERE IS AMON?!?!?!?

*A voice came out the room with Floatium*
Daos: Hmm, that looks like Amon's voice!
Arek: That WAS Amon!

*Daos and Arek went into the first room with Floatium*

* Amon is watching Barney on the TV*

Amon: No! I want to watch Barney! And besides, you don't think I am going to fight in this dress full gates?
Amon: *get's a portable TV* Ok Daos! I'll go now!
Daos: GOOD!

Lufia - Curse of the Sinistrals

~ OUT NOW! 2010

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Very funny! Good work! :lol:

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