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Hosted Sites - News

Postby News System » Sat Jun 21, 2003 7:00 am

The next part of the image walkthrough will be finished after my exam next week. It's an important exam... and the last one until November! Right... here's the latest on our hosted sites:<p>

<b><a href="">Golden Dawn</a>:</b><br>
Golden Dawn has recently upgraded to layout version 8.0 - the webmistress, Kamiya, has also released the first two chapters of her Lufia 2 walkthrough. Check it out!<p>

<b><a href="">Lufia: The Comic</a>:</b><br>
This hosted site has had a complete re-vamp. It now has two comics running together, and has a large selection of special and guest comics!<p>

<b><a href="">The Ancient Cave</a>:</b><br>
DBAM, who runs this site, has been hard at work recently. He has just opened a brand new forum! We suggest you take a look, because it is a brilliant forum to post at!
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