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Postby Chronic » Sun Oct 01, 2006 12:59 pm

Extract from Gestahl and FFXMania's Boss Guide:

---Seymour Flux---
HP: 70,000
Sensor: Watch out for their combo attacks.
Lancet: None
Strength: 30
Magic: 15
Immunities: Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break,
Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Slow, Eject,
Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: Predict the Mortiorchis's actions by watching Seymour's. His
Lance of Atrophy causes zombie, and the Mortiorchis follows with Full
Life. Together they unleash Total Annihilation.

HP: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000
Sensor: Watch out for their combo attacks.
Lancet: None
Strength: 40
Magic: 40
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental
Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness,
Haste, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: Beware its combo attacks. If a character is zombified by
Seymour's Lance of Atrophy, it will cast Full Life, causing instant KO.
Use Protect to help survive the Cross Cleave.

One thing I'm sure most people HATE about this battle is that no matter
how pumped and ready they are to destroy Seymour, he generally still
annihilates them. He is surely one of the hardest bosses in the game,
and you can't really 100% on strategy this time. You will need power,
and possibly (gasp) even preparations!

I highly recommend getting both Yuna and Auron Zombie Ward armor, as
they tend to be very useful in this battle. They're the only ones that
can get Zombie Ward, anyway. If you dare, go back down Mount Gagazet
until you find Wantz, and purchase away! Lastly, if you would kindly
get one or two Aeons into Overdrive, it will most likely win you the

Once again, this is a two-part battle, so I'll break it down:

Use Hastega, for starters! Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis are both pretty
quick, and what's worse, they're deadly, so speed your guys up!

GREAT INFO from Split Infinity! If you use Delay Attack/Buster or Slow
on Mortiorchis, it will counter with Slowga! I can't believe I missed
that...Oh, right - make sure, for that reason, that you do NOT use
those on Mortiorchis.

Right after using Hastega, Seymour Flux will use his Lance of Atrophy.
This inflicts 600 points of damage, and adds Zombie status. This is
where Zombie Ward kicks in. It gives you about a 50% chance (close
enough, anyway) that the Zombie doesn't work. Why was this worth going
down Gagazet and back up? Because immediately afterward, Mortiorchis
uses Full-Life, instant KO to those with Zombie status!

For those who don't fully know yet, Zombie status basically makes all
curative magic hurt you. A Phoenix Down kills you, a Potion hurts you,
Regen is like Poison - you get the picture.

Anyway, should you get Zombie inflicted and still have a turn, use a
Holy Water (Esuna doesn't work). He'll use Full-Life, anyway, and miss.
Otherwise, you're dead, and just use a Phoenix Down.

After the first one, you should get a couple of turns. Let Lulu once
again use Bio, which now does 1,400 points to Seymour BEFORE he gets a
turn, and have Wakka use Silence Attack (hope it works the first time).
Silence Attack is a great skill here! Use it often! Even get Wakka in
Haste while he's there! Seymour will use Lance of Atrophy twice before
and after he uses Dispel, so you know when to have him in Silence.

Then, make your party Tidus, Auron, and Yuna (if you've been using
Kimahri, and really want to use him, replace Tidus, but Rikku is fairly
useless here in a regular game). Have Yuna start to cast Protect on
everybody. Tidus should hit for about 2,000, while Auron hits for
4,000. Keep this up - hope that everybody hits Protect status.

If you did as you were told, Seymour won't be able to use Dispel! This
is good, as Dispel removes all augmentations (Haste and Protect, here).
Try to be done after about three Lance of Atrophy and Full-Life
attacks, and have everybody Defend (triangle). Mortibody (check the
turn chart, it's Boss(1)) will use Cross-Cleave, which deals around
2,000 points to each character regularly. If performed well, your Yuna
MAY survive. Hopefully Tidus will. Revive her, use Haste on her, use
Cure, and keep attacking.

When Seymour's HP reaches around 50,000, he will use Protect. Keep
attacking away, anyway. Save any Overdrives you have. Lulu's Bio will
keep doing 1,400, and that extra damage should make things a LITTLE
less difficult.

Use another Silence Attack, and keep this up - I doubt he gets a second
Cross-Cleave. Make sure he's in Silence when he hits 35,000 HP, as he
will use Reflect, and on his next turn, Flare (which Yuna CAN survive
with Talk, but it's still powerful). GREAT INFO from Split Infinity
mentions that if you Dispel the Reflect and Seymour hits himself, it
will say "Failed counterstrike". Not all that important, but a tidbit
that will make this FAQ more complete.

What you have now is a rush to kill Seymour. When Seymour hits 35,000
HP, Mortiorchis will enter "Auto-Attack mode". On his next turn,
Mortiorchis will be "ready to annihilate". Seymour will just "wait" for
this grand attack once he has used his Flare. Finally, Mortiorchis will
use Total Annihilation.

Total Annihilation is no joke. If you were having trouble with Cross-
Cleave earlier, know that no Protect or Defending will save you. It's
VERY rare to see one survive this. It hits everybody for about 800
points, fires 10 random shots that do 800 apiece, and hits everybody
for 800 again. Thus, everybody loses 1,600 for sure, and 8,000 random
shots are fired around for anybody that could survive. Do NOT count on
surviving this by any means!

What you do here is do everything you can to win. And unless you are
some greatly leveled character, the Aeons I recommended will almost be
a necessary part of this strategy. Part of this is due to
Mortibsorption - when Mortiorchis dies, he absorbs some of Seymour's HP
and comes back to life, first 4,000, then 3,000, then 2,000, and then
forever more 1,000.

Notice that Seymour, again, uses Banish, so your Aeons only get one
turn, and cannot block Total Annihilation. For those that didn't notice
from Natus, Banish instantly kills an Aeon after his first turn.

Have Yuna call Bahamut with Mega-Flare ready. It should be doing at
least 9,000 points. With the 4,000 from Mortibsorption, that's around
13,000. Now call Shiva. She should do 9,999. With the 3,000 from
Mortibsorption, that, too is about 13,000. Out of his 35,000 HP, you
just removed 26,000, leaving 9,000. Note that a third Aeon guarantees a

Have Auron and Tidus attack between turns. Each Auron and Tidus turn
should do around 3,000 (2,000 from Auron and 1,000 from Tidus), so if
you get one before Bahamut, after Bahamut, and after Shiva, you should
be fine (Hastega is essential!). If not, Lulu's Bio should finish up
any loose ends - even though Seymour only waits there!

Seymour may just be too fast, and even Cross-Cleave may prove out of
your league. In this case, try to nail Seymour down to 35,000 HP before
Cross-Cleave, and finish him before Total Annihilation. This will most
likely require that all Aeons be in Overdrive, but it may be a lot
easier for you. Just don't get stuck on this guy forever and quit this
game - he IS possibly the hardest in the game, but you can't give up!
He CAN be defeated!

Major credit to Split Infinity. As in the Natus battle, you can let Bio
do the damage to Flux and not see Total Annihilation. However, you
can't hit him, which means no Silence Attack, which means Dispel before
Cross-Cleave, which means no solid Protect. If you want to do this,
have Auron with Zombie Ward always at full HP. Make sure everybody
always defends before Cross-Cleave and you should immerge victorious!

Use Hastega. Use Holy Wars to stop Zombie status and prevent Full-Life
KO. Use Bio and Silence Attack. Use Protect on everybody. Attack a lot
and survive Cross-Cleave (Defend for more HP afterwards). Bring him to
35,000 HP before a second Cross-Cleave, but try to make sure that he's
in Silence from Wakka's Silence Attack. Now, attack a LOT, and call at
least two Aeons with Overdrive before Total Annihilation. If not, try
Shooting Star for about 8,000 points and use any other Overdrives you
have. If Total Annihilation does hit you, just hope that the random
shots don't hit Auron, and if your hopes come true, you MIGHT be one of
the few lucky people that survive in the end and get three more long
turns to finish the job.

*Eva Unit 00 adds that a Counterattack weapon is very useful. Indeed it
is! This can add damage here and there like Poison does, and since this
battle is almost a race, this is great advice! If you beat Evrae Altana
without using Open Lock, you should have at least one of these.

Good luck! This is certainly the toughest battle you've faced, and is,
to many, the hardest in the game just because he's so much stronger
than you and has such great attacks. Trust me - it's very rewarding to
finally beat this guy, so DON'T GIVE UP! Again, good luck!
SLAYER FTW! *headbangs*

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