Lufia 2 - Beating Gades 1st Time

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Lufia 2 - Beating Gades 1st Time

Postby Sanehouse » Fri Jan 19, 2007 8:44 pm

Hey there. I was wondering if any of you could provide tips on how to beat Gades the first time (that sword is REALLY appealing).

Please note that I do not have the Mental Ring, thus I cannot use the 'Stronger' IP skill.

These are my stats:

Maxim, Lv. 30
245 HP
127 MP
206 ATP
200 DFP
130 STR
88 AGL
53 INT
105 GUT
63 MGR

Weapon: Cold Rapier
Armor: Chainmail
Shield: Round Shield
Helmet: Bronze Helmet
Ring: Speedy Ring
Rock: None

Tia, Lv. 30
148 HP
224 MP
118 ATP
147 DFP
52 STR
100 AGL
107 INT
62 GUT
93 MGR

Weapon: Chain
Armor: Tight Dress
Shield: Tough Gloves
Helmet: Blue Beret
Ring: Glass Brace
Rock: None

Guy, Lv. 29
349 HP
0 MP
211 ATP
170 DFP
141 STR
35 AGL
46 INT
90 GUT
44 MGR

Weapon: Franshiska
Armor: Ironmail
Shield: Kite Shield
Helmet: Stone Helmet
Ring: None
Rock: None

Selan, Lv. 28
149 HP
184 MP
161 ATP
152 DFP
95 STR
68 AGL
127 INT
80 GUT
107 MGR

Weapon: Chain
Armor: Holy Wings
Shield: Tough Gloves
Helmet: Blue Beret
Ring: None
Stone: None

Foomy M., Lv. 29 (Class 2 Foomy)
212 HP
111 ATP
95 DFP
88 STR
67 AGL
57 INT
166 GUT
84 MGR

Special 1: Foomy Punch
Special 2: Head Butt
Special 3: Nothing

Growth Gauge: 8/32

So, any advice and/or strategies you could offer would be much appreciated.


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Postby SinReVi » Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:20 pm

Go to the casino in Alunze and buy lots of Statues. Statues can heal 200HP for each person, so let Tia use one every round. Also, if Gades is able to kill a person in one hit, make somebody use the Bravery Spell to raise your DFP.
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Postby Sanehouse » Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:42 pm

I've got 7,500 HP to beat my way through. How many hits could each character possibly survive? One? Two?

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Postby Glitched » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:54 am

7500 each? or all characters. ah well doesnt matter. divided by four its still almost 2k..

Gades almost does 150 dmg(? long time since I did it) per hit (either the wave -all- or direct attack - one person -

The secret is just to survive a single blow, and let tia and selan heal if wave was used. Just keeps guy en maxims health up and youll be fine. I used an emulator and speed leveled my characters. Tia died, but having teh other 3 (guy max and selan) at 40 I just had Seland heal. Maxim and Guy should often use IP for that extra damage.

ALso for above strategie (lower levels should be possibled) you need jet helm. Keep using IP Sluggish on gades till he's only faster then Guy. If things go awfully bad, Guy's Camu armor can always use IP Divine Cure after a blow.

Hope it helps

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Postby Sanehouse » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:24 pm

What I meant was that Gades has 7,500 HP. And I currently have two Jet Helmets.

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Postby Glitched » Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:04 am

does he seriously have 7500? I lost count in that fight but seriously :S

anyway after looking at your stats. I'd have to recommend that you should level Selan and Tia a bit. I think youar egoingh to need all four characters at these levels, but your girls HP is kind of low.

Gades will probably know them out with one wave and then its game over.
Try to get them in the 200 HP (prefarably 230) simpkly to survive a direct attack. These are very powerful.

Just equip Selan with Holy Wings (if I'm not mistaken.) You shoudl have something on one of your girls that has a Healing IP technique.

Basics are: Jet helm on Maxim, Guy coudl wear it but if you do, don't use the IP. I recommend you keep that for Camu Armor IP (= Divine Cure) for if things mess up drastically. Maxim should be using sluggish at first, after that, powerful ikari techniques (whatever you've got.) And keep teh girls on healing all of the time. Again, keep sluggishing gades till he is only faster then guy.

SO to summarize

Max > Jet helm > Sluggish
Selan > Heal IP > Spells > Keep Healing
Tia> Spells > Keep Healing
Guy > Just damage Gades > divine cure if things go bad.

Gades is now only faster then Guy. (That's why Divine cure can be handy if he mess up yoru party big time.

One change:

Maxim > IP damage gades till he goes down and out.

Hope it helps ya.

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Postby DTaeKim » Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:11 pm

Having the Mind Ring helps a lot.

Personally, I use the Holy wings on Tia since she's the fastest character.

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Postby Guard Daos » Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:39 am

Statues are indeed the key here, plus using the above noted to survive a turn. Don't forget that if a character dies, (s)he will miss a large amount of EXP.

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Killing Gades the 1st time

Postby Xovenio » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:02 pm

It is not that hard if u use the right tactic. The level of your characters are fine, i did it when tia and selan were lvl 25, tia and selan need to have at least 140hp to survive any blow gades can do at once, not the beam, but a single attack does the most dmg! First of all put Selan and Tia in the back (change) that way they will receive less damage when getting hit. This is the way I got it done, not by using statues or sluggish, sluggish might be a nice advice though, im gonna try it out :D Anyways this is how I did it, in the beginning I used maxim to use the spell Bravery, which builds defence, furthermore 2 critical items u WILL need to get this done is the camu-armor(on guy) which u get in the tower where u kill camu obviously(the tower @ tanbel) go back in to the top of the tower to get it, and also a crucial item is Holy Wings (on Selan) which heals massively. You get this from the King in Parcelyte (go to the basement to get it). 1st turn I would use the camu-armor ip on guy, maxim uses bravery on everyone, tia heals and selan heals, 2nd round maxim uses bravery, guy attacks, tia heals and selan uses holy wings ip, use the holy wings as often as possible because almost every time selan gets hit u can use it again. The next rounds just start dealing dmg with maxim and guy, tia always heals and selan uses holy wings as often as possible, if u cant use camu armor ip or the holy wings, let Tia AND Maxim AND Selan heal, just heal Tia, Selan and Maxim in this situation because Guy can survive a second hit. Just keep on doing this, it'll take about 35 minutes! Good luck 8)

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