Akai Kiba

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Akai Kiba

Postby Akai_Kiba » Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:45 pm

Name: Akai Kiba (Red Fang in english)
Age: 19
Skin Color: White(Caucasion)
Physical Features: Well Built / Short
Personality Features: Can be very aggresive when angered but is generaly a kind person.
Character Class: Warrior
Alignment: Good
Position: Unknown
Background: Once a dweller of the holy land for some twist of fate while makeing his way back to the holy land he was teleported to the tower of guidence... perhaps by someone wishing to use him?
Other Details: Bares a strange mark on his left shoulder... and is the owner of a very sacred and rare blade... although his blade has gone missing as he emerged on the tower of Guience.

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