Holerö and hi!

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Holerö and hi!

Postby Sinistral_89 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:20 pm

Hi everyone! ^^
I am from Germany and I'm addicted by video games since my older brother bought a SNES.
I played lots of different games for the SNES and the Gameboy, but there were 2 games which were outstanding for me:
The first one was Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu in Japan, Mystic Quest here in Europe). The story, the rpg-elements, the music, the gameplay, everything feeled gorgous this game. It is still one of my 3 favorite games of all time.
FFA was the first game which introduced my into the RPGs. Years later a started to play this unknown game, "Lufia" (Rise of the Sinistrals). Although it was so different from all other games I had known so far, I loved it.
Years later and dozens of playthroughs later Lufia: RotS still remains to be the best game I've ever played so far. The gameplay and all other aspects are perfect for me. Somehow, Lufia started my interest for traditional Japanese-RPGs.
And so, I've came to this forum to share opinions with people who also like Lufia. ^^

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Postby SinReVi » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:25 pm

Welcome to Lufia World!
Lufia - Curse of the Sinistrals
~ OUT NOW! 2010

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Postby Chris » Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:43 pm

Mystic Quest was the game that introduced me to RPGs too! I have fond memories of that game, and have played through it many times. :)

Welcome to Lufia World! :D

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Postby Sinistral_89 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:39 pm

Thank you, I hope I'll have a nice time here. ^^

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Postby Zifanite » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:37 pm

Lufia II was my entry ticket into the wonderful world of rpg. However to this day it's still the best.

Welcome and i hope you enjoy it here like i do. if you're interested check out the fan works Lufia V: Fourth War at some point which is a game a few of us are trying to make. It's hit a few road blocks but it's still in production.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it here a lot

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Postby faust » Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:29 pm

I got in through lufia 3 I bought it in a used games place then started reserching it because the game was pretty fun. I then got an emulator and played 1 and 2 I bought a snes and got the games later.

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