Who here plays Warcraft III?

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Who here plays Warcraft III?

Postby Sub member » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:39 am

I was playing a game of Dark Ages Of Warcraft 4.7.1 by Luka_Blight (That arse whole stole by chances of becoming a shaman of a clan 3 times). I was playing as Duratar/Thunderbluff (btw my user name on Battle.Net is Sinistral_Gades) while someone else that goes to this forum was playing as the sevearly nerfed scourge.

The main point of this topic is I forgot his name =P (I've looked at these forums several times while searching for Forfiet Island) but never signed up. SO WHO THE sexual intercourse IS THE PERSON I AM LOOKING FOR
NO: we don't have PENS

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