A 100 year old Book

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A 100 year old Book

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:04 am

Lufia was helping her grandfather with spring cleaning in the dusty old basement when she stumbles upon an ancient book.

Lufia: Granpa! I found this book in the back of your farthest shelf. It's pretty old.

Flake: Hmmm... *examines the book briefly* Ah! I remember now, this is a copy of Guy's Autobiography. He gave it to me as a token of appreciation for helping him and Lexis out one day (and boy what a day that was).

Lufia: Really! It's amazing that you knew Guy back then.

Devur randomly walks in the room after eaves dropping on the conversation. With Aguro in the front room moving furniture and Jerin appearing behind our hero.

Devur: He must of been something back then. To bad last year he had a heart attack or something that made him...

Jerin: *Drops heavy box on Devur's foot. Hopping around on one leg Devur is hissing in pain.* Whoopsie Daisy! That must of slipped right out of my hands.

Devur: *teary eyed* You did that on purpose...

Jerin: If anything you deserved it for slacking off.

Devur: Drr... *Trips over the box Jerin dropped.* OUCH! OUCHOUCHOUCHOUCHOUCH OOOUUUUUUUCCCHHH!!!

Aguro: You think that's bad, wait until you see what she did to me when she saw MY home.

Jerin: It... Was a... Nightmare! Hell, Oblivion, the Abyss, maybe Wave Space looks just like it.

Aguro: Wave Space? Where the Sinistrals were from? It wasn't that bad, the cheese was only half-way molded.

Jerin: *Pushes Aguro out of the way* Back to cleaning up, then we can talk about cutting the cheese...

Narrarator: In case you are wondering... Devur is the name of the Hero from FoD. I did not give him this name originally however I like it better than the one I had given him the first time I played(Moral, yeah right!). NO I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS STORY. ONWARDS!!!

Lufia: Granpa, is it alright if I take a break for a few minutes?

Flake: Of course Lufia, you did enough for the moment.

Lufia: Can I spend a moment reading Guy's Autobiography? I know how sacred your books are to you.

Flake: I know, but I really wouldn't think you'd be interested in something Guy wrote.

Lufia: Then can I please, please, PLEASE, just read a page out of this book?!? Only a page?

Flake: Hmm... Okay, but I forgot the reason why I stuffed that book in the farthest corner of my library.

Lufia: *Kisses her grandfather on the cheek* Thank you!

And so Lufia turned the pages of this ancient text to the latter chapters describing the Battle of Doom Island in Guy's exact words.

"A while back, there were these huge beings of terrible power. Not just any terrible power, no! It was the powers of the evil Sinistrals themselves... Destruction, Chaos, Terror, and Death were their blades yes however, they stood nothing against the might of the heroes' courage, determination, and faith. These were the very swords, shields, and armour of us men (and one powerful woman of course) who faced the Sinistrals in mortal combat. Maxim, Artea, Selan, and I, your's truley, faced our fiendish foes in an unforgettable battle... It wasn't without sacrafice for Selan was blasted down by their evil energy waves and before we could reach Maxim, the bridge collapsed. Doom Island began plummitting out of the skies and into the western seas before Arty could the magical word 'Warp.' That was the last I saw my dear friend Maxim and his beloved spouse.... Thus the Battle of Doom Island ended, and I'll never forget such sacrafices..."

---Chapter 12, The Battle of Doom Island,
Guy's Autobiography

Lufia slowly closes the book and wipes her eyes for a brief moment or two.

Lufia: (This book is CLEARLY a one-sided exaggeration! C'mon please! I wasn't THAT ugly or huge... *sigh* Then again, it's what I expect from Guy's written works. Wait I... ?)


What? No! Don't crash on me now! Grrr... Lowsey computer! *Kick*

MI-EX-OMNI-777: OUCH! That... That hurt... *sniff* *sniff*

Wait! Miomni! I'm sorry baby, I kicked the wrong computer? Darn not only is the forum game random with camp but I kicked the wrong computer!


MI-S-XENA-1984: How dare you hurt Miomni and make her cry like that? *generates plasma wrist blades*

[ASIDE]I guess I'm really sexually harassed now... (word filters would say something else, but more stupid)
Umm... Yeah, I am sorry... VERY VERY SORRY!!! Miomni, please forgive me...

Miomni: No!

I'll do anything to make things better!

Xena: She said no. I'll make sure you will NEVER harm my beloved Miomni again.

Xena hauls away DarkMaster2101. The curtain falls and that's the end of the show

"Nonsense was beginning!"

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