Will Sinistrals blend?

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Will Sinistrals blend?

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:36 pm

Will it blend? That is the question.

Blentec® presents:

Will it Blend?

With Tom Dickson

[NOTE: Please remember that I have no association with Blentec®. This is just written for the sheer hilarity to follow.]

Tom Dickson: I remember when times were peaceful, until these bad guys known as the Sinistrals showed up. I heard that they have the powers of Destruction, Chaos, Death, and Terror. But will they blend? That is the question.

Tom reaches out in a toy box to pull out plastic figurines of Gades, Amon, Daos, and Erim.

Tom Dickson: For obvious reasons they weren't here to be in the show personally however, I decided to blend these action figures of them.

Tom opens up the Blentec tm blender. After introducing the figurine, he places in the blender one by one.

Tom Dickson: This is Gades, he's a pretty big guy. This is Amon, he's a scary one. Daos, the leader of the Sinistrals. And Erim, mistress of Death.

Tom closes the lid to the blender, and puts on his safety goggles.

Tom Dickson: Oh That's right! I forgot to use the Legendary Dual Blade. They can't be defeated without it.

Tom opens the lid and holds up a small plastic Dual Blade, then places it in the blender.

Tom Dickson: I think I'll press "the Battle on Doom Island" button.

After pressing the button the figurines inside bounce around on the blades of the Blentec tm blender. Eventually the figurines cascade to the bottom. Shortly after 5 minutes they turn into fine black dust. Tom opens the lid with his face away from the smoke.

Tom Dickson: Phew! DOOM SMOKE! Don't breathe this.

Tom lifts up the blender glass and slams it upside down. Lifts it up and slides it towards the back a little. You can see the dust is smooth flawless powder.

Tom Dickson: Try resurrecting after this. This is what's coming to you for making Jeros and orphan.


© None, this is fan made!

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