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Postby majormastermind » Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:28 pm

Name: Lance Rogers
Age: 21
Skin Color: white
Physical Features: built..but no macho man. Blond, blue eyes. 6'0, 456 pounds.
Powers: lazer, electronic pulse blast, mini missles.
Personality Features: friendly...will talk to anyone

Character Class: e.g. Warrior
Alignment: e.g. Good
Position: E-4 in the united states military

Background: Born like any normal human. Grew up in a loving family. His grandfather served in the Korean and Veitnam war. His dad served in Kosovo, both gulf wars and afganistan. Lance thought he would keep the tradition of his family and join the military. The year is 2015 and all of the military branches has formed to be one big super unit. By this time Lance has been in the service for almost three years gaining the rank of senoir troop. Not enough rank to get anything done but just enough to have a little leadership underneath him.
Lately there has been rumors of Russia assimbling troops to the most northeastern point of there country. The United states being ever so cautious send a battaloin of troops to Alaska to make sure nothing happens. Lance was sitting in is room when he got a phone call from his commander. His commander told him to gather all the troops in his battalion and meet in the courtyard for further instructions. Being the good troop that he is he never asked questions about what was going on. He gatherd all the troops and gatherd in the courtyard. His company sergeant was there wating on them. Lance got in the pack of troops and listened to his company sergeant tell them the info. " Today troops...we are moving our company along with many others to Alaska. The whole 222 battalion is moving up there due to strange activity. You all have 1 hour to pack your bags and be back out here in formation. DISSMISSED."

Lance runs back to his room and he sees his roomate in there. " Hey Lance are you worried about this whole deal." "Nah not really...i don't think anything is going to happen Joe." " I hope your right Lance. The two troops scramble to get there bags ready. Lance gets done first and helps Joe with his bags. The two young men scramble out to the courtyard where other troops are begining to muster. Some men are crying goodbye to there wives and families while some men are joking around with each other. 15 minutes later the company sergeant comes out and tells them to form up. A C-130 hercules lands in the background. " Alright troops lets move out." The company of troops start walking toward the C-130. Ten minutes later they arrive and board the plane. After a 4 hour trip the men arive in alaska. They set up a bare base with a tent city. The night sets in and the company sergeant lets the men go to bed. During the night explosions are heard and the alarms go off. Lance and his roomate Joe jump up and grab there m-16's. They run outside and in the distance the sky is lit up like a fireworks show. Since Lance's unit didn't have the they're tanks and other arltilery weapons yet they couldn't do anything but watch.

The morning rolls by and the bombings stop. The company sergeant came out and told the troops what had just happend. Russia started it's invasion and has taken half of the state. " Okay troops we are gonna split up....half of us are going to go back to bed while the other half workes on the bare base. We will switch at 6pm tonight." The company sergeant breaks them into a night/day group. Everyone with last names starting from A-K works during the day. L-Z works at night. Lance and his roomate go back to bed. 8 hours later they get woke up for shift change. They get up, grab there guns and go outside. During the day most of the bare base was put up so there wasn't much for the night shift to do. All the had to do was patrol the area. So 8 boring hours go by and nothing happens.

Lance plays cards with some of the troops to pass time. Another hour passed and he runs into his roomate Joe. " hey Joe whats going on." Joe didn't reply and had a strange look on his face. Lance went over to see what was wrong and Joe pointed and the company sergeants tent. Lance walks over and Joe follows behind. In the tent there is a convo going on but it's real quiet. Lance puts his ears to the tent and hears a convo not in english but russian and it's the voice of his company sergent and a couple of other guys. Joe pulls out paper and a pencil and tells Lance that he took some rusian classes in school and he can make out some of the things they are saying. He tells writes to Lance that they are planing to kill everyone there off and fill there spots with russian troops that way the military would never know. Lance jumps up and his dog tags get stuck on one of the tent strings. During the commotion the convo stops and he can hear the movement of bodies. Lance takes off and his Joe follows suit. The company sergeant sees Joe and he finds Lances dog tags. The rest of the night they avoid the tent and finish they're shift. They go to bed at 6 am and the company sergeant comes to them at 5 pm the that day. He tells them that he needs them to go out to the nearest town and get supplies.

The two men are nervous but do what the sergent says. They load up in a truck and head to the nearest town 50 miles away. Along the way they see an injured man lying on the road and they stop to see if he is alright. As soon as they get out of the truck a missle comes and blows the truck up. At that moment the two men knew it was a setup. They run next to the nearest hill and hid over there. More missles fly around them and they dig themselves a small trench in the snow. The explosions soon stop and Joe climbs out. Lance follows behind him. Joe is on the serface and Lance starts to climb out. Before the two men can react a missle flies and hits Joe blowing him up and Lance flies back in the trench by the force of the explosion. Lance looks and sees parts of Joe everywhere and parts of his own body are missing. Just then another missle flies and blows up above him covering him in ice and snow. Lance wakes up to a bright light and he can hear some voices. His eyes soon get adjusted to the light and he tries to move but he can't. People come running over to him and start talking to each other. Lance yells out " whats going on here." Then one of the voices said"calm down, everything is okay. Lance yells" OKAY....OKAY...i'm not freind just got blown to bits and half of my body with him. Where am i." The voice replies you are in an underground lab.

We found you floating in a chunk of ice during an excavation serveying the last of the polar ice caps. We brought you out and your body was perfectly preserved so we brought you back. Your friend wasn't so lucky. We reparied your body with cyborgenitics." " With what" Lance replies. The people around him push a button and he regains feeling in his left side. He sits up and looks at his body and it seems normal. He touches his left arm and it's ice cold." I don't understand" Lance replies. The voice says" Your half man half robot. Your left side of your body was damaged beyond repair...from your left leg which was missing to the left side of your head. It's all electronic. The voices ask Lance " you have been carbon dated back to 2015. Do you know what year it is now." "No i don't Lance replies." " The year is 2200. The worlds nuclear powers started to fight each other about 2016. The world is unliveable. We are underground right now. When ever we want to go up top we have to put on protective suits. That's how we found you." Lance gets up and looks around." This is all crazy. Man i think i could have stopped all of this. If i would have just told someone." A new voice replies " you might have a chance. We have a device that will let someone go to a previous time in there life as they are now. The only catch is that it doesn't work quite right and it takes three weeks to recharge." " I don't care...give it to me. I will make them PAY!!!!!!!!!. They hand Lance the remote. He pushes the button and is sent back into time. The flaw with the device is that it sends them to a previos year in there life but not the same place.......and Lances journey begins

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Postby Ryu » Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:45 pm

Name: Ryu Seishin
Age: 80 [looks to be 15]
Skin color: White
Physical Features: Normal height, Red eyes, Short hair
Clothes:He wears crimson robes Covering his dragon scale armor his weapon is a schythe that was given to him through his master.
Personality Features: keeps to himself and doesn't like bloodshed unless unavoidable.

Character Class: Dragonmage [mages trained by dragons and get infused with their masters soul when the master decides to allow his student to surpass it]
Position: a vagabond trying to learn of his past

Background: He like his ancesters will look as if 15 years old until they reach the age off 200 then he will dye and live on in a baby dragon Through his soul transfering to it [his soul is 1600 years old]. Ryu watched as his village was attacked by demons he was knocked out and forgot some of his past he know searches for more dragons to learn new powers and to learn of any other dragonmage villages.
Other Details: Due to Ryu's armour and the dragon soul he can transform into part man partdragon. he is great with magic and quiet strong.
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Postby Elec2684 » Thu May 13, 2004 11:41 pm

My character isn't human. I hope she's legit...

Name: Miko Nukumi
Age: 6
Species: Deishling (A made-up creature that resembles an anthromorphic dog)
Fur Color: Brown
Clothing: Loose fitting black pants, raggy purple shirt that's way too big for her, and sneakers
Physical Features: small build, doglike-ears, gray eyes
Personality Features: Brave and determined, but very shy of strangers. It takes her quite awhile ot warm up to people. She's kind most of the time, but she's prone to mood swings and can come across as irritable.
Character Class: Mage
Alignment: Chaotic good
Position: Just a little kid who just happens to have strange powers.
Background: An orphan who wanders around from world to world because she has no place to go.
Other Details: Like all deishlings, Miko is immune to fire and heat. However, she is extremely vunerable to ice and extreme cold as well. She can read minds and also speak to other people's minds. And she's also psychokinetic. Because she's so little, she doesn't have that much physical strength and the only way she'll be able to inflict any decent amount of damage without using magic, or one of her ablities is by rushing her opponent. She also has a slight speech impediment which will most likely disappear once she gets older.

A faceshot of her is in my profile picture.

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Postby Guard Daos » Thu Jun 17, 2004 12:53 pm

Name: Yaridovich
Age: 20
Skin Color: changes
Physical Features: Has the ability to take any form he desires.
Personality Features: Likes tricking people and organising chaos. Can be a coward when it comes to true challenges. He wishes to act on his own, unless he is in real danger.
Character Class: Spirit
Alignment: Evil
Position: Known to few people, which makes him easily to escape when cought on a bad deed.

Background: No one knows how he was created. He travels and starts plaging a town when he finds one that seems good to him. A certain power deep inside him prevents him from aging. Yaridovich himself also wonders where that power and his ability to shape-shift come from.

Other Details: In his own form he looks like a dark cloud. He is very quick then. If he is closed in by his enemies, he can be very cowardly. He also has quite a number of weaknesses, but as nobody knows them, he usually escapes from his enemies.

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Postby Tucker the Monster Hunter » Sun Jun 20, 2004 11:49 pm

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Postby Ryu Juini » Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:56 am

Name: Ryu Juini-Bateson-
Age: ?, Looks 18
Skin Color: Slightly tanned white.
Physical Features: Tall, built, but not freakishly.
Physical Traits: Blue hair, dragon symbol on forehead covered by bangs.
Personality: Kind, innocent. Sense of Justice.
Looks: Waist long blue hair, emerald eyes. Wears a steel chestplate with a red body suit underneath. Has brown boots and a red headband as well. Has gold and emerald shin guards on with knives concealed inside. A huge, dragon hilted sword is strapped to his back.

*Note* I guess it's the same as "Ryu"'s Ryu, but I've been the roleplayer of Ryu for well over 8 years, so I THINK I got far more expierence. This Ryu is a mix of Breath of Fire 1, 2, 3, and 4. Dragon Quarter can bite me.

Character Class: Brood Knight -Swordsman-
Alignment: Neutral Good
Position: Prince of the Brood and current Dragon God.

Background: A young man who is, basically, having a screwed up time in life. Having a tramatized childhood of murdered parents and a destroyed city, Ryu has been traveling the world long after fighting many battles in search of more brood, besides the ones dwelling in Dragonier.

Having an older brother, Teepo, whom he actually had to kill quite unwilling, through recent events, has been ressurected. I quote Rei when he said "Don't this just beat all?" when the lavender haired freak reappeared one morning whoring food.

He's currently checking out The Ancient Cave. Being the dragon god and a prince gives him far to many responsibilites, so he loves to travel. Also loves apples. Easy way to his heart? Apple Pie!
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Postby Lufia » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:40 am

Okie, I guess I'll post, since well. I finally got my toosh on this forum again at 5 am.

I'll cut and paste. I'll use my own orginal self this time around, just cause I'm sick of RPing Lufia everywhere (unless people want me to, I don't care, really.) Besides, I wanna have a bit of fun. ;p

Name: Elizabeth Marion (last name unknown in RP)

Nicknames: Elly

Age: About 19-20ish.

Race: Human.

Build: She's big for her age. A plump figure.

Hair: Brown/red. Dyed two different colours. She wears her hair back in a ponytail most of the time.

Eyes: Chameleon. They change from blue to green, depending on her mood and her clothing colours.

Weapon: Pen, pencil, paper, laptop, tarot cards and her smartass mouth.
Magic: Elly's magic is mostly in her pen, pencil and notepad. They were infused with magic upon tampering with magical spells. She can use her 'magic infused' items a total of five times per battle. They also have a time limit on how long they will remain in effect. She also has a limited form of telepathy and astral projection, as well as the ability to read people very well and to use tarot cards to her advantage.

Appearance: To Elly, appearance doesn't really matter. You could be blue and have zits all over your face and she still would give you a hug if she knew you. She dresses in baggy, faded clothing, but likes bellbottoms. However, she will occasionally dress up, meaning buying a new outfit. Her hair is mostly pulled back. She does wear studded earrings, mostly Cubic Zircona in her ears. Also around her neck is a necklace of a crescent moon with sapphires, and a witch riding her broomstick. The chain is tarnished. Her glasses are in boxed frames and tarnishing as well. Mostly you can find her wearing a green hoodie, either tied around her waist or on her. She wears her Tifa boots, big brown boots. She also always has a backpack, that contains at least some edible snacks, her computer, tarot cards and writing utensils.

History: Elly is from the present and was sent to help several Creators stop the chaos that was overcoming the world. However, Elly retreated before seeing its end, due to numerous things in her hometown that she helped take care of. Since Rift, she has been a regular teenager, until a spell transformed her notebook and pen.

Possessions: Mostly a bag, laptop, numerous writing utensils, a wallet, a CD player, tarot cards and various other trinkets.

Noticeable Scars: In the tenth grade, Elly got burned by a hot pipe on her left hand, under her index finger.

Weaknesses: Pretty bluntly, Elly doesn't know how to shut her mouth. There are times where she crosses over the line and she will piss someone off. She also will do something just to annoy people, such as bring up things, say certain things and make fun of something they do. However, she does like animated guys and redheads, which is pretty apparent.

Other things: She is insane. Clearly, Elly is the definition of weird. About 8 years of psychiatrists will make one insane.
Spells/Talents:  Her talents? They mostly are computer skills and words. Below are some listed.
Summon -- Elly can use her book to create things to her needs. This does have a time limit, however.
Written Word-- Elly can write down something that she feels is going to happen. However, the effects that it has in her future can be rather twisted.
Telepathy --Ability to speak into one's mind from a distance. This is only with certain individuals, however.
Revelation --Another one of Elly's gifts is being able to be very understanding with certain situations and offer advice. However, she is an analyst, so she can see pretty much through deception.
Hacking --Ability to crack into another computer terminal's data.
Divination -- Elly can use her tarot cards to read for a person, to give them advice of the future.
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Postby Guard Daos » Wed Feb 09, 2005 3:48 pm


Race: Human
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Physical appeareance: Long, black hair. Small for her age. Dark brown eyes.

Personality: Quiet, timid

Syani is a timid girl who has lately been hearing voices in her head. It might mean that she is in contact with another dimension. She has never known her parents, but they might still be alive. She hasn't got many friends, because she is very timid and silent. While strange things are happening in the city, strange things are also happening to Syani. She seems to have psychic powers.

This might be a bit short, but I usually let my character be discovered mostly in the RP.
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Postby Shadow_ » Wed Feb 09, 2005 8:53 pm

Name: Shadow
Last Name: unknown
Age: Unknown (looks 14)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 197 lbs.
Skin Color: White with a dark Tan
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, Spiked up
Personality: Still a mystery
Allignment: Neutral
Proffession: Assassin
Weapon of Choice: Throwing Stars or Strong Swords
Special Skills: Speed Dash (can move with inhuman speed) Hidden Shadows (can hide so he is unable to be seen)
Special Attacks: Agillity Slash (runs up and slashes enemy three times quickly)
Inferno (Shadow's weapon becomes envelolped in flames giving his sword the traits of fire)
Relationship: Currently single
Pet: Slayer is Shadow's pet dragon

Name: Slayer
Type: Dark
Move: Flame of Death
Scale Color: Pure Black
Flesh: Solid as stone
Flesh Color: Mystical Blue

Back Story
Shadow has pretty big muscles but he is The fastest person in the whole universe. No one knows where he came from but people hope to learn more about this mysterious stranger. He is usually quiet and never talks to anyone though so they are having a really hard time trying to figure him out.
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Postby Jacob Shepherd » Sat Feb 26, 2005 7:49 pm

Deomdra Rashidivadra
Age:800 years old
Skin Color:bluish grey
physical features:tall, strong, wide
Personality Features: contemplative, formal, polite

Race:quasi esper
Position:Master of the Conclave a.k.a Sorcerer King of Fadara

Background: Rashidivadra the quasi esper began life in the city of Fadara, a state of great honor and prestige. He lived a lowly life of a commoner and was spat upon as a rodent. However, his hatred of the noble houses of Fadara was intense, and he swore revenge on them after the death of his lover, Shamara, was brought about by an evil noble who ran her over the side of a mountain. He broke into a sorcerer's house and attempted to kill him to read the books and become a powerful magic user, but he was discovered just in time before he could kill the sorcerer in his sleep. The sorcerer held Rashidivadra in a trance to discover what he had done this for. Taking pity on him, he offered to be Rashidivadra's teacher instead of killing him. In years that followed Rashidivadra become more powerful than his teacher in the arcane arts, until he finally decided he no longer needed revenge. After a long while, Rashidi finally became so adapt at magic he became one with it, able to cast weak magic without expending energy. This was the day Rashidi became enraged at the Fadaran nobles once more, as they attackded the sorcerer Rado(Fadara's teacher)and executed him for not paying taxes(The royal prince Madram delivered the killing blow).(He was half a penny short)Furious at Rado's death, Rashidi roused the magic users of the city to rebel, and the royal house of Fadara came crumbling down. Now the ruling house of Fadar is conclave of magic users with a single philosophy of kindness, responsibilty, and honor.

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Postby Irish_Barbarian » Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:13 am

Name: Roc Skymir
Age: 30
Skin Color: White
Physical Features: Well Built, wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt, silver hair, blue tattered and travel worn cape, has a nasty-looking scar on his left arm. He can no longer use it.
Personality Features: Observant, loyal to his employer, intollerant of arrogant/disrespectful kids younger than him. Generally sarcastic and anti-social to most people.

Character Class: Sage
Alignment: Good
Race: Human
Position: Mercenary

Background: Roc left his home and became a wandering mercenary as soon as he came of age. He traveled the world looking for fame, fortune, and a good challenge. He easily found the first two, but regrets it that he found the third. He came across another famed mercenary, and they soon fought against each other. The fight was long and tiring, but the other mercenary cut a deep wound in Roc's left shoulder, rendering it useless and ending the fight. Roc was left to suffer his wound. Years after the confrontation, he took to practicing magic and started wielding a quarterstaff, which he refers to as The Irish Stick. Roc eventually rose to become a respected Sage-for Hire.

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Postby Spiritual Me » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:18 pm

what is this good foor? :S
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Postby Guard Daos » Fri Aug 11, 2006 10:03 am

Spiritual Me wrote:what is this good foor? :S

For RP'ing. Why don't you just READ what it's about? *sigh*

Sorry, but this has just been said too often.

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Postby Seto Dekar » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:26 am

Name : Ashura Quatre

Referred to as : Lord Ashura Quatre

Age : unknown thou looks early 20's

Race : Unknown thou looks human

Skin Color : normal/olive complexion

Weapon/s : Dai Ko Myo Combination, Dai Katana, Staff/Sectional Staff and occassionally two mini sythes

Physical Features : tall man 6'2, broad shouldered build, hazel eyes, medium long dark blonde hair, black pants, white shirt, dark blue and pale red great coat, silver chestplate, silver gloves

Personality Features : Honourable, well mannered, usually passive inless provoked, highly observant

Alignment : Neutral inless he chooses otherwise and it's usually the side of good

Position : Rouge Eccentric

Background/Character's past : Ages ago Ashura was found as a child wondering the forest in little but a tunic and a bag full of interesting items and two young dragons sitting on his shoulders and he was taken by the local towns folk, where he was raised by everyone in town and was going to be thus trained by them but to everyone's surprise he snuck out and trained himself in both the ways of the warrior and mage.

Years later he traveled the world in search of adventure and treasure gaining much respect amongst many circles as well as gaining much riches which he invested in the town and his on massive house on the outskirts.

Other details : Ashura gained his lord title by his various deeds in several kingdoms and his contributions to the continuation of his town but all this doesn't change his wandering lifestyle, his interests aside from journeying is ancient history of his land and all the heroes involved and has numerous artifacts and ancient treasures.

Dragon cohorts
Name: Kasian
Age: Same as Ashura
Description: Large dark purple dragon with amber under belly and medium claws, medium long tail
Abilities: Some magic, plasma flame, flight

Name: Rasian
Age: Same as Ashura
Description: Large red green dragon with pale red under belly and medium claws, medium long tail
Abilities: Elemental magic, flight

Ranked Stats Important to the class:

1) Strength
2) Intelligence
3) Adaptation
4) Atheletism

Character Class : Warrior Mage

Important Stats to the Class : Strength, Intelligence, Adaptation, Atheletism

Weakness of Class: Thou he can copy special abilities of others he has to see the skill in effect sometimes more then once and if needed he may have to spend time observing them, also his atheletism needs a tad of work.

Strengths of Class: Having both skills in psychical and magical abilities but he personally has the slight ability to gain special skills from others, also his atheletism is good as well as his evasion.

What the Stats do for the Class

Strength : His good strength helps with his weapons skills and ability to use which ever weapons he chooses along with his slight close combat skills.

Intelligence : Allows for his use of his magical abilities and allows them to work well and in conjunction with his warrior skills as well as his observance

Adaptation : Keeps his copying skills working and allows for him to adjust them into his skill set and also allows him to adapt to situations set in front of him.

Atheletism : Keeps him fit and allows for good evasion and rhythm of both fighting and magic.
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Postby Rezic » Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:28 pm

Name: Sean McLain

Age: 19

Skin Color: Sun-Tanned

Physical Features: Thin, but well built, Redish- Brown Hair, Purple right eye, dark blue left eye, and a vertical scar across his right eye. Left Handed.

Personality Features: Very kept to himself, intollerant of stupidity and ignorance but compassionate toward the innocent. He has a very dark demeanor about him, a past only known to him, but a very pure heart. He hates working with and talking to women, and usually likes to travel lightly with no more than three other people.

Character Class: Magic incorporated Swordsman
Alignment: Good
Position: 20th generational decendant of Maxim, 3rd generational decendant of Aria, decendant of Jessy. Son of Michael and Azucena.

Background: Only two mysterious clues of his true past is shown to those who meet him, his small scar below his right eye, and the small trinket around his neck that bears a waterdrop insignia.

Other Details: Excellent in Fire and Dark magic, and unmatched in swordsmanship. He can't use his magic unless it is within a sword. He's very swift, but only can make his most powerful hits once he builds up his maximum speed. He's not particularly a fast runner, but very agile in battle.
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