Creating a TBS type game via Game Maker 7 Pro

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Creating a TBS type game via Game Maker 7 Pro

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:46 pm

Depending on whether or not college, Final Fantasy XI, PS3, XBOX 360, PS2, Wii, and Dreamcast will distract me from finishing of Estpolis Zakuzen (Lufia Battle Tactics), I have come to various summaries and even more questions.

Graphical and sound resources aside, it is possible to make a 2D console type RPG via Game Maker 7.

Things I would like to ask about that:
    How would I set up all of the algorythms to make a turn-based battle system?
    How will I be able to set up variables like databases for characters, items, locations, ect. to be called upon by GML scripts?
    Is it possible to create multiple levels of enemy AI that following the same rules as the player?
    Can a mouse/wii remote (pointer only) interface work easily with a TBS?
    What about online multi-player possibilities?
    How can I keep combat innovated and deep without too much complexity for the player?
    How can I easily manage data flow of functions and variables with out compromising power of presentation (graphics, music, ect.)?
    How should I measure the magnitude of attributes (STR, INT, GUTS, ect.)?
    How would environmental factors influence combat? Will it unbalance it?

I'm not asking for raw code, just logic. Yes you can keep your secrets to yourself, code monkeys. I would like to hear a response and all of its logic behind it. Computer logic is recomended but general realistic (or Lufian) logic is what is behind the design choices.

I'm finally getting into the mood to at least try to attempt a prototype. I just need some motivation to keep up with the project.

What do you think LWF? Want to insert your two bits?

PS: If you think this topic doesn't belong here, then move it. If it doesn't belong on LWF then lock it. Thanks

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