Estpolis DS Localised Release Date Theories

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Estpolis DS Localised Release Date Theories

Postby xplody » Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:19 am

Hey guys,

Just been going over my old notes on the Lufia series and have come to a possible theory as to when, if it will happen, a localised version of the game.

The first Lufia game was released June 25 1993, 1 day after my birthday :D
Estpolis DS was released Feb 25, maybe an english release is possible for June 25 2010.

Also Lufia 2 was initially released in Japan 24th Feb 1995, 1 day off this year (Feb 25 2010). North American release was August 1996. Maybe we could see one August this year, next year at worst?

Neverland always liked to keep tradition with dates or keep them similar.

Just a theory anyway.

Anyone else?

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