The Rett Chronicles

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The Rett Chronicles

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The Rett Chronicles

Read: This contains a number of 'stolen' things. Not stolen because I can't think of things myself, but stolen because I needed them to tie-in for the series to work. Rett has inter-dimensional travel so it's all good. Stolen things are very, very subtle, the most being one character from the Tenchi series, Kiyone. (ONE character, damnit.) They never used her anyways.

The stories of love, war, and how they fit and fight in the life of Rett Mikhal.

Background information:

Rett was trained by a group called The 12. They used simulators (or WERE they simulators...) to give him the best training from the best swordsmen, generals, bounty hunters, et al. A result was the weapons Rett chooses; he carries one of his masters light swords, and another masters' sword and armor. For an unknown reason, Rett has the same face and body as one of his masters, Maxim, of Estpolis. [Only thing that pertains to Lufia, so I put it in general.] Maxim was Rett's favorite master, and left the strongest imprint on him, most notably his knightly code behavior.

Rett's life has always included War, and always will. He searches the universe(s) looking for wars to end; just so other people don't have to die. His strong swordplay and Force powers allow him to stay alive much more than any other soldier would, or should. He's unsurpassed in giving his men moral, and genius battle moves that often save the day. His weapon play, whether it be his sword, lightsabor, [intentionally mispelt], shotgun or sniper-pistol, is almost unsurpassed. But he hesitates to use his ranged weapons, preferring the close-range and thus intimate battle of sword-on-sword.

Ship Specs: The Lufia II: Strangely, there is no Lufia I (or IS there ok I'll stop doing that). The ship is a tribute to Rett's lost war comrades. Since Rett has always had access to interdimensional travel, he's flown with the elite Y-wing group, Outlaw Squadron. Rett joined as a teenager, having nothing to lose, and climbed the ranks to second-in-command, under Outlaw Leader. The Alliance gave Outlaw Squadron too many missions, and the squadron whittled away to nothing but Rett and Outlaw Leader. On a suicide mission, Outlaw Leader sacrificed himself to save a vital train supply. The Outlaw One, his Y-wing, survived, and Rett took it as his own. After that he left the Alliance, blaming Outlaw Leader's death on them. By then, he had finished construction of his own capital ship, which was plated with the scraped Y-wing armor of his fallen comrades. The ship is the strangest design in existence, having twin engines on each side coupled with the shield generators to create a 'blade' engine. The round body is shaped and painted like Rett's lightsabor, which was is a mock-up of Darth Maul's lightsabor. Essentially the Lufia II is a flying lightsabor, but the maneuverability, swift agility and deadly weapons have made it one of the most infamous in space and beyond dimensions.

The Story As Of Now: Rett was recently attacked by an unknown fleet, and downed on his least favorite planet of Earth. He's been trying to repair the Lufia II with several annoyances along the way. Kiyone has so far fallen in love with him, but not he for her. Rett hates loves with a passion...

Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Bravo: "Train him."
Alpha: "We are."
Bravo: "Train him, properly..." (They stare at each other through their masks.)
Bravo: "His heart has wasted enough oxygen. Time to move on to phase two."
Alpha: "He isn't ready, he's just a kid!!"
Bravo: "Oh I know..." (He pushes several buttons.) (A teenage Rett in a simulator is engaged in War Combat of varying types.) (Every few minutes it seems more and more enemies with different weapons pile on, and Rett keeps fighting, anyway he can.)
Bravo: "These... These are the people who killed your Family, Rett... Kill or Be Killed... It is the natural order of the universe..." (Rett grabs two automatic weapons and rips a line of men's heads open with bullets.) (He uses his sword to chop some more off, then goes into a crazy system of back-slashes and forward-stabs to make his way down the line.) (Images suddenly bombard his mind, and the simulator changes.) (The tragic history of Earth, everything from discrimination to lost love, racism and injustice, is played as Rett watches in confusion.) (The adrenaline and sheer amount of blood and violence have left his mind soft like clay.)
Bravo: "These people should be at our level by now, but they are not. Because they have wasted nearly 100 years doing nothing, and for what? For this..." (Teenagers are shown shirking responsibility and society, acting like complete and utter fools and retards.)
Bravo: "Are they the future Rett? Are they? They are fools because of this..." (A tragic story of love, lost and at the same time, never, ever found is played.)
Bravo: "Love is your ultimate enemy, Rett. You shall kill those who cherish it, and those that fight for it." (He says this watching a monitor of Rett's heart.) (Everything falls silent except for the beeping, which slowly decreases.) (It stops, and Rett's eyes roll into the back of his head as he slumps down.) (The rest of the 12 besides Bravo rush to help, but Bravo stops them.) (The deafening morbid ness of the heart monitor fills the room, indicating that Rett is dead.) (Rett's eyes open very suddenly, and he stands up.) (He looks, coldly, otherworldly, at the control room and at the 12.) (The heart monitor slowly, very slowly, shows his heartbeat.)
Bravo: "He is ready..."

(Years later...)

(Rett has finished his training with the Best of the Best of everything there is to be the Best at.) (The 12 again watch his battle skills in extreme action.) (He has improved an unbelievable amount; now using everything and anything to kill, and perhaps less importantly, to win.)
Juliet: "He is flawed."
Bravo: "He is perfect."
Juliet: "He lacks love!"
Bravo: "He lacks, weakness..." (Bravo stares behind his mask as Juliet backs down.)

Heaven's A Lie.

(Rett stands on a half-built skyscraper.) (It is nothing but the iron skeleton at this point.) (It is a stormy night, rain falling in sheets and lightning striking very often.) (Rett stands as the rain covers him, and the lightning lights the sky.) (He closes his eyes in meditation.)
Rett: "Ain't no sunshine..." (A blur moves to the girder he stands on, and Rett quickly reacts, but reacts too slow as a kick sends him flying downward.) (He lands hard on his back on a girder in mid-air, attached to a crane.) (A loud metallic bang follows, and Rett gets to his feet.) (He sees his foe: a man in a red cloak and a black mask.) (The mask is half black and half white, divided vertically, one side is a Heart, the other side, a snake.) (The positions of the heart on the black side and snake on the white side... seem to change from time to time...)
Rett: "Who are you?"
?: "Your... doom..." (Rett quickly charges at him with his sword, the cloaked man takes out his and blocks, then stabs.) (Rett's sword goes twirling down to the ground below.) (Rett looks at the mask, and a flash of lightning illuminates it.) (It seems to have changed positions once again, the snake being on the black side.) (Rett does a roundhouse kick, but then grabs the metal wire of the crane and pulls himself around it.) (He kicks the man on the opposite side he expected.)
?: "Agggh!!" (He falls off into the shadows of night and rain.) (The lightning lights again and Rett sees his sword being thrown at him, actually not him, but the metal crane wire.) (Rett reaches out and grabs the handle, then thrusts the sword into the metal girder.) (A shot is fired and the metal wire snaps into twine, Rett goes plummeting.) (He takes out his shotgun and fires the grappling hook onto a finished floor of the building.) (He activates the motor and wheels himself up.) (The man suddenly grabs him and slams him into a wall.) (The drywall gives and Rett goes tumbling through it.) (The man looks and waits, suddenly Rett comes diving through the adjacent wall.) (He knocks the man down and punches him several times, the man punches back and kicks Rett off.) (The man slices, Rett turns himself sideways to dodge, and horizontally slices.) (The man's sword meets Rett's vertically.) (Rett punches, the man punches back.) (They punch several times and break off.) (The lightning strikes again and Rett is distracted: the mask has changed again.) (The man jumps towards Rett and sends them through the main drywall and off the building.) (They land in a giant pool of water; the only thing that saved them.) (Rett swims to dry land to find himself in a giant microwave dish.) (Several holes open in the bottom of the dish and drain most of the water, but the insane amount of rain keeps a small pool filled at the bottom.) (Rett looks around, just in time to see the man in red rush at him.) (They slash, and slash again, every time they do lightning seems to strike.) (The man in red forces Rett's sword down to the ground and punches Rett.) (Rett goes flying back into the pool.) (He gets back up and punches the man in red with all his strength.) (The man goes down and kicks him from the ground.) (They run at each other and use all their momentum to swing, their swords hit and go flying from both their hands.) (Rett takes out his lightsabor and the man in red does so as well.) (Rett grits his teeth as he ignites one side of his sabor and runs at him, full force.) (He overhead-swings and the red man blocks.) (Rett's face shows extreme anger at the man, who just calmly sits there forcing Rett's lightsabor blade away from him.) (The mask changes once again; the snake is on the white.) (He pushes Rett off and rushes at him.) (They swing, slice, and stab in a horrible game of death and life.) (An overhead swing from the red man which Rett blocks by holding his sabor over his head, calmly, and kicks him in his chest.) (Rett swings downward and the man barely blocks it.) (As the lightsabor comes so close to the red man it burns his cloak, Rett calmly and quickly takes out his shotgun and fires.) (The man rolls out of the way so fast their lightsabors go flying and are taken away by the wind.) (Rett jumps towards the man and fires his four-barreled shotgun.) (The man sidesteps and fires his own shotgun at Rett's hand.) (Rett drops the gun and falls to the ground, then spins around and fires his pistol at the man.) (He also drops his shotgun, then kicks the pistol out of Rett's hand.) (The shotguns and pistol are washed away by the rain and drainage of the dish.) (The red man quickly takes his pistol out.) (Rett does his signature move: he jumps up and twirls his body in mid-air, kicking the red man 8 times.) (Lightning strikes 8 times while he does this; every time his foot connects with the mask.) (They stand there, looking at each other.) (Lightning hits several times behind and in front of them, even right next to them, even so they still stare.)
Rett: "Just who are you?"
?: "A test."
Rett: "You still breathe..."
?: "I am only a test..." (Lightning hits the ground between them as they continue to stare at each other.)
?: "Are you too afraid to make the first move?"
Rett: "I'm not so afraid I have to hide behind a mask." (Silence, excluding the rain, then a thunderous boom as the whole world lights up.) (He reaches up and removes the mask, and the cloak falls down with it.) (The face is Rett's, but a scar is all the way down his face, and he seems to be smiling, something Rett has never done.)
Rett: "What the hell are you..."
?: "I am tteR. Aptly named, for all the men that die, are women that cry tears."
Rett: "You're a mirror."
tteR: "Completely backwards in everyway: except appearance, and fighting style." (They continue staring.)
Rett: "What is your purpose."
tteR: "On the floor." (Rett looks down to see the mask, which should have washed away in the rain, but didn't.)
Rett: "What, is your purpose."
tteR: "I am here because one of us must exist. Either you, the War-lover, or me, the Love-believer."
Rett: "If you should win, you'll take my name, my identity, my ship-"
tteR: "Your woman."
Rett: "I have no woman."
tteR: "You say that on the outside... and even a part of you on the inside... but if I, am indeed here, than your heart must long for something... I am here because one of us is about to die, but beware, Rett! If you kill me, you will forever be without the miracle known as love!"
Rett: "You're just begging to lose..."
tteR: "You think you know Heaven from Hell?"
Rett: "Heaven's a Lie." (They rush at each other and punch, sending each other down.) (They both jump-kick themselves to their feet, and rush at each other.) (Rett kicks, tteR ducks and sweeps.) (Rett goes down and spins himself on the ground, kicking tteR down.) (They both get up and kick, their feet hitting each other.) (Lightning flashes and they punch, punch, punch again.) (Rett takes a hit to the jaw that knocks him back, then runs forward staggering and uppercuts tteR, sending him up in the air and down on his back.) (Rett runs at him as tteR struggles to get up, tteR back-kicks Rett in the gut, and gets up.) (He attempts a roundhouse but Rett catches it with his right hand, and punches with his left.) (tteR catches this, Rett attempts a sweep but tteR back flips over it.) (They both attempt a punch and their fists connect each other in mid-punch.) (They both grab onto the other fist and engage in a fist-lock as the rain, wind, and lightning seem determined to stop them.) (They attempt to knee each other but always block one another.) (Rett head butts tteR, which sends him back, Rett attempts a kick but gets a low-torso jab and a kick to the face.) (He goes tumbling into the pool and spits out blood and teeth, and looks wearily up.)
tteR: "You know Rett... this body of yours, this mind of yours... it's so full of hatred... I can feel it.. it's so cold... I can see why your eyes... are made of ice... you froze them yourself..."
Rett: "It's people like you that made me this way..."
tteR: "People made you a killer Rett... they just... set me free."
Rett: "I made myself the way I am on the inside... on the outside I am-"
tteR: "A monster, a disgrace to humanity. You only feel happiness when you see your precious artillery unload onto an enemy, or your enemy is totally caught off guard by your tactics. Blood is your Ambrosia."
Rett: "I do not drink the blood of my enemies."
tteR: "You certainly bathe in it..." (Rett looks around to see the water has been turned red by the blood Rett and tteR have given, even with the amount of rain it remains red.) (He looks all around and is indeed bathing in it.)
Rett: "I'll set myself free..."
tteR: "Oh, rest assured I'll do that... I can see why you're evil-" (He slowly walks towards him.)
tteR: "It's just so easy, and fun, in this body... You know I don't think I like what the 12 had planned for me... after I kill you, I'm gonna take Kiyone, chain her up and rape her as often as I want. She'll be like an appliance that I shall use when I so fit." (He bends down and looks Rett square in the face.)
tteR: "And rest assured I'll never be able to walk by her without feeling the need to rape her delicious body..." (Rett literally shakes with anger and almost breaks his teeth by gritting them.)
Rett: "aaAAAAAAGHHHH!!!" (He gets up in a rush of rage energy and tackles tteR) (He falls down and Rett unmercifully punches him, left, right, left, right, right, left, until tteR comes out of his shock and punches Rett off.) (Rett rolls off and gets back up, then runs at tteR again.) (He punches him square in the face, but then is upper-cutted himself.) (Rett continues punching, but now tteR is punching just as much as Rett.) (Rett punches as hard as he possibly can, then tteR punches equally hard.) (Rett's face is knocked back, he then looks as another fist comes at him.) (Kiyone's image flashes in his head.) (He grabs the fist and then punches with his other.) (This sends tteR sinking to the ground, Rett kicks him in his chest and picks up him for another punch, then grabs him and punches him again.) (tteR desperately roundhouses Rett which sends him back.) (tteR runs at Rett, but Rett dropkicks both his feet out right into tteR's chest.) (Rett and tteR attempt to get up, both meets with equal success as the other.) (The fire in their eyes burns with extreme heat, as they challenge each other to meet them.) (Rett stares coldly and blankly at tteR, who then rushes at him and begins to punch with all his fury.) (They grab each other's fists and try to pull each other's arms out of their sockets.
Rett: "I WILL KNOW NOT LOVE!!" (tteR punches, then Rett, tteR, Rett, again and again the game continues, never ending.) (The storm's fury increases even more, and Rett is struck in the back by lightning.) (His armor along with his grounded position saved him the death of being electrocuted, but the heat and energy around the bolt of lightning was enough to knock him for a loop.)
tteR: "Well Rett... Right now, all I can say is; This is me, and-" (Rett gets up and punches tteR harder than he's every punched in his entire lifetime.) (tteR responds with another equal punch.) (The game continues, neither wanting to give up for anything.) (The punches continue as the lightning intensifies in numbers.) (They grab each other in a lock.)
Rett: "YOU'LL FIND OUT!!" (He sweeps tteR, then punches him in mid-air.) (He jumps on him and punches, punches, punches like there is no tomorrow.) (tteR begins panicking, and uses the force to get his sword.) (The sword sails in the wind into Rett's side.)
Rett: "AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!" (He slumps down, and looks down; they are on the very edge of the dish.) (tteR gets up and walks over to Rett.)
tteR: "As I was saying Rett... this is me, and this, is you..." (Rett pulls the sword out of him, when suddenly the sky lights up with such force it seems the Dark side of the moon is visible.) (Lightning comes and hits tteR right in the face, and electrocutes his entire body.) (His hands are not touching the dish, so the lightning uses him as a circuit, and in the process fries him.) (He stands there, and falls down off the dish onto the flood below them.) (Rett stands on his knees and looks down.) (By this time, the flood control gates have malfunctioned, and the dish is again full of blood-water.) (He sits knee deep in it, and looks up into the raining sky.)
Rett: "aaaaaggggGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" (The scream shakes the dish itself, and echoes into the storms and heavens above.) (The mask sits at the bottom of the flood, in tteR's lifeless hands under the dish, and changes so the heart is on the white side and the snake on the black.)

(The Outlaw One sits ready in hover mode, the new weapons systems glint with red and steel colors, the colors of death.) (Rett makes one final adjustment and jumps down to the dirt.) (Kiyone looks at him with fear in her eyes.)
Rett: "You fear for me?"
Kiyone: "Yes."
Rett: "You should." (He climbs into the cockpit, the shield slams down over him.) (The Outlaw slowly ascends and hits the afterburners.) (Rett does one last weapons check.)
Rett: "We ready, JEN?"
JEN: "All systems operational."
Rett: "Good. Root all power to the deflector shields, we're going straight through the atmosphere."
JEN: "It would be wiser to plan a circumferance, the shields are designed that way, sir."
Rett: "They'll be expecting that."
JEN: "I also detect the mass of their forces right above us and behind the moon."
Rett: "Precisely." (The cockpit goes dark, then lights up with the fires of the atmosphere.) (The ship burns through while the atmosphere tries to stop it.)
Rett: "After burner 1, go now!" (An afterburner fires and drops, the ship rockets forward and shakes all about.) (Inside, the cockpit shakes and rattles, Rett watches the instruments and buttons go everywhere in his vision.)
Rett: "Two and Three, Delta Fire, Go!" (The Afterburners fire in a spectacular burst of 4-way fire, the ship rockets out of the atmosphere with a wisp of fire trailing it.) (Space ascends into view, a small speck that is the moon, a few seconds more and it is full-size.)
Rett: "Arm all weapons."
JEN: "Main Laser Armed. Generator Online." (The cockpit goes dark and the combat data screens come up.)
JEN: "Secondary Systems Engaged. Armor 100%. Shields Operational." (The gun tips all shine in sync as they see their targets.)
JEN: "Side Guns Operational. Rear Guns Operational. All Systems are Go. Main Weapon; Online." (Rett locks onto a capital ship in the middle, right on the underbelly.)
Rett: "FIRE!" (He pulls the triggers and the huge, burning red and white laser shoots out the front.) (Once it starts firing it doesn't stop, the energy feeds into the capital ship like an electrical current.) (Side guns fire green sonic waves on all sides of the ship, while top-mounted cannons lock onto anything that moves with lightning speed.) (The capital ship flashes red from the laser volly, and within seconds explodes into hurtling pieces of wreckage.) (The Outlaw One moves and manuevers through as many of the laser bullets it can.) (The main laser rips apart anything in front, the Outlaw one manuevers every direction and paints the stars red.) (Every fighter caught in the shining laser is vaporized, and hundreds of them flock towards Outlaw as if it the only thing they were meant for.)
JEN: "Main Cannon Online."
Rett: "Fire!" (The red laser stops, a huge blue laser fires out for miles and into a capital ship, it explodes hundreds of natical miles away in a brilliant explosion.) (The red, never-ending laser continues firing.)
JEN: "Secondary Cannon Online." (A line of fighters swarm in in two vertical lines.) (Rett hits the top trigger on his controls and a huge beam of energy fires, its red hue distorts space from the heat and energy it contains.) (It wipes out the fighters and the heavy fighters, and even the light cruisers.) (Thousands of energy bullets fire in waves.) (Rett pushes a button and the Sonic Wave Cannon transforms, tucking itself into a new shape that points forward.) (Bat-wing shaped, green sonic blasts of energy fire alongside the main laser, they disipate the energy that looms in front of them.)
JEN: "Rear Gun Switched to Front Mode. Shields at 50%. Armor at 80%. Secondary Cannon Power at 61%. Main Cannon Online."
Rett: "How long until shields are back at full?"
JEN: "10 Seconds and counting." (The ship shakes.)
JEN: "15 Seconds and counting. Main Cruiser Furoris coming into battle position in 10 seconds."
Rett: "Hold on." (The Outlaw manuevers right and swings around in a quick Space-U-turn.) (It blasts everything behind it and under it as it does so.) (Rett pushes another button in the cockpit, a small funnel pops out on the back end of the Outlaw.) (Thousands upon thousands of miniture rockets shoot out, space lights up and the Man on the Dark Side of the Moon stares with an evil face at Rett.) (Rett freezes for only a second, he pushes two more buttons.) (The Sonic Wave Cannon goes back to side and back-firing.) (The main laser at long last stops firing.)
JEN: "Rear Gun Switched to Rear Mode. Warning, Furoris is giving chase."
Rett: "JEN! Switch all shield power to the back!"
JEN: "All Shields now facing rear flank. Armor at 60% Shields at 86%." (Gallets guns light up the shield of the Outlaw one, which glows blue and shakes all over in response.)
Rett: "Lock onto the Furoris' generator!"
JEN: "Locked on. Gyphon Class 3 Phoenix Generator. Alpha Class Solar Powered Shields. Charge Rate, 6." (The ship shakes again.)
Rett: "JEN, can you get me to the other side of the moon? I mean fast."
JEN: "Affirmitive." (Rett gets jolted back in his seat as the Outlaw warps for a split-second and finds itself soaring across the moon surface while lasers pelt the rock below along with the dying shields of Outlaw.) (The Outlaw manuevers left and right, barrel rolls and soon finds itself in the shadow of the moon.) (The rear gun stops firing, the engines stop and the front engines stop the craft.) (The ship sits in silence.)
JEN: "Shields recharging." (Rett watches the Furoris loom into view, slowly, piercing the horizon of the moon with its sharp tip.) (Rett reaches behind him and hits a few buttons.) (Silence, nothing but the drifting sounds of scrap metal and wasted life.) (The Furoris watches the shadow of the moon carefully, its guns pointed at the arc it creates.) (A small blue laser fires, every gun locks onto it and an explosion lights up the Dark Side.) (Silence again, the parts of the explosion drift out to reveal it was the left side gun of the Outlaw.) (A huge tunneling wave of fire and light rips through the shields and armor of the Furoris, the main laser activates along with the mini-missles and the secondary front bomb launcher.) (Bombs and missles make a beeline with their smoking trails to the hole in the armor, they hit their mark and the Furoris distorts in shape.)
JEN: "Firing Main Cannon." (The blue laser fires and rips through the ship, the bottom half of it glows in red circles that slowly join together until they vaporize into globules of metal and the laser fires into space endlessly.)
Rett: "JEN! FRONT SHIELDS NOW!" (A computer tone, the Furoris explodes in a nova blast.) (The Outlaw One sits in space, guns covered in moisture from the temperature changes of Guns In Space.) (In the wreckage, one fighter remains unscathed, like a Phoenix emerging from its ashes.) (The ship is bone-white, and shaped like an arrow-head, all along the front and sides are guns.) (Guns are mounted under the wings as well, and cannons sit ready on top.)
Rett: "JEN... lock o-" (Without warning the ship is upon the Outlaw, gripping it with claws and firing its guns point-blanc.)
JEN: "Shields at 50%. 20%." (Rett struggles with the controls, the cockpit flashes red with alarms.)
Rett: "JEN AFTERBURNERS!" (The scene lights up as the after burners are fired and the Outlaw zooms off, the enemy ship gives chase.) (The enemy ship arms several gallet guns and fires, the Outlaw returns fire with bombs and the rear gun.)
Rett: "I gotta get behind him..." (Rett turns left and then right and down, he heads to the moon.) (Lasers and bullets fire all around, the Outlaw spins and manuevers and just barely dodges.)
JEN: "Deflector Shields at Maximum." (The enemy fighter zooms in close, a grappling hook is fired again and grabs the Outlaw.)
JEN: "Warning. Warning."
Rett: "I KNOW! I KNOW!!" (The Outlaw and enemy ship fly right next to each other on the moon's surface.)
Rett: "JEN! JEN I need you to divert all weapon power to the right Sonic Cannon." (He lowers a targeting reticle over his eye that shows him the right side.) (The claw extends toward the Outlaw, ready to grab it and force it into the maelstrom again.)
JEN: "Shields at 50%."
Rett: "Fire!" (A huge sonic blast that makes an echo in space, both ships go spinning out of control and hit the moon's surface, only to accelerate again, against each other.) (The enemy ship fires its guns backwards into the shields of Outlaw.) (Rett hits the control left, the ships stop tugging at one another and instead fly towards a common point.) (They smash into each other, the Sonic Blaster fires on the left side and they go flying again.)
Rett: "Punch it, JEN!" (The Outlaw punches engines full and picks a direction.) (It tugs the other ship along on the line.) (A quick turn to the left, the line wraps around a high crator mouth and the other ship gets a face full of moon-rock.) (The line lets go, the Outlaw One flies away.)
JEN: "Shields recharging. Armor at 10%." (Laser blasts rain down upon them again, the Outlaw barrel rolls and leaves the moon once more.) (Rett narrows his eyes as a plan formulates into his head.) (He moves the targeting reticules and gun HUDs out of the way.) (He brings the flight controls back down once the weapon controls are tucked back in.) (He flicks a few switches and the view screens come up on all sides.)
Rett: "JEN I want full power on the engines, deactivate the weapons, and let the shields stay."
JEN: "Full Power Full Systems, 3 seconds. 2. 1." (The Outlaw bursts forth into space, lasers fire uselessly at it, it dodges effortlessly by rolling, the stars spinning forth in front of it.)
JEN: "Enemy ship is matching velocity."
Rett: "Good." (He brings up the warp HUD, he brings the power up to full and the distance down to absolute zero.) (He pushes a button, a warp flash and the Outlaw is headed the other way.)
Rett: "JEN. Shields on full front. Bring up the weapons systems. Take the power from the engines." (One last blast of engine power, the weapons come back online.)
Rett: "All weapons on the front." (They aim, the enemy ship comes into firing range and space lights up as the ships entangle each other with laser blasts of every size shape and color.) (The Outlaw rocks back and forth, still it tags the other ship.)
Rett: "Side Cannon, Main Cannon, Fire!" (The Red Surge and the Blue Surge fire and rocket the other ship.) (The two combatants fly past each other.) (Rett frantically pushes buttons, the beaten and battered Outlaw's weapons change once again.) (The other ship turns and heads straight for the Outlaw.) (The ship slams into and grapples the Outlaw.)
Rett: "Full engine power on the shields, divert all the power you can, warp, life support, anything just give me weapons and shields!" (The shields of the Outlaw glow dim, and then bright, dim and bright as they weaken and recharge.)
JEN: "Generator Overheating."
Rett: "Blow the back hatch! Let the coldness of space hit it!" (A small explosion, the small back of the Outlaw flies off into space as the two ships continue to race forward to nothing.) (The enemy ship is suddenly engulfed in a funnel of flame from the Outlaw's flamethrower.) (The outer shell of the enemy craft shatters, revealing a skeleton of mechnical arms and guns attached to them.) (The back missle launcher fires the thousands of mini missles into the bottom of the skelton.) (A claw extends and crushes the funnel the missles come out of.) (It explodes, the explosion is miles away in seconds.) (The Sonic Blaster fires ahead, the speed of the Outlaw and company makes the blasts catch up and slam into the enemy craft.) (Rett looks ahead, the moon comes into view ahead.) (He sweats as he grips the controls and presses buttons in desperation.)
Rett: "JEN! JEN I want you to put all power into both Sonic Blasters, and Short circuit them!"
JEN: "Sir?"
Rett: "Do it! Do it in 5 seconds!" (The weapons stop firing for a second.) (Rett pushes a button.) (The engines come back online, the ships zig and zag all over space but still head the same basic direction.)
JEN: "Five." (A huge mechnical face lurches down and stares at Rett.)
JEN: "Four." (The claws grab at random parts of the ship and crush or scratch at it.)
JEN: "Three." (The ships zoom towards the moon, blasters still firing and the ships still combating for direction.)
JEN: "Two." (The face looks up and then back to Rett, it opens its mouth and lets out a strange scream.)
JEN: "One." (A green energy connects the two ships in an arc, the left and right sonic cannons connected to themselves.) (The ships head towards the moon as a giant sonic blast makes a ripple in space.) (The Outlaw One goes spinning as the enemy creature slams into the moon and smashes into pieces.) (Rett looks at all the alarms going off in his ship.)
Rett: "...JEN... Can we make it back to Earth?"
JEN: "Hull Integrity is at 2%. Negative."
Rett: "Alright. I have a different plan in mind. We still have three days worth of oxygen right?"
JEN: "Yes, Commander."
Rett: "Ok, Arm the main cannon for one last blast. Aim it towards the ocean. Near Florida." (The blue cannon fires into the ocean in a huge display of power, the waves splash about and steam rises like souls escaping.) (When it is done the water seeps to where the beam hit, like a drain.) (The ocean evens itself out again.)
Man: "...Where the hell did that come from?"
Man2: "I have no idea."
Man: "Well then GET AN IDEA." (On the moon, the Outlaw One lands and sits waiting.)
Rett: "They should send a shuttle soon. If not immediately." (Rett puts on his helmet.) (He pushes a button and a shield covers his body and makes it oxygen-tight.) (He exits the craft and looks at the damage, which is severe to say the least.) (He connects a hose from the bottom of the Outlaw to his helmet, lies down, and rests.)

(Two days later...)

(Cape Canaveral...)

Man: "Alright, Bravo Team, We're ready for launch."
Pilot: "Remind me again why our flight plan was so suddenly changed?"
Man: "In due time, Bravo Team. Commence countdown."

(Several hours later...)

(The moon...)

(Rett looks up as a shuttle comes into view.) (He climbs into the Outlaw cockpit and retrieves something.)
Rett: "I have to leave now, Outlaw, I'll be back for you in a few days."
JEN: "Understood. Lufia Counterpart is waiting." (Rett pushes a button and the ship slowly cloaks itself.)
JEN: "Shutting down warp, life support, shield, weapon, and engines systems, diverting power.... cloak is stabilized." (Rett runs to a crator and jumps inside.) (The shuttle passes over, a lander is sent down and lands on the surface.) (An astronaut gets out and takes a look around.) (Rett punches something on his helmet controls, the shield covering his body turns black as space.) (He jumps up and floats away, then fires a grappling hook and pulls himself to the lander.) (After a few minutes, the astronaut returns and flies the lander back to the shuttle, once the shuttle makes an orbit of the moon.) (Rett clings to the back and stows away onto the shuttle.)

(One day later...)


(Kiyone looks at the skeleton of the Lufia II.) (She enters and looks at the quiet stillness inside, Rett's weapons lay waiting for death to come to their tips.) (She sits down in the Captain's Chair, she looks at the interface of the JEN Supercomputer.)
Kiyone: "...JEN... is Rett still alive?" (The computer stays quiet.)
Kiyone: "JEN you know who I am, you can trust me."
JEN: "Rett left specific orders."
Kiyone: "I just want someone to talk to, someone who knows Rett. I don't want any tactical information or anything of the like."
JEN: "Rett didn't specify that. Continue."
Kiyone: "Do you think he survived the fight?"
JEN: "Lost signal with JEN Slave 1, the Outlaw 1." (Kiyone covers her ears.)
Kiyone: "Stop it!"
JEN: "I do not understand."
Kiyone: "You are artificial intelligence are you not?"
JEN: "To a degree. But I lack irrational thought that thinking involves. I am a machine."
Kiyone: "With your experiance with Rett, and all the battles you've seen him fight, do you think he could have won that fight three days ago?"
JEN: "The Outlaw One was armed with several super and secret weapons. It could easily destroy a fleet."
Kiyone: "But could Rett?"
JEN: "There is another computer onboard that boasts more Artificial Intelligence than I have. Would you like to talk to him?"
Kiyone: "What is his name? And where is he?"
JEN: "His name is Blade." (A compartment depressurizes and opens, a droid with armor and a silver mask falls out onto his knees with a machine-like grunt.) (Kiyone spins around and looks at him.)
Kiyone: "Hello."
Blade: "Are you the new Master?"
JEN: "This is Galaxy Police Officer Kiyone Makabi. She wants to know more about Rett." (Blade instinctively reaches for his rifle and finds it is not on his hip or his back.)
Kiyone: "I'm not here to arrest him."
Blade: "What do you want to know?"
JEN: "There was a great battle three days ago. She wishes to know if Rett survived." (The data is fed into him by sonic wave.) (Blade stares at the floor for several moments.)
Blade: "Rett's alive. He'll take some time to get home, but he's alive." (Kiyone's face brightens.)
Kiyone: "JEN, could you not moniter this conversation?"
JEN: "Switching off." (The interface loses some of its glow.)
Kiyone: "What makes you so sure about Rett's survival?"
Blade: "Because Rett is the greatest Warrior I know. I am machine, I do not quit, I do not stop, I do not feel pain, and still I am not the warrior he is. Even with technolagy. Because he fights for something, and he fights for something no one else knows about. No one knows why Rett fights, not even him, so that makes his fury that much hotter than the bowels of Hell."
Kiyone: "I see.... Has Rett ever loved?"
Blade: "No."
Kiyone: "Are you sure? Will he never love a woman? Will he only love death?"
Blade: "What makes you want to know?" (Kiyone bites her lip.)
Blade: "You love him don't you?"
Kiyone: "Yes, I-" (Blade points a robotic finger at her.)
Blade: "You stay away from him. He is dangerous in more ways than one. He'll kill the whole universe before he loves someone."
Kiyone: "What made him that way?"
Blade: "You'd have to ask the other construct he built. Handle. I know not where he is."
Kiyone: "JEN? Locate the droid called Handle."
JEN: "I have no records of such droid or AI construct."
Rett: "That is because he is dead." (Rett walks in, Blade stands at attention, Kiyone stands speechless and runs to him.) (Rett dodges her and walks over to Blade.)
Rett: "Who let you out, I don't need your skills at this time."
Blade: "The woman did." (Rett eyes Kiyone.)
Rett: "JEN. From now on do not take orders from her. Or anyone except me."
JEN: "Understood."
Rett: "Well, old friend, I guess I'll have to get to work getting you up to speed." (Rett talks to Blade with his back to Kiyone.)
Blade: "What about the woman?"
Rett: "What about her." (Kiyone retreats slightly at the harshness of the words.) (Still, Rett keeps his back to her.) (She begins to leave.)
Rett: "Your concern for me is... unnessicary."
Kiyone: " it really?" (She opens the hatch and leaves.) (Blade looks over Rett as he stands like a stone.)
Blade: "Can I kill her?"
Rett: "No, killing her would be a bad idea. She has a partner, and that would provoke her to call GP headquarters."
Blade: "Why hasn't she arrested you?"
Rett: "Two very obvious reasons, Blade. Now to find Handle."
Blade: "You said he was dead."
Rett: "He is. Handle! Rise From Your Grave!" (A blinking green light appears on the ceiling, and a spider robot uncloaks from the ceiling.) (Slowly lights appear on it, until they are all over in a beautifully deadly show.) (The spider walks across the ceiling and down the wall, to the floor and to Rett.) (Handle speaks in a cold and mechnical voice.)
Handle: "Droid Unit Hotel Alpha November Delta Lima Echo One Zero One Operational. Codename: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE accepted. Systems operational."
Rett: "Three great warriors. One heart to pump the blood."
Blade: "Gimme somethin' to shoot." (Rett walks over to the weapons room.) (He opens a sliding panel to reveal several special weapons, all with no handles.) (He throws them to the ground, they move to Blade's gun spots on his back and side, and to Handle's 8 arms.) (Blade moves his hand close to his gun, the magnet jumps to his hand and grafts itself to it.) (He practices aiming.) (Handle looks to his machine guns, old fashioned but intimidating, while Blade has laser rifles, new technolagy and deadly accurate.) (Rett types on the computer and searches for a target.) (He finds a bounty head worth a good deal of money with a good amount of men already failed trying to capture him.) (He presses a button and both the bots get the order.)
Rett: "Now go."
Blade: "Forgetting something?" (Rett thinks, and almost smiles, almost.) (He goes into the weapon room and throws Blade a cape, Blade puts it on.) (He hops onto Handle and grabs the handle.)
Blade: "Move out." (Handle moves with lightning speed, he reaches the hatch and rides up the wall from the excess speed.) (He corrects himself and runs into the forest and beyond.)


(Handle continues running to the destination.)
Blade: "Do you think Rett will ever love again?"
Handle: "No."
Blade: "Why not?"
Handle: "He's seen too much war. Too much blood. The only hearts he cares about are the hearts of his enemy on a stake."
Blade: "But he's loved in the past. What's to STOP him from loving again?"
Handle: "The fact that Adrian was taken from him. He didn't take too kindly to that."
Blade: "Adrian was very different. Very different from this new woman."
Handle: "She is a fool if she thinks she can change Rett."
Blade: "Why do you think Rett created us?"
Handle: "To fight."
Blade: "But why do we maintain conciousness? Why the AI constructs?"
Handle: "Perhaps he has something special planned."
Blade: "You know something, don't you. He trusted you with something. That's why he gave you that fancy cloak ability."
Handle: "He trusts me because my construct allows me to keep secrets past even death. A cloak of any kind is more of a curse than a blessing."
Blade: "But why give us life? Why did Rett give us life?"
Handle: "What is life?"
Blade: "Life is what we're in now."
Handle: "If that is the case then life may very well be a larger AI construct made by a larger being. And Rett just a variable. A higher value."
Blade: "A God for God."
Handle: "Approuching Target. Marker established." (Blade looks up and sees the shack the killer resides in.) (He takes an energy spear from Handle's back and activates it.) (Handle bursts into the house, when the smoke clears, Blade sees the killer on the end of his lance.)
Blade: "Now that was easy." (A comlink comes on, Blade looks at his wrist as Rett's face comes onto it.)
Rett: "Blade, I found a new target, he's worth less monitarily but worth a lot more to me. Find him and destroy him. Forget about the other one." (Blade looks up at the dangling feet of the killer.)
Blade: "...uh... will do." (Blade rips a tag off his neck with a bank account number on it.) (He throws it down.)
Handle: "What was that?"
Blade: "None of your concern, now, let us ride." (He picks up Handle's front like a neighing horse and turns him around.) (They head out the hole in the wall and rush to the next target.)

(A steel refinery...)

(Brown-hued chains swing uselessly in the breeze of the sunset air.) (The giant gears and tubs, the catwalks and machines, all are colored rust from the sun's last remaining influence for the next few hours.) (Blade walks in, his mechnical joints carefully calibrated to not make a sound.) (He slowly walks around and looks all about, looking for his target, his main rifle in his hands.)
Blade: (To self.) "Rett created us. But who created Rett? Was he even of woman born? Handle once told me he never knew his mother. One of the things he shouldn't have told me. He also said, what if this is an AI construct? How do you know real? What feeling can tell you is real and how is it different from different? It is strange, I know and can predict Rett's present and future, and Handle knows his past. If we were to merge, would we know Rett? Would we be Rett? If man were to merge evil and good would he be God?" (Blade sees a man riding a huge gear, he holds a laser rifle in his hands.) (They both fire, Blade is tagged in his upper right torso, he mechnically grunts in pain and strafes to cover.) (The man jumps onto a chain and swings to another, he wears the look of a man insane, a man seperated from the world.) (He jumps onto another gear that rises upward, he stands on it and looks at his grand factory.) (He looks to his left, Handle sits waiting for him.) (Handle raises his front two legs and fires his two front assault guns, the man jumps down and slides on a line.) (Handle holds himself vertically with one leg on the wall and one on the ground, he fires the other 6 guns in unison at the man.) (Blade looks up and fires once, the man kicks him, Blade goes flying with another grunt.) (The man lands and looks around.) (He hears the metal-on-metal sound of Handle walking.) (He looks all around, everything rotates around him as the sounds get louder.)


(Blade sits on the ground looking at his left arm and right leg.) (They shoot sparks every so often, the open covers show the high tension bands have snapped.) (Blade reaches into his backpack and retrieves two of the round bands.) (He firmly reattaches them and tests his leg and arm.) (They work, he slams the covers shut again.) (He stands up and takes his two pistols off his sides into his hand magnets.) (He bends his legs down until he crouches.) (He releases the lock and the bands send his legs rocketing forward and him flying upward.) (He jumps up and lands on a machine, he bends his legs and jumps again.) (He lands on another machine and bends one of his legs, he releases and goes spinning.) (He lands on a platform and jumps once more, up to the man.) (The man watches in slow motion as Blade flies up and fires both his blasters.) (The man gets hit in his belly and his shoulder.) (Blood leaks out of his mouth, he looks down in shock, then smiles.) (Time speeds up, Handle moves quickly on the underside of a platform above.) (He sees the man, and rushes quickly to him.) (Blade lands on the platform the man stands on with smoking blasters.)
Man: "Hahahahaha... You think you can play God with your electrical souls?"
Blade: "God made us."
Man: "There is no God. Man Created God."
Blade: "If that is true who created man?"
Man: "Woman."
Blade: "Man Created Us. That makes him our God. Woman created him. That makes her-"
Man: "The God you should love." (Blade's eyes flash, his head cocks, he sees the man holding a detonator.) (His thumb reaches for it in slow motion.) (Handle rushes at full speed in real time for the man.) (Time slows as the man's thumb reaches the switch.) (Real-time: Handle runs up and manuevers his mechnical body in such a way to support himself over the man, and hold his two front guns on both sides of his head.) (Handle fires, the prophet's head explodes, Blade looks all around.) (Blade swears he can hear soft, classical music as another slow motion lapse reveals the platform and factory exploding.)

(Hours later...)

(Smoking rubble slowly moves around, Handle's hands slowly poke out of the rubble.)
Handle: "Blade?" (He looks for his signal, eventually he finds Blade.) (Handle sees a shadow of a man, he looks over to see Rett.) (Handle looks back to Blade.) (Blade lies with broken joints and sparks shooting out of his busted systems.) (Rett walks over and stares at him unemotionally.)
Blade: (To self.) "What is real. Real. This is real. I feel. I feel it. I Am Mine."
Blade: "Don't forget me." (The eyes glow dark and the sparks stop flowing.) (Rett picks him up in his arms, he can practically hear his arm muscle tissue tear.) (He steps onto Handle, Handle slowly and surely walks onward.)
Handle: "Sir, I can carry him on my back, you do not need to hold him."
Rett: "Yes, I do."

(The Lufia II...)

(Rett labors furiously on something, his body blocks the view of what it is.) (He stands up and wipes sweat off his brow.) (He looks at the grave Blade sits in, and the tombstone over it.) (He looks around at the serene little forest oasis he picked.) (He presses the shovel into the dirt pile on the right side, the dirt begins flowing in and doesn't stop until it fills the grave.) (He sticks the shovel into the ground and walks away.) (The grave marker has a crude "FORGOTTEN HERO" written into it, nothing else.)
"Looks like it's up to the Skulls."
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:shock: That was very long! Very good though. There was something on my mind the whole time, though...

Why did you intentionally misspell 'Lightsaber' to say 'lightsabor'? Isn't that the same thing? :?:
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These all above information which you can share is really very great. . The Outlaw One, his Y-wing, survived, and Rett took it as his own. After that he left the Alliance, blaming Outlaw Leader's death on them. By then, he had finished construction of his own capital ship, which was plated with the scraped Y-wing armor of his fallen comrades.
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Search engine placement >.<

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Anthony wrote:Search engine placement >.<

Do not click the link in his sig guys.

Thanks for pointing that out. You see that? This is why we can't have nice things.

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