PROGRESS REPORT: Lufia -21.01 (request to move to fanworks)

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PROGRESS REPORT: Lufia -21.01 (request to move to fanworks)

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:02 am

[EDIT] No longer will this tech demo will be associated with Lufia 5. So the name will be changed to Lufia -21.01. As a tech demo scrapbook, the game will be used as a template to create Lufia-esk systems using RPG Maker 2003.

If you belive that this will be an official game demo, then sadly you are a fool.

Also, all resources, including graphics, scenario, and programs used in the original Lufia 5 demo will no longer exist. The entire game will be reconstructed from scratch and will use resources from the RTP, rips for Lufia I&II, and music from .VG music Archives.

To the Lufia 5 team,

It was fun while it lasted, until I forced myself into your project. But because I have recived no request for documentation, the work in this demo is programs you have already made or programs you do not want or need for the final project. Feel free to use the resources within this demo as much as you wish.

Please forgive me if I wasted your time, inbox space, and stolen your game's support. If you still need me to work on the final version... No, you don't need me to do anything.

[Original text]
Well, I know LWF's left in the dark for a new version of the game. I admit, I wasn't too impressed bu the demo either. However that doesn't mean we can't make the new demo of the game more fun.

Well, as much infamous history I have with my fan games, I'm still going to post a progress report of v.-21.01 (A tech scrap book) of the Lufia V demo. I hope that the programs I made in this game will contribute to the development of Lufia V: For the Savior.

Screen shots and videos of v.-21.01will be uploaded here. I will also find links of RMK2k3 tutorials that helped me out in the demo's development so that you can use them as well. If you want to help out with the coding then I'll provide the code's documentation upon request.

Expect updates every Friday on the second week of each month (changing the time to make things more convinient) even around 6:30 PM Central (4:30 PM Pacific and 7:30 PM Eastern).*

If you have any questions about anything related to v.-21.01, then let me know.

*Time Zones related to the US. Check your region to calculate the time.

The frequently asked question will always be updated in the post below.
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Postby DarkMaster2101 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:00 am

Frequently Asked Questions
All questions asked are related only to the latest versions of Lufia -21.01. If you want to know FAQ's about the game in general then please ask in the Lufia 5 FAQ topic here.

Q. What is Lufia -21.01?
A. Lufia -21.01 is an unofficial tech demo scrap book I am making to utilize prototypes of Lufia systems for the sake of spreading knowledge to both the Lufia and RPG maker community.

Q. Why is the game named v.-21.01?
A. Look at my name and signature. "V." stands for version. If you still don't get why then I can't help you.

Q. Why did you change the name to Lufia -21.01 instead of leaving it Lufia 5 v-21.01?
A. Because I feel the tech demo is no longer nessesary to the developer's direction so I'm expanding the knowledge to the community.

Q. What do you mean by "unofficial"?
A. Lufia -21.01 holds no official trademarks or licenses with any third party. Meaning that all content within the demo is not recognized by original license holders as official properties. To avoid lawsuits.

Q. What do you mean by "tech demo scrap book"?
A. I mean that the game itself is not a complete game nor is it going to be. Instead it will be used to test individual programs that will be contributed to the community. All programs created will be referenced for future projects..

Q. Did you get permission to make the original Lufia 5 V.-21.01 from Dekar the Great?
A. Well, not at first. Dekar was against it in the beginning, but I edited the demo anyway. After sending a few screen shots and reports of the demo's progress, Dekar allowed me to continue development instead of shutting it down.

Q. Why did you throw away resources from the original game to remake the entire demo?
A. This project is no longer associated with Lufia 5 and it's developers. To protect interest in their project, all resources related to Lufia 5 will be erased.

Q. Why are you making progress reports for a tech demo that's not an official project?
A. Because of the BS drama that I caused for non-existing Lufia fan games. I feel like the LWF community deserves to know my progress of the game every two weeks because of it. And don't ask about the drama I caused because it isn't drama, it's BS.

Q. Can I help contribute an idea for Lufia -21.01?
A. No. All systems are for general construction. Keep your ideas to yourself, they'll help you more than me..

Q. What will you make in the tech demo that will be used in Lufia V: For the Savior?
A. Nothing now. Unless it's already made, then I didn't make it.

Q. Will any Lufia 5 Team members be involved with the production of the demo?
A. I have heavy influence from Zifanite's programs and credit goes to Dekar for letting me edit the demo. However as of September 30th, no one else is involved with my project.

Q. How do we know your ideas are original and not stolen from other games?
A. Technically, I'm plaigerizing content from the creator's of Lufia. Regardless, I will credit all of my findings either from name or via hyperlinks to the original source in my progress reports. And no, I do not copy code from already existing games. Instead, I reconstruct it to fit the game.

Q. Can I use your codes to help make my own RPG Maker game?
A. I doubt now that I've left Lufia 5, the systems for the tech demo will be secret after release. Please give credit to those it's due.

Q. Can I use the graphics and music in my game?
A. If you aren't using them already, then sure. Most of the graphics and music in the game will be rips from Lufia I&II anyways.

Q. Can I submit graphics and music to the game?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. You made a mistake, now correct it!
A. That's not a question, but you're right. If you notice anything in this topic that looks wrong (grammar, logic, graphics ect.) then let me know by posting in this topic. Sending me PM's to criticize my forum ethics will be ignored.

Q. Will you be adding more FAQ questions to this topic?
A. Only if you ask about my project in this topic. I encourage curiosity about this new insignificant demo.

Please ask as many questions as you want and I will answer them to the best of my ability. This section will be updated when you've done so.
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Postby DarkMaster2101 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:36 pm


It's time to throw down a summary of what I have been working on for the past three weeks. I'm only going to post systems that I've already made or systems that I'm currently coding.

I don't want to stress myself explaining things that don't exist again.

First off, almost a half a year ago Zifanite was making systems in his own fan game. He hasn't touched his game ever since, but he allowed me to look at the codes to see what I can do with them.

There is the "Step-by-Step" system, Pick up system, a cheap but effective push system, and the IP system.

I have successfully reconstructed the Pick up and IP systems.

Naturally, one would think that like Lufia II, the IP system will have it's own bar and be set seperate from the hero's MP. For technical reasons with RPG Maker 2003, I replaced MP with IP completely. And when I heard Lufia DS forsake MP all together, I'm thinking about an entire battle system constructed around IP. Thus making battles less about mana burning and more tactical.

This also gives me a chance to show off a screen shot with a new re-designed battle sprite me and my artist made.

Many systems for Lufia games as well as others will use the IP system so the secret of it's formula should be common knowledge.

IP is calculated as follows:

IPGained = CurrentIP + DamageTaken * GUT / MaxHP

Damage Taken = CurrentHP Before Damage - CurrentHP After Damage

Naturally the system will be set where a variable storing HP before the hero takes damage and another variable storing HP after damage has been taken.

Let's say the main hero Cameron has HP of 30/30 (maxHP), his current IP is 10, his GUT is 100, and he has 15 HP left after attack.*

All variables are set as estimations and have no relation to the game's statistics

IP = 10 + (30 - 15) * 100 / 30
Subtract 15 (HP After) from 30 (HP Before) in the parenthesese from order of operations

IP = 10 + 15 * 100 / 30
Multiply 15 (Damage Taken) times 100 (GUT)

IP = 10 + 1500 / 30
You get 1500, now divide that by 30 (Max HP)

IP = 10 + 50
Now add the current IP Cameron has to 50

IP = 60

If the system produces decimals, then don't worry RMK2k3 rounds down all decimals to the nearest integer which is why you multiply the damage to GUT.

Experiment a little with numbers yourself. You'll get some surprising results.

How would you incorperate the system into the gameplay? Then you'll have to set up battle events to register the variables each turn.

For more information on how to, you can google Limit Break systems for RMK2k3.

Now for a fun part: the Turn whithout moving and Pick up systems.

The turn without moving system is fairly easy to make. Making the hero stop in his tracks is another story. Right now I'm using a cheap temporary solution for the stopping part.

Nonetheless v.-21.01 uses a control pad + 4 button scheme. The game detects buttons pressed for the [DIRECTIONAL KEYS] (arrow keys), [CONFIRM] (Enter or Z), [CANCEL] (Esc or X, C, V, B, N, or M), [SHIFT] (Left or Right Shift keys), [+] (+ on the number pad or 1), [-] (- on the number pad or 2), and numbers from 3-0 for debugging tools.

This is the first puzzle of the first room called Shift&Lift. The trick to this room is there's a statue called the Dragoon Princess. You must avert her gaze.

IF you step down ward. Then the door won't open. If you run in cowardice then you know not of true love.

Pah! Mushy stuff.

This can easily remidied by holding down [SHIFT] and pressing [DOWN]. You stand in place and the door opens for you. Simple, Lufian. Love it.

I added the arrows as a tool to know which direction the hero is facing during the shift event. Inspired by TLR. Let me know if you find the arrows annoying or not, I'll get rid of them for you.

In the second room you have a pair of treasure chests surrounded by spikes. Naturally you want to step on the switch to lower them.

The switch is a pressure pad and needs weight to stay pushed.

You press the other switch and it drops a bucket (or pumpking thingo) from the celling. This object can be picked up.

Stand next to it and press [CONFIRM]. Now the pumpkin thingo (or bucket) is following on top of your head. I'll make a lift sprite eventually.

Now take it to the switch and set it down. And the treasure is yours.

These are the maps systems that I have working so far. Now I can show off some custom menus.

The default menu in RMK2k3 is anything but customizeable. You can use graphics, but don't bother. You can always make your own menus.

This is the on screen main menu I'm working on. It will lead to other sub screens eventually. When I get the graphics, I'll show off subscreens as well.

Another common menu I'm working on is the Skill Item Ring. First I thought about programming individual skill items, but what's the point if you can't select them.

Right now the menu is a ribbon, but it follows the concept of a circular menu. As soon as the menu is fully functional with the ribbon, I'll upload a video of it. Then after that I'll arrange the coordinates to follow a ring.

Now it's time to show a graphical showcase before I sign off.

These are the magic stones used in the Estpolis DS trailer. I decided if anything we can use those to learn skills through out the game. Dekar is undecided about a skill system which is why the stones do nothing but flash afterwards.


So what do you think, LWF? Am I making progress or what? If you have questions about anything I'm working on the feel free to ask below.

And that is the end of my progress report...

Wait! One more thing!

There will be Kiwi!
Yes, Kiwi!

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Postby Lêi_Trigar » Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:24 pm

wow looks great! keep it up!
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Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:50 am

Another month, another report. I have unfortunate news. My hard drive failed before I can back up the progress I made with Lufia -21.01. I'm going to get an external case to see if I can recover the drive's data.

Another delay for progress is that I'm going to redo the tech demo from scratch to reduce possible conflicts from Lufia 5's previous codes.

An to finalize the announcement: Lufia -21.01 is on longer associated with Lufia 5. All be it seems that it looks like I'm quitting Lufia 5 for good, things will be much easier for all of us. The tech demo is not an official demo nor will it ever be.

Expect another update as soon as the demo's reconstruction is completed which may be in a few months because I have to make sprite sheets and chipsets as well.

For now, hope to enjoy the second demo of Lufia 5.

And why hasn't this topic moved to fan works yet?

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