Made a Lufia-based Character Sheet [Image included]

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Made a Lufia-based Character Sheet [Image included]

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:36 am


TAADADADAAAAAH! In case you have forgotten my fan-Lufia-game-nonsense-crap, guess again! [Folds arms]

No! This sheet is not a super secret screen shot from Lufia III Ruin Chasers. I happened to be short on names at the moment. No matter, I think I may have constructed a solid formula for the character attributes as shown.

Today I'm going to discuss Base Attributes and Compound Attributes.

My definition of a basic attribute is a variable created from a constant of numbers that increases with character growth AKA leveling up. The Basic Attributes in this example are Max HP, Max MP, Max IP, STR, INT, AGI, and GUT.

Meanwhile a Compound Attributes is defined as a variable created from the solution to an algorithm using a Basic Attributes and a variety of Equipment Attributes. The compound variables in this case are ATP, DEF, MAG, MGR, and EVA.

Current HP, MP, and IP are in a different class from compound attributes because they are lifeline and exhaustion attributes used in another formula I will probably detail in a top secret battle design.

No matter, I will explain all the formulas behind the Compound Attributes. I hope that Equipment Attributes are self explanatory to the community. If not, you can ask me to explain those too.

------------General Summary of Attributes------------

Basic Attributes
Max HP - The maximum number of hit points/health the actor has. If HP falls to 0, then the actor is knocked out and unable to battle. The battle ends when the party has no fighting strength.

Max MP - The maximum number of magic points an act has to cast spells. Spells don't work if the actor has insufficient MP.

Max IP - Maximum number of IP points. IP stands for Interwave Pulses. IP is used for a variety of hidden abilities locked inside many items and equipment throughout Lufia.

STR - Strength, the physical power of the actor. Stronger actors have higher physical attack and defense

INT - Intellect, the mental strength of the actor. Smarter actors have more power with spells and suffer less damage from magic.

AGI - Agility, the reflexes of the actor. Agility influences critical hit rates and the actor's evasion.

GUT - The actor's sheer will, or guts. Guts will keep them alive in desperate times. Research shows that gutsy people have a strong connection with their IP.

Compound Attributes
ATP - Attack power, how much damage an actor can deal with normal attacks and physical IP skills. ATP is influenced by STR and weapons.

DEF - Defensive power, how much damage will be reduced when an actor is hit. DEF is influenced by STR, oufits (mostly light and heavy armor), and even footwear.

MAG - The actor's affinity with magic. A higher MAG will influence the strength and success of magic spells. MAG is influenced by INT, some weapons, and relics.

MGR - Magic resistance, how less effective an enemy's magic is used against the actor. MGR is influenced by INT, outfits (mostly light or heavy cloth), and relics.

EVA - The actor's evasion, or success in dodging enemy attacks. EVA is influenced by the actor's agility and weight of equipment.

Hopefully that defines the general summary, sorry if they're a little too flamboyant at the moment.

------------Formulas behind Compound Attributes------------

Oh boy! here comes the heavy math part. If you're wondering, Cion's ATP of 15 is no accident. If you look at the numbers carefully and apply them to my formulas, you'll understand the work behind setting up compound abilities.

Okay, here we go:

ATP = STR + Weapon ATP + Feet ATP + Accessory ATP

Currently Cion is equipped with the Long Knife (ATP+5 MAG+0), Small Shield, Leather Boots, and Power Ring (ATP+3). Some Boots give you ATP, but not these. Cion's base STR is 7. 7+3=10 10+5 = a whopping of 15 ATP at level 1.

NOTE: The Off Hand slot has an attack attribute. Do not add this to your main attack. The off hand ATP is used if you attack with your off hand. In other words a different attack unrelated to your main hand. 2 handed weapons will make the off hand slot useless.

Now for a slightly more complicated formula

DEF = (STR / 2) + Outfit DEF + Feet DEF + Accessory DEF

Wow! Many of you are probably wining about why I chose to divide STR by half for defense? Well, I'm keeping it slightly simple with the physical and magic algorithms. Also, more equipment backs up the DEF stat so keep a good eye out for good armor for your tanks.

Cion's lone defense would only be a 4 (7/2=3.5 ~ 4) without the equipment he's wearing. From the Cloth Armor, 4 + 5= 9. From the boots, 9+2 = 11. That's still a good defense if you're fending off against Red Jellies and Newts. Though Cion might invest in heavier armor for tougher opponents.

MAG and MGR are roughly the same formula:

MAG = INT + Weapon MAG + Accessory MAG

Yes, this means less variables will influence the MAG stat. We also forget that some characters are better with magic than with weapons. Cion is a strong character naturally. Sure he'll get magic power latter on, but for now his MAG is a measly 5 5+0+0=5.

MGR = (INT/2) + Outfit MGR + Accessory MGR

His MGR fairs slightly well thanks to the Cloth Armor's MGR of 3. (5/2 = 2.5 ~ 3 |/| 3+3=6.) Remember, there are also multiple tiers for spells too so if you feel your weakest spell isn't doing damage, use a stronger spell.

And now for the most complicated formula of all: Evasion.

EVA = 10 - (Outfit WGT + Feet WGT) + AGI

Evasion needs a constant otherwise characters won't have evasion at all. Naturally the hit rate is a percentage so a natural 10% chance to miss is inevitable. However, that 10 percent dies down with the weight of your equipment. You can say heavy armor brings higher protection at the cost of lowered evasion. Let's count Cion's weight shall we?


So that takes 7 out of the natural 10. That's still a nice defense to evasion ratio for heavy cloth.

10-7 = 3

Then we add his Agility


So Cion has a 91% evasion at level 1. Or more specifically enemies will have to roll a number lower than their accuracy minus Cion's evasion. Let's take a peek at that.

Cion VS Cion. Long Knife has an accuracy of 85. 85-9 = 74. Cion has to roll a 75 or higher to miss himself.

But we're not going into battle algorithms tonight. I hope this post is entertaining and informational at the same time. If there's other things I'm missing for the basic attributes feel free to tell.

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