Lufia DS - What are your blue items?

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Lufia DS - What are your blue items?

Postby SinReVi » Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:28 pm

What blue items did you get in Lufia DS?

From my NA cartridge savefile:

Gais Sword x2
Iris' Sword x9
Red Wing Sword x3
Lightning x7
Ancient Sword x3
Royal Rapier x2
Egg Sword

Treasured Disc x2
Blue Moon
Sorcerer's Edge x3
Frozen Edge x2
Lightning Edge x2
Freeze Disc

Dragon Glove x3
King Fist x3
Mermaid's Fury x3
Holy Glove
Eye of the Tiger x2
Plague Fist x3
Poison Touch x2
Mermaid's Sting x6
Stone Fist

Meteor Hammer
Destroyer x2
Mjollnir x4
Minotaur Hammer x2
Zeus' Battleaxe x8
Ignitoro x2
Eagle Eye Axe
Lumber Axe

Poison Shot x5
Maelstrom x3
Sacred Gun

Divine Dress
Lucina Armor x2
Phoenix Coat
Iris' Armor x9
Champion Belt x2
Dekar's Cloak
Miracle Dress x2
Frost Armor x5
Egg Ring
Princess Armor
Spirit Cloth x2
Geyser Earrings x2
Armored Suit
Bunny Costume
Chopping Board
Sheer Cape x6
Ancient Armor x6
Silver Armor
Silver Robe
Hard Cape
Cursed Apron x2
Berserk Armor x2
Plate Clothes

Mystic Stones
I'm not even going to bother writing down all of them o_0
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Re: Lufia DS - What are your blue items?

Postby vivify93 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:00 am

O_O *bows down before SinReVi's almighty blue item list*

Egg Sword x1
Red Wing Sword x1
Royal Rapier x1
Shamshir x1
Iris' Sword x1

Knockout Glove x1
Plague Fist x1
Stone Fist x1

Earthquaker x1
Mjollnir x1
Eagle Eye Axe x2
Lumber Axe x1

Gold Moon x1
Sorcerer's Edge x2
Lightning Edge x5
Freeze Disc x1

Medusa Eye x1
Ice Blaster x1

Egg Ring x1
Iris' Armor x1
Geyser Earrings x2
Sheer Cape x5
Hard Cape x1
Farad Suit x1
Plate Clothes x1
Silver Armor x1
Chainmail x1
Phoenix Coat x1

Power Ruby XS x3 (2 red, 1 green)
Power Garnet S x1 (Red)
Power Jade M x1 (Red)
Mind Ruby XS x1 (Red)
Mind Jade S x1 (Red)
Mind Pearl S x1 (Red)
Mind Garnet M x1 (Red)
Mind Ruby L x1 (Red)
Heart Ruby S x1 (Red)
Heart Garnet M x1 (Red)
Heart Jade M x1 (Red)
Heart Ruby M x1 (Red)
Heart Pearl L x1 (Red)
Crit Jade S x1 (Yellow)
Crit Pearl S x1 (Red)
Crit Ruby S x1 (Green)
Crit Glass M x1 (Red)
Crit Pearl L x1 (Orange)
Crit Ruby L x1 (Yellow)
Knight Jade S x1 (Yellow)
Knight Jade M x1 (Orange)
Knight Ruby M x2 (2 green)
Sage Ruby XS x2 (1 yellow, 1 green)
Sage Pearl S x2 (1 orange, 1 green)
Sage Jade M x1 (Green)
Sage Pearl M x2 (2 yellow)
King Ruby XS x1 (Yellow)
King Ruby S x1 (Orange)
King Ruby M x1 (Green)
King Pearl L x3 (3 green)
Hero Ruby XS x1 (Green)
Hero Jade S x1 (Green)
Hero Jade L x2 (2 green)
Hero Pearl L x4 (1 yellow, 3 green)
Hero Ruby L x1 (Yellow)
Rogue Pearl S x1 (Yellow)
Rogue Glass L x1 (Green)
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