Awoken Spirit (Revised)

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Awoken Spirit (Revised)

Postby Naminé » Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:13 pm

Thanks to lufiamanaelf, some revisions have been made to my story, Awoken Spirit. Comments are welcome!


Title -> Awoken Spirit
By -> Alexia
E-Mail ->
Rating -> PG-13


Long ago, there were two groups of humans: ones with the gift of magic and those without. Even though their differences were clearly apparent, they managed to live in harmony with one another. But one day, the Devas, beings imbued with the natural forces of Destruction, Chaos, Terror & Death, showed the gifted ones a road to Zeal, a world high in the sky. They took refuge in this world, and forgot of those below. Their technology grew by leaps and bounds. Science, technology, magic.....everything was improved under the power given to them by the Devas.

Meanwhile, the non-gifted ones suffered through a long ice age, in which most of their population was killed off. Eventually, their misfortune ended. They discovered the art of agriculture & metalworking. This allowed their population to grow, followed by the creation of great castles & villages. However, they were insignificant compared to Zeal's massive monuments.

Zeal's great achievements would not be built if not for Morgan, the appointed Queen of Zeal. She dealed with many of the problems in Zeal, including the need for a central government, if Zeal was to become truly advanced. Labortories, with the soul purpose of harnessing the powers of nature, the very essence of magic, were built under her command. These breakthroughs in science were what propelled Zeal ahead. Eventually, she became known as simply "Queen Zeal".

After few years, the Devas emerged from a floating island in Zeal. They began to wreck havoc. The citizens of Zeal were forced to join forces with the humans to vanquish the Devas. Oddly enough, only three of them were found. Ashe, the Deva of Death, was never found. Eventually, the remaining Devas were banished to an island, submerged in the human's sea.

After the war, the gifted and the humans began to socialize with each other again. Morgan traveled to the human's realm, and met a man named Alex. They has a baby girl. Knowing that Zeal would be in dismay in her absence, she knew she had to return. As she entered the skygate that led to Zeal, she turned her back to Alex and cried...

Ten years passed. A cloaked visitor came to Morgan's castle, asking to speak with Morgan. After some negation, she was allowed to go to Morgan's chamber. No one knows what exactly happened in her chamber, but the visitor was never seen in the palace, or Zeal for that matter, ever again.

After the incident, the citizens began to notice that Morgan's demanor had changed. She had turned from a benelovent ruler into a malevolent one. An increased effort was placed on the study of mana, the building blocks of the natural elements. This worried the citizens, since at the most radical degree this could be used to obliterate entire areas of land in a instant. All of a sudden, the gates to Zeal were shut off from the humans. A palace was constructed in their sea, with the sole purpose of extracting mana from their world. Combined with mana, this could lead into eternal life for Zeal. Everyone was shocked at the changes that had occured; it was almost as if Morgan was a different person.

But was this what she truly wanted?


"It is was destiny to gather; gather the heroes who will end Zeal's plan of immortality and the driving force that lies beyond it. But now that I've found this true love...can I force myself to break his heart.....and my own?"

Chapter I -> Feelings of Reminiscence

On a hill, I had a vision. It had led me to this village. I saw flames enveloping wood, tearing away at its seams. People were screaming for help, devoured by the inferno's wrath.

As I smelt the smoke of a fire I sprung up my head. My vision had came true; the village was under the siege of a fire. As I ran to the epicenter, I saw the scorched bodies of the villagers. I heard a faint cry behind me. As I ran towards the voice, I saw a man holding up the frame of a torched house. He yelled, "My daughter is trapped inside...the house...please save her...". Without thinking, I rushed inside the building. As I called out for the girl, I heard a faint reply come from the basement. I hustled down the staircase, turned the corner, and saw her up on a bench, horrified beyond belief. She looked to be relatively young, around the age of thirteen. "You need to leave this house now...the building is about to collaspe. Follow me!", I said to her. She jumped off the bench and followed me. As we exited the building, it caved in and raised the flames skyward. The flames rose to the top of the clouds, and then broke apart. Something emerged from the flames and descended until it were floating above the rubble. I knew who he was in an instant. He was Dhaos, Deva of Destruction. I had to warn them...
I told the man and his daughter to run away. As they started to run, Dhaos casted a spell that created a barrier around the town. There was no other option; we had to fight. I drew my blade. Dhaos turned towards me. " is most idiotic to run; either way will lead to your death. Prepare to die!". "Sir, take this blade and ready yourself!", I told the man. To my suprise, the girl unsheathed a staff. I would have never guessed a girl her age could be a caster!
Dhaos casted a fire elemental spell and fired towards us. It nearly missed us and hit a house, catching it on fire. I told the girl to cast a ice elemental spell, as I began to cast a lightning elemental spell. This created a combonation attack, one which Dhaos was very weak against. The plan went perfectly; the combined spells knocked him to the ground. He was seriously weakened; he had to lean on one of his legs just to stand up. "I underestimated you. But don't think this will happen again...this was just a test of my power.", he said. He vanished in a puff of smoke.
I turned to the man and his daughter. They were exhausted from the fight, but otherwise in decent shape. Not worrying about his own health, he asked me if I was alright. I told him I was fine. The girl said she was alright. After pausing for a breath of air, she said, "That was amazing! How did you know to create a combonation like that?". I told her I had read in a book somewhere; although in my mind, I knew that was not true. But I could not tell them who I was...what I was. Only at the right moment could I reveal my secret...and her secret to them.
I turned to the hill, reminiscencing about my previous grand it was. The man walked up behind me. He startled me; I leaped back in shock. He appologized, and asked me my name. I told him it was Maria, although I knew this was another lie. After taking a breath, he spoke again. "Maria, how would you like to travel with us to Lapis, a town north of here? The people there are good friends of this village, and would give us shelter until we decided where to go next. Are you interested?", he said. I knew I could travel to my destination by myself, but that feeling, something I had not felt for the longest time, compelled me to stay with them. I told him yes. He was ecstatic when he heard it.

In due time I will reveal my purpose for living...the reason I have come back for you.....

Chapter II -> Her Awakening

The next morning, we awoke to a goldenrod sunrise. "It's the most beatutiful thing I ever laid my eyes on. Well, second to her.", I thought. After a few hours' walk, we arrived at the town of Lapis. It was a gourgous city, located right near a majestic, cerulean river. "A relative of mine lives in this city. She'll let us stay with her, until we need to leave.", Alexander told me.
After a few minutes, we arrived at the house. Alexander knocked at the door, and a relatively young woman opened the door. "Alexander, how are you doing? I haven't seen you in so long!". Before he could reply, she put her arms around him and gave him a hug, then hugged Megan. "Our town was destroyed...we needed a place to stay.", he said. "Oh my god....thank goodness you are alright. Feel free to stay here as long as you want. Here, come in.", she said. The woman then turned to me and asked Alexader who I was. "She helped save Megan from our house", he said, then speaking quietly, "...I'll tell you about it tonight. I don't want to upset Megan any more than she already is.".
The rest of the day was filled with stories of the town, her, Alexander...chit-chat, essentially. After a lavish diner, we all decided to go to bed, since we wanted to go and visit the tower outside the town. At about midnight, I went outside to get some fresh air, making sure not to awake them. As I walked to the beach outside the house, *he* showed up.
"Perfect timing. How are you doing?", he said.
"Fine, as usual. Is everything set up at the tower?", I asked.
"Everything is according to plan. Do the father and daughter suspect that anything is amiss?", he said.
"They are oblivious to *our* actions. Her awakening has already been set into motion...tommorow will be the key.
"But what if she suspects something is wrong? You know that her powers of premonition could activate at any time now. I don't want to risk everything just becaucse of her powers...we've worked so hard to get to this point.", he said.
"How about settting this house aflame? I'll rescue the man the woman. The girl will most likely use her powers to escape, temporarily putting her into a coma afterwards...that's when we will take her to the tower.", I said.
"Very well, I will go with your plan. Let me do the honors...", he said.

He launched a pillar of flames towards the house, setting the roof on fire. I teleported into the living room, running towards Alexander's room. I woke them up, instructing them to run outside. As we dashed outside the the burning house, a blast of light emerged from the back of the house, from Megan's room. She bursted through the rubble and emitted a ray of light that calmed the flames. As she dropped to the ground, he grabbed her. "Dhaos, what are you doing? Let her go!", Alexander yelled as he furiously rushed towards him. Before he could even get halfway, I fired a beam of darkness at him, essentially paralyzing him.

"Maria, how could you do this? He tried to kill us all!", Alexander said.
"I don't have time to answer your questions here...come to the tower if you want to remember your past.", I told him.

Dhaos and I teleported away, towards the tower.

Chapter III -> Let the Truth be Told

"How long do you think it will take for them to reach the top? Should we have someone wait for them?", Dhaos asked.
"I will wait for them...Alexander needs to remember his past. The wheels need to be set into motion...", I said.

As I descended from the top of the tower, one thought was in my mind...

Just wait a little longer, Megan. Our purpose will become clear...I just need to awaken his spirit. Then we will reunite...

Then, Alexander and her showed up.

"Maria...what has gotten into you? Why are you doing this...why did you take my daugther?", he said.
"Do you not remember your past? Why can you not see what is happening before you very eyes?", I said.
"I've had enough of this! Get away from my brother!", the relative said as she rushed towards me with a sword.
"Elizabeth...why do you even try...", I said as I fired a beam of darkness towards her, shooting her clear across the room.
"How did you know her name? Who are you?", he said.
"How do you think I would know? Only a blood relative, or an acquitance could possibly know that. Think about it for a moment...", I said.
"Morgan? How...could that be? You hate the Devas...they almost destroyed both of our worlds.", he said.
"Megan's power needs to be awakened if our worlds are to be saved...even if it means my death. Her well as the lives of others, is more important to me now.", I told him.
"I don't understand this at all...who exactaly are you?", he asked.

I used my powers to change into my *other* form. "Now does everything make sense to you?", I asked.
" can't be...", he said. Before he could utter another word, I launched a beam of darkness at him, landing him right next to Elizabeth.

As I walked back up the tower, I heard a scream. "That has to be Megan. I have to get to her before he does..." I ran up the steps.

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Postby Naminé » Sat Dec 11, 2004 9:25 pm

I added Chapters II & III today. I hope you like them.

BTW, an .rtf (Rich Text Format, opened via Wordpad) can be found below.....

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Re: Awoken Spirit (Revised)

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:12 am

Just a reminder, we do have a board dedicated to Lufia fan works.

And this fic seems like a Lufia Fan Work so I think it's best if moved there.

Don't worry, the mods will take care of it if you ask them. :)

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Re: Awoken Spirit (Revised)

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:14 am

I just replied to a dead topic.

Mother of god!

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