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Lufia III

Postby SinReVi » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:42 am

Just found this on Twitter:

It appears this person has found documents of Lufia III (the canceled Lufia game =P)
Several hundred pages containing scenario, characters, enemy characters, maps and image boards (and more?)

Estpolis Biography III
Scenario(kanji) } plot map
------------------------------------------------} Scenario Data (disk)
text in left corner: "Company" written in katakana (カンパニー). I'm guessing the full text would be "Neverland Company" which is written as "ネバーランドカンパニー" in Japanese.

Cion Curtis.
(Protagonist) Male
17 years old. 178 cm.
(something)Swordsman. (I can't read what the first parts says. it kinda looks like 車を剣士 but I don't think that makes sense at all?)
(no idea)

Note at the right:
Is (more kanji)

Cion's age and length were previously unknown information=P

(not many people know this but all the Lufia III main characters have last names:

(quoting myself from another topic)
This are their Japanese names (they're listed like that in a Lufia III booklet from Tokyo Game Show ), but there are no "official" English spellings of the last names known. (Except for Shaia because that one has been used in Lufia I and II.)

However, ... otostream/ ... 154448628/
Judging on these two photos, the first letter of Albert's last name would start with a R and not a L. Also you can see the "Cur" from Cion's last name =P

Okay, my take on their names:
シオン=カーチス (Cion Curtis)
セシル=リンガム (Cecil Lingam) (Seems like リンガム is Lingam in katakana, found this )
リリー=リン (Lily Lynn)
ユウ=シャイア (Yu Shaia)
ミシェル=レグナス (Michelle Regnas)
アルバート=ロス (Albert Ross) (actually I like Loss better, but his name starts with a R in that photo so...)
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