I'm really surprised there's no Wild Arms subforum

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I'm really surprised there's no Wild Arms subforum

Postby Balzak » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:24 am

When i was a kid, I erroneously assumed that Wild Arms was Ruins Chaser but had underwent some sort of rebranding, as some games were known to do, like how Final Fantasy Tactics started out as an Ogre Battle title but changed when it jumped companies.

Anyway, it was, to my young mind, ridiculously close to Lufia in terms of gameplay and storyline. Similar 90s JRPG overworld look, similar tools and puzzles in dungeons (The two main characters start out with bombs and hook and you swap between them in the overworld to use different tools, like RoL did 5 years later), exact same battle system with the cross formation of command icons (though the battles were in 3D!)




The plot is even really similar, with four "demons" surviving a war from a thousand years prior, mysterious ancient weapon macguffins, mysterious youth with a fated destiny, etc etc.

The setting is industrial revolution levels of technology, which matched what we'd heard about Ruins Chaser being more advanced than FoD and set a few hundred years later.

Like, can you blame me for, as a child, assuming that this was the PSX Lufia title with the names changed?

But yeah, the series is great, it continued on a lot of the stuff that made the Lufia series fun, and ran through the late 90s and the bulk of the 2000s. The last 7th, and last, release in the series was a tactics rpg spinoff for PSP in 2007, and there unfortunately hasn't been much word from the series since :/

The full series contains Wild Arms 1 through 5, a remake of 1 on the WA3 engine after the series jumped to PS2, and the aforementioned Tactics game. There were also manga and anime that kept the basic premise but didn't otherwise have much to do with the video games they were based on, not even taking place in the same world.

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