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Your Character

Postby Chris » Mon Dec 08, 2003 5:42 pm

This topic is for listing details about your character in the RPG.

You may also include your details in your signature. Try this template:

Skin Color:
Physical Features: e.g. Well Built / Thin / Tall / Short
Personality Features: e.g. Moody / Outgoing / Shy

Character Class: e.g. Mage / Warrior / Wizard / Witch
Alignment: e.g. Good / Evil / Neutral
Position: e.g. King of Parcelyte / Town Council Member

Background: e.g. Details about the character's past.
Other Details:

Remember, you can only have one character, unless your character dies - in that case you can probably start a new one.

(I will post my character details later)

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Postby zyphr » Tue Dec 09, 2003 1:05 am

Name: Prewitt Jhonson
Age: 16
Skin Color: white, but with a slight farmers tan
Physical features: he is about 6'3" tall. weares black baggy pants with blue and white shoes. a button shirt that is dark white, and has a red dragon design. but when it's cold out he weares a white coat that goes to his ancles(like dectives). and a dagger in the back of his ancle(case).

Personality fratures: he is a very cunning teen. has experience from his past experience as a pickpocket. Is a very smart person he can come up with an isntant awenser to any mathmatical question. a very calm and laid-back aditude. mahes him one heck of a guy.

Charecter Class: assasin
Alignment: acts neutral but when it's a metter of mass life or deatg, good
position: merc

Background: as a child he was babied by his yoral faimaly. he had shown great signs of stealth and an urge to fight. at twelve he ran away and became a pickpocket until at 14 he was hired for assasination. sence then he has earned great money as a merc.

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Postby Cyrus_Soulfire » Wed Dec 10, 2003 3:01 pm

(All right, let's try to create Katarina Soulblade without godmodding x_x)

Main Information

Name : Katarina Soulblade

Age : Believed to be around age 23

Skin Color : White/Tan (in-between)

Physical Features : Medium Built (Doesn't look to overpowering but not weak either) /Medium Height (about 5' 10")

Personality Features : Cocky at times, will not back down from a fight. Usually in the corner doing that mystical thing (like Stryder from LoTR: Fellowship of the Ring.) Can be outgoing at times.

Alignment : Neutral and does what she wants to for her own reasons (unless world is facing doom, then at that point she leans towards the good side)

Position : Wanderer/Mercenary

Background/Character's past : Almost all of the Menlade Knights were wiped out by Magnus. She was one of the lucky few remaining ones of her cast to survive and is looking for revenge one day.

Her father was a great general Menlade Knight. She was forced into training school when little. At first hating it, she eventually grew to like it. She was known as one of the up and comming Menlade Knight generals of the future, until Magnus's Army showed up. Her plans and childhood memories destroyed in a blink of an eye. Though why Magnus retreated is still unkown.

During her childhood she was also trained as a monk with superor Agility and Dexterity than most Menlade Knight would had had. Though all that time focusing on those two stats, she eventually fell behind in the class on the intelligence sheet. She managed to graduate within the top 40 of her class somehow. Even though she graduated this high, she will never see the greatest of greatest potential in a Menlade Knight until she learns some patience to sit down and study (mainly Intelligence problems due to not wanting to study and always fighting ~ ala less strength with the Menlade blades.)

Other details : Wears her father's symbol necklace around her neck almost everywhere she goes. It is the one memory that was not destroyed in the ambush by Magnus's Army.

She has a knack for fighting and always looks for that good challenge that will give her a thrill of battling and forwarding her skills as a Menlade Knight.

She was the top Martial Artist in her city.

She was also forced into studying the Menlade Mages's ways when she was four to about six, later her father decided it wasn't her place and made her go through the Menlade Knight school. Because of it she knows a little about the herbs and other things found in the world and a low ring heal and de-poison spell. She hardly uses them because she thinks it makes her weak. However, if a close friend was close to dying or if she was close to dying, she'd use it. (She'd never use it during a fight in belief that she was weaker than her opponent.)

When growing up, she was thought more of a tomboy than one of those girlie girls who usually ended up being a Menlade Mage

Her Ranked Stats Important to the class: (from highest to lowest)

1) Strength
2) Agility
3) Dexterity
4) Intelligence

Character Class and Explanation

Character Class : Menlade Knight (Knight who uses mind power to create a light saber from their fists.)

Important Stats to the Class : Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity/Agility

Weakness of Class: Can't use any magic, other than changing their sword to different elements (and their mental sword). Magic (when they have their fire elemental sword out, ice will do double damage, that type of thing.) Has low to medium magic resistance (depending on how high the Intelligence is.)

Strengths of Class: Magic (when fire is casted on them and their fire elemental sword out it'll heal them, that type of thing.) Good Fighter. Good Accuracy ~ ala more criticals. Faster character ~ ala more dodging skills/faster attack rate. Doesn't use any magic points to use the mental sword.

What the Stats do for the Class

Strength : Harder hits with fists/regular sword damage. More strength also equals how much more they can carry.

Intelligence : The more the intelligence, the more the mental blade will hurt, and with more intelligence the swords also change shape and form and with the highest of intelligence has a chance to proc that element's weakest spell or second ring spell (depending on how high the Intelligence and Dexterity are.)

Agility : Agility was a desired stat by the original Menlade Knights, because they didn't want to be recognized as slow tanks that never get a hit off and die quickly. Agility was mainly pursued by those in recent times, so they could also learns some martial arts abilities. They also wanted to be able to get a good hit off as soon as possible.

Dexterity : Mainly the same as Agility. Both were options the Menlade Knights wanted to take full advantage of, however the branch of Menlade Knights who did not specialize in these two abilities (Menlade Mages) can use Spells and are more often confused with Wizards with more tanking ability than normal.

More to come on the class later...

(So... I hope that wasn't godmodding >_> also that's the exact same story/class information she has in the fan fiction... even though it hasn't been written down yet x_x)
Fan Fic Character of the hour:

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Postby Naminé » Thu Dec 11, 2003 1:23 am

Name: Megan
Age: 17 (although looks like she's about 23- read my fanfic "Awoken Spirit" for more info)
Skin Color: White
Physical Features: Thin / Tall
Personality Features: Shy

Character Class: Wizard
Alignment: Dark/Neutral
Position: Town Council Member

Background: ***Still in process of writing fanfic***
Other Details: ***Same as Above***
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Postby DualBladeAlstadtMilitary » Thu Dec 11, 2003 3:47 am

Name: Drake
Age: 18
Skin Color: white
Physical Features: Tall and well-built
Personality Features: Outgoing and headstrong

Character Class: Swordsman
Alignment: Good
Position: The town's protector

Background: Still working on it.
Other Details: (see above)

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Postby Nevfangiel » Fri Dec 12, 2003 11:00 pm


Looks like fun. Mind if I jump in?

Name: Fallon (short for Fallonhain)
Age: 25
Skin Color: Tan
Physical Features: Lean-muscular; long black, uneven hair; dark eyes; 6'1"; assorted scars on back.
Personality Features: Doesn't speak unless absolutely necessary; would rather let his actions speak for him, not his words.
Character Class: Bounty Hunter (though he leans more towards wanderer, dabbling in a bit of everything).
Alignment: Neutral
Background: He wanders the world doing different things for different people (usually for money, but then there's that pesky boredom thing). Fallon tries not to get emotionally attached to anyone, for that would mean he would have to stay in one place longer than necessary (to him, anyway).
Other Details: He wears a simple dark button-up shirt, black pants bunched up to a little below his knees, where his leather boots begin. He has arm braces on either arm and carries with him two long swords and an assortment of daggers. (He prefers weapons that are small, for speed purposes.)

I have a thing for dark broody guys. It can't be helped, my friends. Alas! Besides, I was tired of playing the girl warrior and the funny, happy male character (the usual characters I play in most rpgs).
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Postby Vortex » Sat Dec 13, 2003 5:33 am


Name: Mark

Age: 16

Skin Color: White

Physical Features: Medium Height, lean-muscular, Short Brown Hair...

Personality Features: Speaks a lot, brave...

Class: Swordsmen

Alignment: Good

Biography: A young man who's father works as a Imperial Soldier of the Prevlain Army. Him his
father and mother reside in the Prevlain Palace in a comfortable suite. His father Tryt is
becoming old and approaching retirement but was known as a great fighter in his time during
the Falion War. Mark wants to succeed his father as a great fighter but has no interest in
being a palace guard a position offered to him on his 16th birthday (qualifying age to work for
Prevlain Army). He nows seeks another possiblity somewhere else.
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Postby Phil » Tue Dec 16, 2003 10:11 am

Name: Phil The Undead Blacksmith
Age: 18
Skin Color: Has no skin, is an undead zombie thingy
Physical Features: A black hood with red eyes shining out of the darkness. He has a light green glowing belt and has mastered all weapons and is the ultimate weapons handler
Personality Features: Scary, not polite and very evil

Character Class: Zombie/undead
Alignment: Evil
Position: The Ultimate Weapons handler. The Ultimate Blacksmith

Background: Phil used to be a human but was tortured till he was undead and now he lives to be the ultimate killer
Other Details: Beware, The evil blacksmith is there!

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My Character

Postby Chris » Sat Dec 20, 2003 1:51 pm

Here is my character. I am a senior member of the town council, and am hiding many secrets about my past. To ordinary people I am a good and just wizard, who prefers not to fight. But there are some people who question my past, and wonder what I really am...

Name: Chris
Age: 15
Skin Color: White, Slightly Tanned

Physical Features:
Quite tall - body is hidden by long white robes, and wears a large white hat. At first glance, does not look fearsome.

Personality Features:
A respected leader in the town. Whenever possible, avoids fighting. Has an honest, just, and friendly personality.

Character Class: Wizard
Race: Magikonian
Alignment: Good
Position: Senior Member of the Town Council

Was brought up in a distant (and now lost) kingdom. Little is known about his background - many people can tell that he is hiding some secrets about his past.

Other Details:
Is one of the strongest wizards in the world. Although he rarely uses his magic, he is capable of great destruction. Uses a style of magic never seen before - possibly developed by the people of his hometown.
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Postby Phil » Sun Feb 22, 2004 9:58 am

He's sounds interesting. is he like lulu off final fantasy 10?

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Postby Chris » Tue Feb 24, 2004 6:05 pm

In a way - he's quiet and reserved... but capable of some great things.

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Postby lufiamanaelf » Wed Feb 25, 2004 10:48 pm

Name~ Selina

Age~about 16, doesnt keep track much

Physical~ Tan, thin, often smallness mistaken for weakness. Very agile.

Personality~ Sharp mouth, rather run than fight.
Very likeable.

Class~ Monk


Background info~ Raised in a quiet forest with many creatures. Her compainons are a small dragon and a griffin.
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Postby rougeredmage » Sun Feb 29, 2004 3:15 pm

[color=red]Name : rouge
Age: appears to be mid to late twenties
Build: average
Eyes: green
Hair: argent
Rouge cloaks himself in elaborate scarlet and crimson robes under which he has equipped a Damascus plate of body armour. The other main feature of rouge is his plumed hat in which he has the rare feather of the white peacock.

Class: red mage, has the ability to cast both offensive magic’s as well as healing white magic’s. however rouges class has very little sexperience in magic’s that temporally increase statistics or lower the enemies(ie enfeble,quick,feint etc). Rouge unlike other classes of magic user does use rapiers for weapons instead of rods.

Alignment: neutral to good
Status: travelling mage, compulsive party animal

Rouge is the black sheep of a very respectable line of magicians that are proud to trace their genealogy back to the birth of magic itself. However during his time at the prestigious university of magicians Rouge rebelled against his strict parents, deciding to have a wild bohemian lifestyle rather then spend hours scribing grimoire’s, he spent the majority of his time ( and money) on drink and gambling. As a result of this rouge was forced to turned to alchemy as a means of making revenue. However miraculously Rouge left the university of magicians with highest degree possible, he also earned the title of “ greatest red mage that ever livedâ€

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Postby Imperial Dragon » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:29 pm

Name- Cole Wyndragon
Age- 17
Skin- A light tan.
Physical Features- 6'3", and a decent build. Has green eyes, and brown hair. Has a scar on his right arm.
Personality Features- Usually quiet, but will stand up for what he believes is right, and to protect his friends.

Class- Warrior, with some magic training.
Race- Half human/half dragon.
Alignment- Often good, shifting to neutral.
Position- Traveling warrior, city defender if needed.

Background- When he was seven, Cole's hometown was attacked by monsters. His mother disappeared, and he was almost killed by the monsters. However, his father was a powerful mage, and managed to save his town.

Four years later, after returning from a neighboring town, his father also vanished, and no one remembered him. So, Cole decided to leave again, but would not return.

In a nearby cave, a powerful dragon attacked him, bit him in the arm (which is what the scar is from), and nearly killed Cole. However, a strange power awoke from within him, and he managed to defeat the dragon. After that, he went to a nearby town to recover and buy some weapons and armor to protect himself.

Now, six years later, Cole has grown into a strong warrior. One of his friends, a black mage, taught him some basic magic for protection. He is also able to turn into a dragon, due to the power from the dragon that attacked him.

Other Details- Wears armor made of dragon scales (very light, but also quite durable), and uses a sword made from a dragon fang.
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Postby Sheik » Sat Mar 06, 2004 3:09 pm

Name: Li Lee
Age: 13
Skin Color: White
Physical Features: Thin & Short
Personality Features: Mysterious, Shy, & Easily Frightened

Character Class: Tactician & White Mage
Alignment: Neutral
Position: Wanderer

Background: Parents died when he was very young. He is very skilled in White Magic and Battle Strategy. He now wanders alone, but will join with the cause he agrees most with. He makes no commitments and comes and goes as he wishes.

Other Details: He has very high Agility and the ability to teleport around, however, his strength and defense are very low and he can't take much physical fighting. If in combat too much he will get scared and run off.

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