Digimon world 2 (PSX), DNA Guide.

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Digimon world 2 (PSX), DNA Guide.

Postby Mehmet Ozkan » Wed Aug 04, 2004 6:24 pm

Ok gamers of the Digimon world 2 I have a DNA Guide for the Digimon world 2 fans. It's the guide for the strongest and usable Digimon creating for the battle. And I have the DNA of two Digimons for now. Just do it and you can battle it with that two Ultimate Digimon.


=> DNA-Digivolve <=
1> Kabuterimon and Kabuterimon is Tentomon.
2> Kabuterimon and Airdramon is Tentomon.
3> Kabuterimon and Phantomon is Tentomon.
4> Kabuterimon and Ninjamon is Tentomon.
5> Megakabuterimon and Kuwagamon is Tentomon.

=> Status <=

> Type: Vaccine.
> DV Level: Champion.
> Speciality: Nature.
>> HP: 208.
>> MP: 220.
>> Attack: 104.
>> Defence: 93.
>> Evade: 108.
>> Speed: 64.

===> Moves <===

}} Attack {{
Super Shocker.
Scissoir clow (Defence down for opponent).
Crimson clow (Poison, Stun, Confuse for your opponents).
Air Attack.
}} Interrupt {{
Electro Shocker.
}} Counter-Attack {{
}} Assist {{
Necro Magic.
This is a great Digiomon named Kabuterimon on level 19 but DNA digivolve 5. This is the greatest Kabuterimon ever I Greated. Please note that and do it at once and Try the power of this Kabuterimon.


=> DNA Digivolve <=
1> Greymon and Airdramon is Veemon.
2> Veedramon and Biyomon is Veemon.
3> Veedramon and Unimon is Veemon.
4> Veedramon and Biyomon is Veemon.

=> Status <=

> Type: Vaccine.
> DV Level: Ultimate.
> Speciality: Nature.
>> HP: 208.
>> MP: 220.
>> Attack: 104.
>> Defence: 89.
>> Evade: 100
>> Speed: 95.

===> Moves <===

}} Attack {{
Pepper breath.
Boom bubble.
Spinnin needle.
Spiral Twister.
V Nova blast.
Flaming Rocket.
Nova blast.
V head butt.
Earoveedramon is the same Digimon from Agumon series. He is the newest Digimob on the Digimon world 2002. The orijinal attacks is for him self V Head butt, V Nova blast and Floaming Rocket. But if he DNA Digivolve level 5 and he will learn a move name (Don't know what the is).

To be continue with the DNA Guide..

Name: Steel King
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