CIMA The Enemy Rewritten!

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CIMA The Enemy Rewritten!

Postby SinReVi » Sun Nov 07, 2004 9:03 pm

This is in the same style as The Very Idiot Story of Lufia. Spoilers for CIMA The Enemy.

CIMA The Enemy Rewritten!

*The continent of Altran. Jillani Region, Northwest 40 km. 130 meters under the Chipeya Mountains.*

*Jester and Esswood are at an elevator*

Jester: I didn't realize this mine was so deep, Chief Esswood.
Esswood: Oh? Do you know how deep this mine really is?!
Jester: No.
Esswood: Then I'll show you how deep this mine is! *throws Jester of the elevator*

Jester:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!*falls at the ground*

*the elevator landed*
Esswood: So! Now you know how deep this mine is!
Jester: GRRR! And now I'll show you the strenght of my fist!*runs after Esswood*
Esswood: Hohoho merry Christmas!...Uh... I mean Hohoho don't run after me! That's dangerous!*runs away*
Jester: RAAAAAAAAAH!*follows Esswood*

researcher: Hey! Stop! You are not allowed to run here!

Esswood: Who cares! I don't want to be killed by Jester!
Jester: I was almost dead thanks to Esswood!

Esswood: Open up!
Guards: No, sir!
Esswood: Whaaat?!*jumps over the Guards*
Jester: Uh...*jumps over the Guards*

*later in a room with Majesties*
Jester: Oooooh so much Majesties!
Esswood: Yeah and??? We have to open the Singularity!
Jester:.... aren't going to kill me with that Singularity thing?!
Esswood:.... Hey that's a good idea!

*Altran Continent Eastwick Region 14 pioneers of the first immigration group are heading west to the land they have never seen...*

*everyone is in the Blue Creek*
Ark: Lalalala lalala lalalalalaaaaaa ...... LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!*dances in the train*
Ivy: Shut up! I don't like to work with amateurs!
Ark: Who is the amateur here?! Well not me! Haha!
Ivy: I am not the amateur, so who is the amateur here?
Ark: Uh... I am not the amateur here, you are not the amateur, so that means that Jester is the amateur!

Jester: *comes in* Who called me an amateur?!
Ark: Eheheheh... that was the wind!
Jester: Oh ok...*walks away*

Ivy: Phew.
Ark: See? Jester is an amateur! He believes everything I say!
Jester: *comes back* I HEARD THAT!
*Ark throws some sleeppowder at Jester*
Jester: *sleeping* ZZZZZzzzzZZzZZZzzZZZZZzZ!

Ark:*dances again* Ladadaadaaalllaalalaaalalaaaaaaaaaaa!
*the whole train shakes*
Ivy: ARK?! Are you dancing again?! The whole train is shaking!
Ark: That was not me! That was a very big Gate!

*the train slowed down*
Ivy: It is your fault! If you didn't dance so much we wouldn't slow down!
Ark: That was not me! That was a very big Gate!
Ivy: Really? let's go to the conductor!

Claude: Hello guys! There is nothing wrong except that there is a very big Gate for the train! Go and tell Jester!
Ark: OK!

*Ark and Ivy went to Jester*
Jester: ZZZZzzZZZzzzZzz
Ark: Oh shoot! He is still sleeping!

*the train stopped*
Jester:*woke up*This looks like the Gate World!
Ivy: O yay! I mean how boring!

*a portal appeared*
Jester: Let's go into the first dungeon!

*later in Beginning World*
Jester: Alright! Ark, Ivy. You two are going to lead the pioneers to a safe place! Any questions?
Ark: Yes! why are you wearing black clothes?
Jester: Because we are going to the graveyard!
Ivy: Who is dead?
Jester: I AM! *kills himself*

Vanrose: Oh great! We just lost our strongest member!
Ark: Nah... he isn't that strong. He is a member of the Six Stars! the Six weakest amateur Gate Guardians there are!
Vanrose: No, the Six Stars are the six best Gate Guardians there are!
Ark: Couldn't you say that earlier?!
Ivy: Anyways, we should bring you to a safe place!
Vanrose: I don't trust you!

Ivy: *with a gun in her hand*MOVE!NOW!OR I KILL YOU!
Everyone including Ark: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!*they run to the last floor*

Pike: .............
Ark: Hey, who are you!?
Pike: .............
Ark:Why don't you say something?
*Pike falls at the ground*
Ark: Huh?!
Ivy: Something is not right about this...O well, let's go out this dungeon! I can see the exit already!

voice of Pike: Grrr! I never can go on holiday!
*the real Pike warps in*
Pike: Grr! Stupid robot!*throws the fake Pike away*

Ark: Who are you?!
Pike: Pike Nighttrap is the name!
Ark: P-Pike?! Not Pike of the Crimson Nine huh!?
Pike: I AM Pike of the Crimson Nine!
Ark: EEEEEEK!*runs to the pioneers with Ivy*

Pike: .......hum.....Where is Jester?! I must kill him!
Vanrose: He just killed himself!
Pike: What?! That's great news! I must celebrate this!

*a few minutes later*
Pike: Layayayayalalalaladadadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hmmm... I need music!
*Pike goes away and comes back with a stereo installation*

Emmy: Waaaaah! I am scared! He can't sing!
Halley: Please let him stop singing!


Rick: Yaaaaaaagh!* hides behind Diana* I want to get out of here!

Ark: Alright people! If we don't get out of here soon, we will be deaf!
Ivy: Quick come here and follow us!

Ivy: Just stop the talking and let's go out!


*the dungeon is starting to collaps because Pike was jumping up and down*
Ivy:Uh oh...

*Ark and Ivy are by the Blue Creek*
Ivy: Hey! Where are the others?!
Ark: I have no idea! Maybe they're dead?
Ivy: Nah, I don't think they're dead!

*a train track falled at Ark's head*
Ark: My head huuuuuuuuuuurts!*puts the train track in the Blue Creek*

*a portal appeared*
Ark: Maybe somebody is in that dungeon!
Ivy: Yeah duh! of course somebody is in that dungeon! It would be useless for the CIMA to build a dungeon without putting somebody in it!
Ark: Blahblah let's stop talking and go in the dungeon!

*They went into the dungeon called Silver Snow*
Ark: Brrr it is so cold here!
Ivy: That's because of all that snow!
Ark: No wonder that they called this place Silver Snow!
Halley: Hahah, how funny!
Ark: Ivy! Your voice is strange!
Ivy: That was not me! That was Halley!
Ark and Ivy:...HALLEY?!...HALLEY! WE SAVE YOU!

Ark: Don't worry! Uncle Ark is gonna save you!
Ivy: *walks to Halley* Halley, are you ok?
Halley: Yeah, but where is grandpa Ark?!

Ark: *is stucked in the snow* BRRMHMHMHFF....!!!!(translation: WHO CALLED ME A GRANDPA!?)
some CIMA near Ark:Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way!
Ivy: Hold on Ark! *defeats the CIMA*

Ark: Couldn't you save me faster Ivy?!
Ivy: No!
Halley: Where are the other people?!
Ark: Eh... We'll find them soon! But you have to help us!
Halley: OK!

*Ark, Ivy and Halley found an almost collapsing bridge*
Ark: Who is gonna cross this bridge?! Not me!
Ivy: I'll go!
Ark: No not you! You are too fat!
Ivy: %$#%$^!!!!!!!!!!GRRRR! I AM NOT FAT!
Ark: You are really FAT!

Halley:*has already crossed the bridge* Hey look! I found a key!*walks back to Ivy and Ark*
*Ark and Ivy aren't listening to Halley*
Ark: Oh yes you are!
Ivy: But I am not as fat as you!
Ark: We'll see that later!
Ivy: Just skip this whole bridge thing!
Ark: FINE!

*later if the group reached the last floor*
Ark: Oh great! This giant door blocks our way!
Ivy:Maybe we need a key?!
Ark: I don't have a key!
Ark: Let's make the door explode!*gets some bombs*
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!* the bombs exploded and the door is still around*
Halley: eh.. I have the key!
Ivy: Couldn't you say that earlier?!
Ark: Whaaat?! Give here that key!*grabs the key from Halley and opens the door*

*Ark and Ivy went in the room*
Ark: What a nice empty room!
*Genox warps in*
Genox: What is a better thing to fill this room than my beautiful Bruton?*Genox disapears*

*Bruton warps in*
*Bruton runs through the whole room*
Ark: He is fast man!
Bruton: Huff...puff... I need to eat!*goes to the snackbar*
*Genox warps in again*
Genox: Huh? I can't remember I build a snackbar in this dungeon!!!!

*there came some thunder in the room*

Ark: What is that?
Genox: just ignore that. Ehm... ok we were talking about that I couldn't remember that I build a snackbar in this dungeon!

*Another Builder CIMA came in the room, it was Elvira*

Elvira: You probably build that snackbar while you were sleeping! You always get hungry when you're asleep!
Genox: Hey! That's not true!
Elvira: Pike won't be very happy with your stupid actions!
Genox: Uh-oh...

*meanwhile by Pike*
Pike: Oh what a brilliant idea! Putting a snackbar in a dungeon! I'm going to do that in my own dungeon!

*and back by Silver Snow*
Elvira: Hurry up and get out of here!
Genox: Yippee!
Ark: Wait!!! Don't run away on us!
*Genox runs away with Elvira*

Ark: What a fast runner...!
Ivy: Yeah...

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Postby SinReVi » Mon Mar 07, 2005 6:15 pm

*Halley came in the room*
Halley: Hellooooooooo? Are we going to do something?I'm bored!
Ivy: Let's go!
Ark: Alright!

*they left the dungeon and went to the Blue Creek*
Halley: Hey! Where are mom dad and Emmy?
Ark: Don't worry! We'll find everybody!
Halley: How can I trust you?
Ark: Uh..bye bye...*runs to the exit of the Blue Creek*

*Ark was stopped by Ivy*
Ivy: Stop! I have to learn something about Majesties! I know you've been sleeping in class anyway!
Ark: But those lectures are so boring!
Ivy: No, the teacher was boring!

Ivy: Um...Who was our teacher again?
Ark: I forgot...All I can remember is that he was an amateur!

*a scary sound louded through the Blue Creek*

Ark:W-W-W-What was t-that?!?!?

very scary shadowy ghost: YOU CALLED ME AN AMATEUR AGAIN!

Ark: Hey! You're not scary! You are Jester The Amateur!
Jester: No I am NOT an amateur, you hear that?!
Ark: No Pike made me deaf!
Jester: Yeah sure!
Ivy: Uh...guys... let's just skip the whole Majesty thing!
Ark: Ok..... And Jester is still an amateur!

*Ark, Ivy, Halley and walked outside*

*a train track falled falled at Jester and a portal appeared*
Jester: EEEEEEEYAAAAAAAA! That doesn't hurt because I am already dead!
Ark: AAAGH!*throws the train track in the Blue Creek*
Halley: Please, let's hurry up!
Ivy: ok.
Ark: Yes, but that amateur called Jester is not going with us!
Jester: Hey!%^#%@$# What do I get if I go away?
Ark: Uh... the key of my house!
Jester: Hmm... ok, deal!
*Ark gives the key to Jester*
Jester: Byebye!*fades away*

*Ark,Ivy and Halley entered the next dungeon, Lost Forest*

*and they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked until they saw Vanrose in the circus*
Ark: Look! It is Vanrose in a circus!
Vanrose: Hey!*dances on a ball* Did you know that I can dance too?
Ark: No! Come out that circus! It's dangerous!
Vanrose: Nono...there's nothing dangerous about dancing on a ball!
Ivy: But it is dangerous when there is a CIMA nest near you!
Vanrose: Whaaaaaaaaat? GET ME OUT OF HERE!*jumps of the ball and runs out the circus* SOMEBODY! ACTIVATE THE BRIDGE!

Ark: How do you think we are gonna do that?
Ivy: How should I know?
Ark: Well, I am sure we don't have to use that switch over there! *points at a switch*

*Halley was by the switch*
Halley: I wonder what will happen if I hit this?
*Halley hits the switch*
*the circus exploded and Vanrose falled in front of Ark and Ivy*
Vanrose: Hmm... I am not sure if I should thank you now.....(silence)..... Ah I know! I will not thank you!

*meanwhile by Ark's house*
Jester: So! I have the keys of Ark's house! Now what shall I do with it? Hmm.
Jester: I will go in Ark's house ofcourse!*goes into Ark's house*

*a book lies before Jester*
Jester: Hmm, what's this? "The Record Book, written by Ark J."
*Jester opens the book*

Jester: Let's see what's in the book!

"The most perfect human in the world: Ark J
The best dancer in the world: Ark J
The coolest person in the world: Ark J
The smartest person in the world: Ark J
The best Gate Guardian in the world: Ark J
The best swordfighter in the world: Ark J
The biggest amateur in the world: Jester R"

Jester: What?! How dares he! Grr!

*Later by Ark*
Ivy: How the hell are we gonna pass this?!
Ark: Hmm...
Vanrose: Let's do a race "Who-is-the-fastest-by-the-last-room?"!

*Vanrose runs away*
Ivy: Hey! That is dangerous!
*Ivy runs after Vanrose*

*Vanrose and Ivy walked in a Teleport Trap*
Ark: oh no!...
Halley: I hope they're dead.
Ark: What did you say?!
Halley: My favourite color is red!
Ark: Anyways, we should look for them!

*by Ivy and Vanrose*
Vanrose: Wh-what happened...?
Ivy: You were so stupid to hold a race and then walk into a Teleport Trap


( A huge skip to the battle with Sawma, I'm going to use this in this story, but I still need to write the rest )


*Ark and Ivy entered the room*

Ark: Hey! Nobody is in this room!
Echo: Oom-oom-oom!

*Pike warps in*
Pike: What's going on here?! Where is Sawma!? This is Sawma's dungeon and he is supposed to be here!
Ark: How should I know where Sawma is?

*A woman CIMA warped in*
Pike: Whaaaaaat? Mother? What are you doing here?
Pike's mother: You called me!
Pike: I said "Sawma" not "Mama"!
Pike's mother: Oh? Let's find Sawma!

Sawma: I can't!
Sawma: Noooohooo! I am taking a bath!
Sawma: Hey! You don't think I'm going to fight naked!
Pike: Hmm... Aha!........Oh Sawma! If you come here you will get 100,000,000 Majesties!
Sawma: Oh booooy! I am coming!

*Sawma in his bath warps in*
Pike: Nice that's better!*gives Sawma 100,000,000 Majesties*
Pike's mother: Grrr! Pike! How dare you to give Sawma MY 100,000,000 Majesties?!
Pike: Uh-oh!*warps away*
Pike's mother: GRRR!*warps away*

Sawma in bath: Shall we go to the battle field...?

*Sawma in bath, Ivy and Ark warped to the battle field*

Sawma in bath: I shall let you have a taste of my power!

*Sawma transformed in a huge naked Ninja-Samurai in a bath*
Ark: I think this is just crazy!
Sawma in bath: Well let's start!
Ark: Okay! *gets his sword*

Sawma in bath: Yikes! There is soap in my eye!*throws the soap on the ground*
Ivy: AAAAAAAAAAAH! I fell over the soap!
Ark: HEEEEEEEEELP! There is soap on my sword!
Sawma in bath: Huaah! I can't see a thing! *glides with his bath off the battle field*

*later, under the battle field*
Sawma in bath: I wonder where I am now... I still can't see a thing!
*Sawma washes his eye with water*
Sawma in bath: That is better! Now I can see almost everything!

man: Hey Sawma what are you doing here?
Sawma in bath: Hey man! how do you know my name?
man: That is.... because I am MASAHIDE MIYATA! The ONE AND ONLY writer of CIMA The Enemy! But somebody stole the script and changed it!
Masahide Miyata: Searching the person who changed the script ofcourse!
Sawma in bath: You don't really think that person is here?
Masahide Miyata: Maybe, or maybe not...


Masahide Miyata; What was that noise?
Sawma in bath: Which noise? i can't hear it because there is soap in my ear!
Masahide Miyata: If there is soap in your ear, how could you held that conversation with me?
Sawma in bath: Uuuhh...
Masahide Miyata: Anyaways, what was that noise?

Yasunori Shiono: My music-instruments exploded!
Tomoko Morita: Mine did too!
Yukio Nakajima: Yeah it's true! It's true! They exploded while we were testing the "Game Over" music!
Masahide Miyata: Looks like the person who changed the script doesn't like the "Game Over" music!

Sawma in bath: Uhm... I should look for some clothes!

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Postby SinReVi » Fri May 27, 2005 10:05 pm

*Vanrose and Ivy walked in a Teleport Trap*
Ark: oh no!...
Halley: I hope they're dead.
Ark: What did you say?!
Halley: My favourite color is red!
Ark: Anyways, we should look for them!

*by Ivy and Vanrose*
Vanrose: Wh-what happened...?
Ivy: You were so stupid to hold a race and then walk into a Teleport Trap

Vanrose: Anyway, I am going away. We can't stay here our whole life!
*Vanrose walks at the bridge*
Ivy: Wait! Mr. Vanrose... Where are you going?!
Vanrose: Somewhere in this dungeon!
Ivy: I'll follow you!
Vanrose: BLAGH!
*Ivy comes at the bridge too*
Ivy: Should we turn back...?
Vanrose: I always turn back! Backwards!
*Vanrose walks back and falls of the bridge*
*Vanrose hangs in a tree*
Ivy: Looks like Vanrose could use some help...
*a giant Piyon with wings lands on Vanrose's head*
Vanrose: HELP! Save me before it poisons me!
Ivy: Um... what did Jester say....
Ivy: No no no... Jester didn't say that...
Giant Piyon with Wings: Lalala I am the strongest Piyon in the world!
Vanrose: Mommy! ... Wait, my mommy is on earth! HEEEEEEEELP!
Ivy: Oh yeah! Now I remember what Jester said: "ALWAYS PROTECT EVERYBODY!" *kills the giant Piyon with wings and gets Vanrose out the tree*
Vanrose: No thanks for you!
*Ivy and Vanrose go to the place with the switch*
Vanrose: Let's wait for my "best" friend Ark the Loser!
Ivy: Alright!

*meanwhile by Ark and Halley*
Halley: Ivy and the old man really are lost...
Ark: Oh I didn't know that Vanrose was so old... He is only 31!
Halley: Oh, I thought he was 310!

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Postby maxim6221 » Sun Aug 07, 2005 4:55 pm

well since it probaly took u some time ot write this im not gonna leave this thread without replying. i read half of it but not the last 1 and i like it. XD

Hey Big Sexy! >_<

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Postby Chris » Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:35 pm

*Agrees with maxim6221.*

Great job! :D

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Postby SinReVi » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:15 pm

Now we're getting to the fun part: The Village of Rooda!
Talking about the village of Rooda... :P


Vanrose: I HEARD THAT!
Halley: No you haven't! You are too far away to hear me!!!
Vanrose: OH YEAH?

Halley: I hope Vanrose is not alright!
Ark: I'm sure he is not alright with Ivy. Her personality might be easy to handle, but you can't depend on her in battle.
Halley: Really?
Ark: Yes.


*Ark and Halley find Ivy and Vanrose*
Ark: Ivy! Vanrose! Are you OK?!
Ivy: It took you long enough!
Ark: Hey? Aren't you happy to see me?
Ivy: We don't have time for all that mushy stuff. Just hurry up and throw that switch already!

Halley: Ark! Are you sure that Ivy's personality is easy to handle?
Ark: Did I say that? I meant that her personality is hard to handle.

Ivy: Hey! What are you two whispering about?
Ark: Nothing at all! Just sit tight.

*Ark hits the switch and goes to Ivy and Vanrose*

Ark: So you both are OK? No injuries?
Ivy: Of course no! I hope you didn't get Halley hurt...
Ark: Halley is alright except that he is not here.
Ivy: WHAT? Where did he go?!
Ark: He went to the last floor!

*Ark, Ivy and Vanrose go to the last floor*
Ark: How did Halley open the door without the key? Never mind, let's just get him!
*Halley is watering two flowers with crazy faces*
Moonflow and Sanfraw: Mooooore water!
*Elvira warps in*
Elvira: MOONFLOW! SANFRAW! I didn't call you yet! Go away!
*Moonflow and Sanfraw go away*

*Ark and Ivy walk in*
*Halley walks out of the field*

Ark: *sees Elvira* You were in the other dungeon too!
Elvira: My name is Elvira. Don't forget. For the little time left you're alive, that is! Ha ha ha!!...
Ark: I bet you're no stronger than Genox!
Elvira: Uh... no comments. Let's start the fight already!

*Elvira warps away and Moonflow and Sanfraw appear*
*Moonflow and Sanfraw start jumping around*
Ark: What a funny flowers!
Moonflow: ... *shoots at Ark*
Ark: Hey! not fair!
Sanfraw: *shoots too*
Ark: HEY!

Ivy:*takes out her pistol* *tries shooting at the two flowers but nothing happens*
Ivy: Hey! I thought that you can never run out of bullets in this game?!
*Halley walks in with a pistol*
Ark: HALLEY! You're too young for pistols!
Halley: But it is a waterpistol!
Ark: Oh.

Halley: Hey flowers! You can get this waterpistol full of WATER if you go away!
Moonflow and Sanfraw: Okay! Elvira always forgets to water us!*they take the pistol and go away*

*Elvira warps in*
Elvira: Wha...Weak...No wonder Genox survived. I see now! That's why Pike...
Ark: Stop mumbling to yourself! Get ready to die!
Elvira: Wait a second!
Ark: What? Hurry up.
Elvira: I... just remembered something I had to do! I gotta go...!
Ark: ......
Elvira: Sorry about this! I really have to um... bake a cake for Pike's birthday! Bye now!...
*Elvira runs away*

Ark: They're Pike's underlings, right?
Ivy: probably. That one must have been a builder CIMA too... Only builder CIMA can join the higher ranks, you see.
Ark: But the builder CIMA don't look too impressive. Or... maybe they're trying to trick us into letting our guard down.
Ivy: Let's just be extra careful.
Ark: I agree.

*Vanrose walks in*
Vanrose: "Protect everyone," eh?
Ark: What? Did you say something?
Vanrose: No, I only opened my mouth and a sound came out! Let's go.
Ark: Alright.
*everyone exits the dungeon and goes into the Blue Creek*

Vanrose: How do we get out of this world?
Ark: The only way is to get through this dungeon!
Vanrose: Can we do it!
Ark: Of course not!

Halley: I'm so glad we found Vanrose!
Vanrose: I wish I jumped out of the train while we were being sucked in this ridiculous Gate!

*Ark and Ivy walk outside*
*a Train Track starts falling*
Ark:Protect everybody and my head!*puts on a helmet*
*Train Track falls at Ark's toe*

*Portal appears*
*Ark and Co. go into the next dungeon

Ark: Hey! This is a village, not a dungeon!

*Ark wants to cross a bridge*
*A youth stands next to the bridge*
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Ark: What? I didn't ask you anything...
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Ark: I know. You just told me that! But why put a village here?
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Ark: I heard you the first time!...
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Ark: Have you nothing better to do?!
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.
Ivy: Ark, it's no use. let's go.
Ark: Yeah, you're right.
Youth: This is the village of Rooda.

*Ark and Ivy cross the bridge*
*There are two small houses and one very big one*

Ark:*Walks through the little village and stops in front of the big building*
Ark: Hey! this looks like a casino! *goes in*

*There is a slotmachine inside*
Ark: How does this thing work?
Youth: Insert one Majesty!
Ark: Ok! Thanks! *inserts a Majesty**nothing happens*
Youth: Insert one Majesty!
Ark: Again? Oh ok then!*inserts another Majesty**nothing happens*
Youth: Insert one Majesty!
Ark: How long is this going to take? *inserts another Majesty**nothing happens*
Youth: Insert one Majesty!
Ark: Yeah, I know that I have to insert a Majesty!*inserts a Majesty**nothing happens*

*474 Majesties later*
Ark: I give up!
Youth: Insert one Majesty!
Ark:*leaves the casino*

Ivy: Aha! There you are!
Ark: ...
Ivy: Hey? Where are our Majesties?
Ark: Uh... I lost them!
Ivy: You fool! Now we can't make any items!

Youth: Go talk to the Mayor in the park. Something horrible has happened.
Ivy: Why do we have to hear about it?
Youth: Go talk to the Mayor in the park. Something horrible has happened.

*they go to the mayor*

Mayor: Welcome travelers! We have been waiting!
Ark: We're not really travelers, just...
Mayor: There's a legend in this villagë "When the red moon sinks 3 times, a hero will come". Today is that day!
Ark: A "red moon"...? I don't see any such thing...! And what the heck is a "villagë"?
Mayor: How should I know? Ask Natsume, they spelled it that way! Well, heroes, are you going to save the maiden from the fire-breathing dragon?
Ark: Just wait a second...
Ivy: Ark, maybe we should just go on to the next town?
Ark: I think you're right! ... But wait! There is no next town!
Ivy: I don't know what CIMA was thinking when they created this town...
Ark: You're right. It's weird the way everybody repeats themselves...
Mayor: Wait, heroes! You can't just abandon the maiden!
Ark: Sorry, but we've got to be going...
Mayor: But the maiden is a girl named Emmy!\

to be continued

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Postby DualBladeAlstadtMilitary » Tue Aug 09, 2005 6:42 pm

Ark: A "red moon"...? I don't see any such thing...! And what the heck is a "villagë"?
Mayor: How should I know? Ask Natsume, they spelled it that way! Well, heroes, are you going to save the maiden from the fire-breathing dragon?

I just have to do this.

Ark: A "red moon" ..? I don't see any such thing...! And what the heck is a villagë?
Mayor: Huh? Oh, shoot. My identity is revealed. Behold my true power! *turns into Gades* THIS is what I would call frue destruction! *destroys Rooda*

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Postby SinReVi » Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:32 pm

Ark: What!?!
Halley: Emmy! That's my sister, Ark!
Ark: Oh no...
Ivy: I guess this village has a purpose after all...
Ark: We have to go! Where is the maiden?
Mayor: I knew you were I mean true heroes! North of the village is the bathroom where the sacrifice awaits the dragon! Remember, you're the only ones who can save the girl!

*Ark and the others enter the real dungeon: Dragon's [s]Dungeon[/s] Bathroom*

Ark: What a huge bathroom! And it is full of CIMA too! And there is lava and fire everywhere!
Ivy: Is he sure that this is a bathroom?
Vanrose: What kind of idiot built this bathroom-dungeon-that-looks-more-like-a-cave?
Halley: Uncle Ark! Please save Emmy! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Ark: Ok, ok!

*they move on and find Emmy*

Ivy: Ark!
Emmy: Help!!...Mommy! Daddy! Halley!
Halley: Emmy!! Uncle Ark! Save Emmy!...


Ivy: Hey, isn't Ark supposed to say "I will - don't worry! I promise I'll rescue her!" now?!?!
Vanrose: WHERE is Ark anyway? I don't see him!

*Ark appears behind Vanrose, Halley and Ivy*
Emmy: Hey, I always wanted to play that! *somehow manages it to jump to Ark*
Vanrose and Halley: Let us play too!
Ark: I am not finished yet!
*Everyone starts chasing Ark*

*They run and run and run until....*

Ark: Oh no! It's a fence! And it is blocking my way! And there are two switches! One with a female sig on this side, and one with a male sign on the other side of the fence! I wonder what I have to do here?!

*Meanwhile in the battlefield, where Genox is*
Genox: Oh no! They're almost here and I don't have a boss for them yet! Hmmm.... I need ideas!
*Genox gets a "few" storybooks*
Genox: I am sure I will get a good idea after reading all those 932409377467234465324 storybooks!
*Genox starts reading the books*

"Once upon a time, there was an idiot CIMA, who called his dungeon "DRAGON'S [s]DUNGEON[/s] BATHROOM" but there was no dragon in the dungeon..."

Genox: That story sounds familiar! Hey, why don't I make a giant dragon?!

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Postby SinReVi » Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:24 pm

*meanwhile in Ark's house*
*Jester throws the book away*
Jester: GRR! Ark will pay for that! Nobody calls me an amateur!
Esswood:*appears out of nowhere* AMATEUR!
Jester: Oh yeah? Esswood A.... That must stand for "ESSWOOD AMATEUR"!!!! HAHAHAHHA!
Esswood: GRR!*has a fryingpan in his hand*
Jester: Uh oh! *teleports away*
Esswood: ...? What is he running away for?! He is a ghost and ghosts can't get hurt!!!

*back to Ark*

Ark: Aha! What if I put all girls on the female-switch? Yeah that should work!
*Ivy and Emmy are standing at the female-switch*
*fence moves down*
Ark: Hey! The fence is down so that means that we can go on! But now I have to put all men on the male-switch or else the fence will go up again!

*Jester the ghost warps in*
Ark: You again! AMATEUR!
Jester: Listen Ark! I have a present for y-
Ark: No!

*Halley and Vanrose walk to the male-switch*
*There is a sign saying: "DON'T PUT GHOSTS ON THIS SWITCH, OR ELSE.....!!!!!"*
Jester: Aha! I am a ghost! Ark will not like it if I'll step on the switch!
*Halley and Vanrose activate the switch*
*Jester goes to the switch too*
Jester: Hehehehheh! I don't know what will happen now, but this will be my wrath because you called me an amateur! AND because you were sleeping during my lessons! ...

Ark: Poof? Was that all?
voice: NO!

*Ark, Halley, Vanrose and Jester are girls now*
*Emmy and Ivy turned into boys*

Image: MY BODY!
Image: AAAAAH! I don't want to be a woman!
Image: Hey Emmy! I am your big sister now!
Image: This is scary WAAAAAAAAH!
Image: This is not what I wanted!*teleports away*

*Suddenly, a Teleport Trap activates*
*Ivy and Emmy disappear*

(note: The backgrounds were supposed to be transparent, o_0 but I;ll fix that later)

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Postby bad_guy » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:06 pm

Drommels, drommels en nog eens drommels!

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Postby Inuyasha » Fri Aug 04, 2006 8:08 am

look i know im not the origanal person who started this story but i want to help by starting were he/she left off.

Ivy:*in a deep voice* what the &*!@#$ who the hell did we get here?
Emmy:Girl trap?
Ivy:We were turned sexual intercourse in boys so how the hell did we actavate the trap!
Ivy:Lets go

*mean while with girl Ark*
Ark: Lets find the Tomboys.
Vanrose:Hey if im a girl then i have and can look at....
Ark:shut up and lets go.

Later both groups walk walk walk.
Ark:Wa look at this this looks easy emmy on one swithch Hally on the other.
Emmy and Hally:Easy for you to say!
Ivy:Just get going

awile later
Ark:good job guys you did all the work and I had the honor of geting the key.
Ivy:To the boss!

just then Jesster apeard and girls i have found a antidot all 4 me.
Ivy:takes out gun-bang I dont see a antidote.
Ark:Lets go

They went in and met Genox
Genox:You know the drill battle my monster....hahahahahahahahaha I see you felt for my trap.
Genox:What do I get in return
Ark:You can have Ivy.
Ivy:hey-teleported away

a blinding light came-they returnd to normal.
Genox since Im so nice I wont have you battle ta ta.
Ark:Damn why do they run so fast.
Jester came:unlike you Cima eat thir veges.

they left and went to blue Creak
Ark:I wonder how Ivys doin as he put the trake away

somewhere were ivy was:Im gunna get you Ark.
Genox:Ivy....time to do a little bussnice if ya know what I mean.
Ivy:Ya well Im leaving-and of corse she leaves.

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Postby SinReVi » Fri Aug 04, 2006 8:51 pm

Don't continue my stories! (especially not without my permission, you can make your own topic)

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