My Holiday... and The Ancient Cave

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My Holiday... and The Ancient Cave

Postby News System » Thu May 22, 2003 7:00 am

Hi there everyone. I'm just letting you know that there will be no updates on Lufia World for the next week. This is because I'm going away for a week to see some family. I will have no access to FTP software - so I can't update the site, however I <b>may</b> be able to get onto the forum, and answer any e-mails.<p>

In other news, we should be getting another Hosted Site pretty soon, by the name of The Ancient Cave. I will let you know more about this site as its launch gets nearer.<p>

Our most recently launched hosted site, <a href="goldendawn" class="a">Golden Dawn</a> has had some positive feedback so far. If you have visited this hosted site, and would like to talk about issues raised on it, why don't you talk about them in the Golden Dawn section of <a href="forum" class="a">The Lufia World Forum</a>?<p>

I'll try and get an update done next Thursday (my birthday) - if not, the Friday or Saturday after.
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