The Sinistrals' Time Trip~ A Fan Fiction

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The Sinistrals' Time Trip~ A Fan Fiction

Postby Maros » Mon May 29, 2006 10:12 am

Maros stood quietly next to Lumon and Medes, looking over their vast empire from the highest egde of their fortress of reveled splendor and grace.
Lumon:"What shall we do, great one, now that we have ownership over the entire land..? I fear our reign is not high enough esteemed, now that the world has surrendered to our power and supremecy..."

Maros:"Perhaps you are right, Lumon... We have conquered their world as well as our own. Their valiant warriors have all fallen to our strength, and all hail us as leaders for all eternity. Yet..."

Medes:"Our lust cannot be satisfied. There is always more to claim...We own their hearts and minds...They slave for us with their phsyical bodies, and utter our praise with their breath."

A silence passed between them; their eyes scanning their claim, taking pride in the reality that this was their domain, and they would be ever watchful to maintain their order. The hight's air rushed by them, fanning their cloaks and streaking them with glamour.

A thought came to Maros, which was considered, and soon spoken.
Maros:"Indeed we have done all we can to our ultimate cause at the present... But... Why not we conquer their fragile yet defiant little race throughout the measures of time? The past and future could be ours as well. As said, Medes... We must never be content. That would be utter blasphemy to our being."

The other two were in immediate agreement, and preparations began for their journey to extend their domination to all of time...


Maros stood above the altar, looking to Lumon stepping up on the platform to the left, and as Medes took his position on the risen stone platform to the right. The reflection of the fire blazing in the center of them was alight in his eyes as he looked to his leader, silently awaiting the command to herald the subsistance of time and awaken their gate.
Maros, arisen above the two as well as the flame, slowly extended the begloved hand that led them forward, and the world rushed before them like the image of winds raging as if in turmoil.

Lumon didn't recall having fallen into slumber, but it seemed he awoken from a dream as he intook his environ.
Lumon:"We've...transisted back, then...?"

Maros:"Indeed, Lumon... The heavens of this era are not yet stained red, and the air not full of tension..."

Medes:"It's strange... It is as though I've not yet lived, but breathed this air before..."

They made their way through the lengthy tussles of the field they had arrived on, headed for the nearest civilazation to begin their new venture of conquering the human race once more.
Their feet passed clear streams of vibrant, lively forestations; sites that pleasured them in that they were clean, and new; not yet tamed, broken, or destroyed.

Their destination finally made it's appearance as they exited the forementioned, and the headway of their advancement pointed towards a city of man, plenteous of people carrying out their lives.

Oohh, this exhausting...

Maybe I'll carry on some other time..

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