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Postby DarkMaster2101 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:22 am

Alright, enough of unfinished epic RP's and stories (because no one will finish any of them anytime soon). So instead I'm throwing in something different. An anthology of short stories from everyone which you can write yourself here. A few rules:
    They must be short (no longer than a LW page and a half at most) with a declared beginning and ending. If they take more than one post, "to be continued" is acceptable.

    You must write yourself as an author for each story. If you have permission for sequels, then write the original author for a disclaimer.*

    Each story must be your own. If you want to make sequels to your own that's fine too just don't make sequels to others W/O their permission. Co-writing is fine but agreements must be made outside this thread.*

    Now OoC posts or comments from past stories unless included with yours [aka brackets like so at the beginning, end, or both of a story].

    All material must reference either Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, Lufia the Legend Returns, or Lufia Ruins of Lore. Other than that it could be as dramatic or randomly funny as you want. No! Making stories based off other fan works do not count.

    You must follow all Lufia World Forum rules.* If you don't know how to post, look up the FAQ here:

    No Internet Memes, cross overs outside of Lufia/Neverland, and idiotic posts allowed.* Just like your pet dinosaur, it must be left outside of Lufia World (sorry Yoshi).

    I am sorry if English is not your native language, but please at least post in proper grammatical English in either a novel, essay, or dialogue script format. No 1337, no suxors, try to proof read your work (aka Preview), and if you have typos, feel free to fix them anytime (edit post)

*Lufia World Forum staff and I are not responsible for any damage, lawsuits, copyright law infringements, broken friendships, unnecessary band requests, flamers, suicides, violent threats, idiots, bots, trolls, or anything else happening at the cause of all ESTOPOLIS DENKI SHORTS threads. All copyrights are held to their respected owners. Remember Lufia World does not issue copyrights to anyone nor does it have copyrights to any material presented here. It's called common courtesy, don't steal anyone else's work.

You have been warned.

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