The almighty Egg Dragon awaits you to face a new challenge

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The almighty Egg Dragon awaits you to face a new challenge

Postby Artemis » Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:14 am

We all know and love our favourite egg obsessed fella, don't we? He is quite strong and poses a much bigger threat than these who claim to be gods, but with the right tactic he shouldn't be a problem nevertheless as he's beaten countless times by some very nasty people.

Very nasty people who pretend not to fight and for example give him a present like a charred newt. And while our little friend tries it out, they show their frue faces and attack him unexpected. Due to this cruel act of deception he is so shocked that he might get beaten with just one attack.

However, why not challenge him again? This time there might await some little surprises. You should wear some good stuff if you fight him now - maybe some protection against confusion and silence. Defence increasing IPs like Forcefield might also be nice.

Here's the way to the dragon's realm:

Thanks to relnqshd for all his work and to SinReVi who provided a save for testing him.

The patch is for the US version.

It should be doable with a level below 50 or even below 40. However, why not challenge him with different levels? If you want to comment it, please also post your levels because...
because I'm just curious. That's all. Really. :)

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