History of Estpolis

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History of Estpolis

Postby Rezic » Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:53 am

Hello everyone, I've recently been attempting to draw the 3 main Lufia games together and have come up with some numbers and concepts that may or may not shed some light on the more enigmatic parts of the series. These records may not be entirely accurate, and these comparisons may be purely coincidental, but this is all worth looking at, I think.

Starting off is a basic lineage of Maxim, I got all the ages off of forfeit island, so they may be incorrect (I'm not sure... I've never owned the manuals for any of the games.)

Maxim's Bloodline

AFW- After First War

Maxim: 0 AFW- 21 AFW (Aged 21)
Jeros: Born 21 AFW
Hero: Born 104 AFW (Age 17 during Second War)
Wain: Born 183 AFW (Age 17 during Third War)
I've ruled that the possible descendants both between Jeros and Hero, and Hero and Wain range between 3-5, if you assume 20-30 year generations. One flaw in stating Maxim's age is the one year gap that occurs during his marriage to Selan. Was he 21 during the fight, or at the beginning of the game?

Comparison between Arek, the Sinistrals, and the greek gods

This is based off of Zeus, and the children he had with Hera. I have a theory that Erim might actually be the oldest due to the whole resurrection of her brothers thing.

Arek the Absolute- Zeus
Daos god of Chaos- Ares god of War
Erim goddess of Death- Eileithyia goddess of childbirth
Amon god of Terror- Eris goddess of strife
Gades god of Destruction- Hebe goddess of youth
(youngest sinsitral?)

This brings into play a Hera of sorts that could exist that we haven't seen... Perhaps... Dual Blade could be the solidified essence of the Mother... which could also be the mother off Estpolis... All theories.

Please feel free to suggest corrections and elaborate on what I've started!
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