Lufia/Neverland news in short

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Lufia/Neverland news in short

Postby News System » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:58 pm

Hurray, the news system works again! Here are some links I collected about Lufia and Neverland Company related things that happened in the past 6 months!


Lufia II trademark status changed to "Registered"

Ryusenkei Encounter released (Japanese only game co-developed by Neverland)

Rune Factory 4 cancelled for Europe


Marvelous announces Forbidden Magna, a game developed by Rune Factory staff. The director for the game is Masahide Miyata who also worked on the Lufia games as director/scenario

Natsume comments on Neverland Company's bankruptcy, Lufia and Rune Factory

Lufia Kickstarter appears (and is canceled the next day)

Lufia Genesis Demo ROM shows up
Apparently Taito wanted the sega version done in a really short time frame. The port was handled by Teknocrest.

(There isn't much to do in the Lufia Genesis demo and the animation is clunky)

New Demo for Lufia V released


Chaos Seed English translation patch released


Lufia TLR rated, hints at VC release (it was recently confirmed to appear on the NA 3DS e-shop by Natsume!)

Yasunori Shiono, the main composer of the Lufia games, returns to composing music and releases a video with sample music.
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