Why did Lufia never return to console?

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Why did Lufia never return to console?

Postby Balzak » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:00 pm

After Ruins Chaser transitioned into The Legend Returns, the series never really managed to get back on home console and stuck to the handheld market. Why?

The Wild Arms series shows that the basic gameplay template still worked rather well into the PS2 era, and there were still Lufia games being made at least through the period where Gamecube would have been an option if they wanted to stick to Nintendo systems. If it was an issue with Neverland being unfamiliar with 3D games, well, after a couple Rune Factory releases that shouldn't have been an issue, and even then, Ruins of Lore showed that the publishers were willing to let other teams & studios at the license.

Just curious as to why we never got another big budget console release in the series.

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