RPG Rules

Rules, announcements and character information related to the RPG are posted here. This is the only board in the online roleplay where you can post out-of-character.

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RPG Rules

Postby DualBladeAlstadtMilitary » Mon Dec 08, 2003 8:19 pm

Well... it's here, but you can't have an RPG about rules.

Roleplaying boards are completely different from other boards. There is an expectation placed on post quality, and many other factors. All of these are outlined below.

1. Quality of posts: Posts should be well detailed, in paragraph or multi paragraph form, (meaning at LEAST 2 complete sentences) and free of any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Try to describe everything around you, but still make it easier to understand. Posts can NOT be a bunch of *kicks person 1*, *punches person 2 and starts to move on*. That is spamming.

2. Characters: Before you start RPing, it is vital that you create a character for yourself. Follow the instructions in the character thread and post your character's profile in there. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT create a character that excels in every area. Characters of these types, more known as "god characters", will be deleted on sight.

3. OOC (out of character) posts: All posts for discussion of the RP that have nothing to do with anything within it, also known as Out of Character or OOC posts, shall go in the designated thread. Any OOC posts within In-character threads will be deleted.

(Exception to the above rule: If you have a short OOC comment, you can place it in brackets within an in-character post)

4. Sticking to the storyline: Please don't wander off and create your own storyline within the thread of another storyline. This is annoying and confuses other RPers.

5. Godmoding: When posting, do NOT do anything to anyone else's character. Don't make another character talk, die, attack, or even move an inch without that person's permission, and make sure you notify myself or another RPG mod about it. You may ask another character something, but it's up to the owner of that character to post the response. Doing anything with another character without their permission is godmoding, and will not be tolerated. Godmoding actions will be deleted, and if it continues, you may be banished from the RPG.

That is all for now. For now, have fun!

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