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By: Chris | on Thursday, August 27 2009 | 15:30 | Comment!
Due to IGN retiring their free hosting services, we had to migrate Lylat Wars to a new host and thus have a new URL:

Please update your bookmarks! :-)

More StarFox Glory Coming Soon!
By: Hope(N Forever) | on Tuesday, November 7 2006 | 11:32 | Comment!
After the initial release of StarFox Command for the Nintendo DS, which is already on sale by the way, it seems there will be more StarFox gloriness on the way!! After this year's Nintendo World show in Japan, Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is to debut on Wii somewhere in 2007! The new trailer shows you some of the character moves, the fighting arenas, and much of the coolness! In the end, they gave us a surprising preview of Fox McCloud jumping around on the new Great Fox ship (which is actually the old - a historically long story in regard with the cancelled StarFox 2 - which I'm not to disclose more details since it's not the point of this announcement) arena level!! Finally! I was expecting to hear of Fox's confirmation in Brawl anytime soon now, and it's finally in! Check out the new trailer yourselves!! Let's hope we get to see other characters as well, like the return of Falco, and new characters such as Wolf, Leon, and even Krystal! There seems to be hints of a brand new StarFox game in development for the Wii!! It would be so awesome, I hope, especially since Wii will be going online... However, nothing has been confirmed. Although, I really hope we would be able to update our website just well enough to make you know more about... Smell ya later, kiddies!

New Moderator
By: Chris | on Wednesday, June 28 2006 | 18:15 | Comment!
Please join me in congratulating TheWhiteFox for gaining moderating permissions at our forums. I am positive he will do an awesome job!

Star Fox DS Forum
By: Chris | on Sunday, May 14 2006 | 04:48 | Comment!
I've created a new forum on our message board specifically for discussing the recently announced Star Fox DS. If you're excited as us about this title, visit the new forum and praise Nintendo for developing it! :)

Star Fox DS
By: Chris | on Tuesday, May 9 2006 | 14:12 | Comment!
Nintendo surprised everyone at their press conference at E3 today, with the announcement of a new Star Fox title for the Nintendo DS handheld. The game promises full-on single and multiplayer space combat inspired by the original Super NES classic. A strategic element is to be added where players can plot the course of their teammates by using the touch screen. Also, not only will the game support up to eight players via cartridge download, and multiple cartridges, but it will have support for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. No release date has been mentioned yet. Check out IGN for more information!

We're not dead, so hang tight!
By: NooM | on Tuesday, August 30 2005 | 13:25 | Comment!
There isn't much StarFox news out there to report, but we're far from dead. If i'm not here, Chris will always be to cover up. In fact, we owe to him in great part that this site still here.

Our forums are becoming increasingly popular, although not by large numbers. Join on the fun of other members posting fan fic or just regular rants. Thanks to anybody out there who still visit us. We'll be here for Fox hits the Revolution on any shape or form.

Planet The Sims Launches!
By: Chris | on Friday, July 1 2005 | 08:25 | Comment!
We have a bit of network news today - a new GameSpy Planet site has been launched, dedicated to The Sims: Planet The Sims. I'm the Site Director of this new Planet, so if you're interested in the franchise please take a look around. :)

NOM Scans
By: Chris | on Monday, June 27 2005 | 10:42 | Comment!
Hope(N Forever) scanned in some pages from issue #152 (March 2005) of Nintendo Official Magazine (UK Edition). Included in the package are scans of the feature article "The Secret History of StarFox", and a scan of the Star Fox Assault themed cover. Download the scans now from FilePlanet!

Nintendo Official Magazine UK #152 (March 2005) Scans

Star Fox Assault Soundtrack
By: Chris | on Monday, June 27 2005 | 09:52 | Comment!
Fox_McCloud kindly sent in two songs from the Star Fox Assault soundtrack. Download them with the links below, or discuss them in this thread.

Star Fox Assault - Boss Introduction
Star Fox Assault - Boss Battle 1

No News
By: Foxxe | on Monday, June 20 2005 | 14:38 | Comment!
Unfortunately no new Star Fox games have been announced since the release of Star Fox Assault, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate! As I'm sure you all know, this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, (aka E3), gave us a look at the Revolution; Nintendo's next generation console. We'd like to hear your opinions on what the next Star Fox, which will presumably be for the Revolution, should have in it. Feel free to express your opinions on our forums here.

Star Fox MIDI Files
By: Chris | on Saturday, May 21 2005 | 01:57 | Comment!
Hope(N Forever) and Foxxe kindly sent in loads of MIDI files for Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures, and even the unreleased SNES game Star Fox 2. Use the links below to download them (note: you will need a GameSpy ID and a program that can unzip .zip files):

Star Fox Music
Star Fox 2 (Unreleased) Music
Star Fox 64 Music
Star Fox Adventures Music

A Third Hello and Aussie Assault
By: Hope(N Forever) | on Tuesday, May 3 2005 | 11:49 | Comment!
Hiya! I'm the other mod at the forums, bieng Hope(N Forever), and I'll now also add any news and more content needed for this website to grow!
People who know me truly believe I can accomplish this feat with great capacities.

While we are still at it, here's something I would like to announce:
Now that Europeans had their share of StarFox Assault, good news for Australian StarFox fans!! The release date for StarFox Assault in Australia and the rest of Oceania has been confirmed, mates!! It is the:

16th of May, 2005

Hello, I'm Air Grady
By: Air Grady | on Saturday, April 30 2005 | 09:25 | Comment!
Hey, I am Air Grady, and I will be helping out Lylat Wars with content. You can expect some new content on Star Fox Assault coming up soon. I hope I can be as active as possible! Until the next time...

Hello All
By: Foxxe | on Saturday, April 30 2005 | 06:18 | Comment!
Looks like I'm the newest news guy here, aside from being around to keepthe forums going. I'll do my best, I guess, and you can always feel free to let any of us know if you find something newsworthy!

News System
By: Chris | on Friday, April 29 2005 | 11:24 | Comment!
Sorry for the lack of updates this month, but I've had my hands tied up with other projects, including programming a news system. That's right, this news post has been generated by a brand new web based interface. I'm looking for some dedicated Star Fox fans to help me post Star Fox news using this news system - if you are interested, please drop me a line. Over and out! :)

Corneria Theme
By: Chris | on Monday, April 4 2005 | 15:05 | Comment!
Hope(N Forever) needs thanking again, but this time for sending in a pretty cool MP3! Hope managed to find the Corneria Theme from the original SNES Star Fox. It can be downloaded from the new Star Fox Music / Soundtrack page.

StarFox Factoids #1
By: Chris | on Sunday, April 3 2005 | 12:40 | Comment!
Hope(N Forever) has produced an article about the ages of characters throughout the Star Fox series, which can be read here: StarFox Factoids #1: Character Ages. Thanks for that! Personally, I find some of the facts Hope manages to dig up pretty darn interesting. :)

European Release of Star Fox: Assault
By: Chris | on Saturday, March 19 2005 | 10:50 | Comment!
Star Fox: Assault should be released in Europe on April 29th, 2005. I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on it, as I don't have the equipment (Freeloader) that you need to run import games.

Welcome Air Grady!
By: Chris | on Tuesday, March 8 2005 | 09:35 | Comment!
Please give our newest staff member a warm welcome: Tucker "Air Grady" Grady. Air Grady has become a content writer and has already contributed some great stuff, namely: Star Fox 64 cheats, Star Fox Adventures cheats, and Star Fox: Assault cheats. I'm looking forward to more of his work. :)

Namco Classic(s) in Star Fox: Assault
By: Chris | on Tuesday, March 1 2005 | 11:45 | Comment!
Some bad news from Hope(N Forever)! A Star Fox: Assault beta-tester informed Matt Casamassina of IGN Cube that Namco only included one of the expected three "Namco Classic mini-games" in the US and PAL versions of the game. Xevious is unlockable in the US and PAL versions, however, Star Luster and Battle City are only available in the Japanese version. Read Hope's post here.

New Site E-Mail Address
By: Chris | on Saturday, February 26 2005 | 05:30 | Comment!
Just a brief news post... I've just fixed the site's former e-mail address - All Lylat Wars related e-mails should be sent there now (not to my personal addresses), as it forwards to both me and NooM. This means that you're much more likely to get our attention quicker. :)

Lylat Wars Needs YOU!
By: Chris | on Tuesday, February 15 2005 | 14:25 | Comment!
And why do we need you? I'll explain! There is so much a community can do to improve a site. Fan contributions can often make such a big difference - and that's what I'm pleading for. I've finally updated the games' pages (all games' pages now have some content), but if you look further down the navigation bar, you'll see that we have a "fan stuff" section, an articles section, and a mailbag. I know for a fact that there is a dedicated community behind this site, and I'm appealing to you - send in anything you like. We haven't got any fan fiction, we haven't published fan art in ages, our mailbag hasn't been weekly for a long time, and we need some more articles. You don't need access to this site to help, just e-mail me your stuff and I'll get it published ASAP. There's nothing stopping you from contributing - infact it's a welcome practice. And as always, we'll give you full credit and more. :)

Fixed Bugs, and Star Fox: Assault
By: Chris | on Sunday, February 13 2005 | 11:20 | Comment!
I've fixed up most of the issues and bugs with Lylat Wars now, so now all that's left to do is add content. I'm wanting to build up the games section - I've just finished an introduction page for Star Fox: Assault, which is coming out in North America on February 15th 2005. Count down until its release with the community in this thread!

Lylat Wars is Far From Dead
By: Chris | on Sunday, February 6 2005 | 13:15 | Comment!
Hey! I'm the new guy on the Lylat Wars team - I'll be working in the background of the site fixing problems, adding content, and hopefully will get a new news system installed (the last one no longer works). Over the next week I'm hoping to make several improvements to the content, and am hoping to put a section together for Star Fox Assault. Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions, or find me in the forums. :)

StarFox 2 release put back to October.
By: Aretak | on Thursday, March 25 2004 | 23:07 | Comment!
Well, look at that. No sooner have I finished lamenting the lack of StarFox news, and some turns up. Sadly, it's not the kind of news you might have been hoping for.

IGN have updated their GameCube release schedule, and it seems the US release of StarFox 2 has been moved back to October 15th of this year (it had previously been slated for the same date in June). It means an even longer wait for the next StarFox title, and that's disappointing.

However, at least it does give Namco some extra time to work on the title, and hopefully they'll be able to polish it even more with a four month extension. Because hey, it's better to wait a long time and get something great, rather than getting it sooner and it turning out to be rubbish, right?

Expect to see a lot more of StarFox 2 at E3.

It's been a long winter...
By: Aretak | on Wednesday, March 24 2004 | 23:59 | Comment!
Ok, so here we are a significant amount of time longer than my hopeful estimate of "less than five months" for the next news update... and we have nothing. Not so much as a peep out of Nintendo regarding the upcoming StarFox 2, and as such absoloutely nothing to report. Still, I'm keeping faith that Namco are currently cooking up a StarFox game that's just so good that they have to keep it under lock and key 24/7, and that when we finally see it, the wait will have been worth it.

The annual E3 Expo is coming up in May, and is traditionally the time when the biggest titles around are unveiled to the world, so we can probably expect to see much more of StarFox 2 then, and of course you'll hear all the news reported here as it happens. It's just a matter of time before the lid is blown on StarFox 2...

Meanwhile, check out our forums and the rest of the site if you haven't done so already. You'll have more fun than you would watching paint dry, that much I assure you.

More soon (I hope).

We're still alive...
By: Aretak | on Saturday, October 4 2003 | 04:12 | Comment!
Considering the last news update was back in May, it's only natural to assume that anyone visiting the site recently would have concluded it had been abandoned. This isn't the case at all. NooM, the Site Director, is very busy with other projects at the moment, and that combined with the almost total lack of any StarFox related news in recent months has contributed to the lack of updates.

Not to worry though! I've been roped in to post news on the site, and the next update hopefully won't be another five months away. Unfortunately, the lack of StarFox news hasn't changed, but hopefully as we move towards the new year Namco and/or Nintendo will be more forthcoming over the status of StarFox 2 (formerly StarFox Armada).

So bear with us, and rest assured that news updates will be more frequent from now on. Also, don't forget to check out the Lylat Wars forums where you can chat about StarFox games old and new, as well as anything else that's on your mind.

That's about it for now. More updates soon...

My first (and last) post.
By: raiderfox88 | on Thursday, May 22 2003 | 00:45 | Comment!
Greetings all, and welcome to version 3 of the Lylat Wars Star Fox website, hosted here on GameSpy's PlanetNintendo. Due to some personal issues and what have you, I have officially decided to hand over Site Directing duties, etc. To Allen "NooM" Luna; a good friend of mine, who's moderated/administrated many websites and forums (and still does!) all over the GameSpy Network.

While I'm sure I'll drop by Lylat Wars forums every now-and-then, you should contact NooM for anything regarding the site now. (Contact information is on the staff page!)

Although it's sad to say good bye, be happy - the site's finally back online! ;-)

- Giorgio "raiderfox" Arcamone
Old Lylat Wars Site Director, Linux Advocate

Almost ready
By: NooM | on Monday, May 19 2003 | 02:26 | Comment!
Well, i've finally open the site for public view. However, there are still somethings that i have to finish, and that due to lack of time (work, school tests, nightschool, etc), i haven't been able to. But rest assure that this site won't die anytime soon, and that we'll be here to bring you the latest coverage from the soon as i get the time :p. More updates tomorro..

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