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I'm sure we all have our own ideas on what would make Namco's version of Star Fox more than just the average Star Fox, and the Lylat Wars staff is no differn't. | By: FartRipple

New features that would be welcome in Namco's Star Fox

As all of you may know, Star Fox Adventures was just recently released back in September. Shortly after the highly anticipated release, Namco announced that they were developing another Star Fox title, which will be available in arcade and console platform.

Not a lot of details have been released about the game, yet. But as I write this, I'm wondering what Namco could implement in the game that could improve upon the past titles. So, I have come up with some ideas of my own that could make the gameplay slightly better and fans a bit more content.

1. Internet capabilities.

This day and age, everything is going online. From games to…more games, the Internet has a lot of potential and it's been proven among several titles on several platforms. Why not include it in the new Star Fox? I mean, doesn't having Arwing dogfights in an asteroid field with several of your buddies that sport 128 bit graphics not want to make you wet your pants? For me it does.

Uh, excuse me. I've got to go change, um, something.

2. Complete free-range environment.

In the SNES version of Star Fox, you played the game with the camera located behind the ship. With this camera view, you weren't allowed to maneuver in a huge area as you only moved your ship and the camera basically stood still. In the N64 version, you were only allowed to fly in a free-range environment during one level and most of the boss encounters. How about having missions that are completely in free-range? With this, Namco could develop better missions, have more enemies appear on the level or come up with some trippy stuff that us fans wouldn't even expect.

3. Co-op!

The only way to implement this option would have to be playing on the Internet. I don't think an arcade version would work (yet, it would be very cool) so this mode of gameplay would have to be on consoles. If any of you readers have played and like co-op on the PS2, X-Box or PC, you know how fun this type of gameplay is. Seeing your wingmen out of your cockpit window, side-by-side in outer space, would be one heck of a site to see in the console online world.

4. More replayability

I remember myself playing the SNES version but I do not recall anything that made me want to go back and play it again. The N64 did have replayability, but only a little. Going through all the levels (again) on a different difficulty setting and unlocking multiplayer levels only go so far. Perhaps Namco can put in more branching paths, secret levels, or maybe the ability to play as any of the other characters of the Star Fox team. There are many options that can be put in to give the game longevity and I hope something is done about it.

5. The use of the E-Reader.

How cool would this be? I mean, this could mean unlimited gameplay baby! Think about it, you could unlock new weaponry, or possibly new characters to play as! New bosses to pummel! Or you could possibly even play the original Star Fox from the SNES on your GC or GBA! With this new utility the possibilities of introducing new objects into Star Fox would be endless.

That about wraps up about what I would like to see in the new Star Fox. Some of these ideas could be built into the game while others may not. However, it's still in development and anything can happen. Let's hope for the best!

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