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StarFox Factoids #1: Character Ages (04/03/2005)
By Hope(N Forever):

Once on the official Japanese website for StarFox 64 (now down) they stated the ages the members of StarFox and StarWolf Teams.

Those ages were:

Fox - 18
Falco - 19
Slippy - 18
Peppy - 41
Wolf - 27
Pigma - 38
Leon - 32
Andrew - 12 (!?)

Which means that by the timeline of StarFox Adventures (eight years later), the following characters were:

Fox - 26
Slippy - 26
Peppy - 49
(Falco - 27)<---Spoiler Warning

Therefore, by the timeline of StarFox Assault (five years later), the following characters are now:

Fox - 31
Falco - 32
Slippy - 31
Peppy - 54
Wolf - 40
Pigma - 51
Leon - 45
Andrew - 25

However, if it is really only one year later, which I doubt due to Krystal's change of lingo, the following characters are now:

Fox - 27
Falco - 28
Slippy - 27
Peppy - 50
Wolf - 36
Pigma - 47
Leon - 41
Andrew - 21

The interesting part about this is that these character's ages are not exactly Earth Years!! These guys come from many different planets with different revolutionary rates!! Think about it!! Even if we assume that those are Earth Years, there are yet other factors to consider, like the character's growth rate being they are non-humans. I mean, it must be logical since how come Andrew was allowed to fly a Wolfen at the age of twelve!? And exactly which planetary years are we counting here?

Well, that's up to you to decide, but for now I consider that these are the character's current, and official, ages!! I'll still browse the internet to see if I can find something official on Krystal, Andross, General Pepper, and maybe even Katt, Bill, as well as our new recruits Panther and Beltino.

Speaking of Beltino, it seems that there are several people out there who agrees that Beltino DOES indeed exist with the StarFox 64 timeline, even though he's technically nowhere in the game itself. I'll keep searching for proof of this...

Contact Hope(N Forever) about this article through Alternatively, post in the StarFox Factoids forum thread.

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