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::Fan Stuff::

Do you like to write fan fiction, draw fanart, or some other fanstuff related to the StarFox universe? Then we want to hear from you!
Imagine your stories, your art, and plenty more, up on Lylat Wars for everyone to see! Pretty cool, huh?

There are a few restrictions, however.
  • The content must be apropriate. No racist crap, no animal porn, etc.
  • It must be resonsabley sized. We're just going to delete 1x1 pixel fan art or 70page Word Documents, or 8600x7800 pixel images and one-word Word Documents.
  • It must be your own work. We're not too happy on getting threatening letters to take something down because it's not really yours.
  • More rules to come...

    If you think your fanstuff meets is apropriate and doesn't violate the restrictions, then send it to us! We'll review it, and if it's acceptable, it'll show up on the FanStuff page! How cool is that?


    (4 images) :

    Author Image Description/Comments Link
    Korbenn Star Fox FanArt Link
    Hope(N Forever) "A McCloud's Ambition" Link
    Hope(N Forever) "Falco,you pretty boy!" Link
    Korbenn Krystal from Starfox Adventures looking a bit more devious, levitating on the her staf. O.k. it doesnt have blades in the game and she is holding a green Mega Sphere. It was either that or General Scales severed head. pity you only get to play her shortly in the beginning Colored with pencil and marker. Krystal is copyright of Rare software and Nintendo. The sphere is from Doom copyright of ID software. Link

    Random Fact:


    If the original SNES Star Fox was ported to the GBA, would you buy it?

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