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:: Star Fox 64 - Items ::

Star Fox 64 >> Items

There are a lot of items in StarFox 64. Here we'll explain what they all are and what they do.

The Bomb

This item, as guessed, adds an additional bomb to your arsenal, which can be fired by pressing the 'B' button. Once fired a bomb will explode on impact or when triggered by hitting 'B' again, and engulf a fairly large area in flames.

Laser Upgrade
This item upgrades your arwing's laser from single laser to dual lasers. If you happen to find another one, it will upgrade your dual lasea to dual blue lasers. Be careful though, if you lose a wing on your arwing, you will be reduced to your single laser again. Fire lasers by pressing the 'A' button.

Silver Ring

The Silver ring restores a bit of health for your ship.

Gold Ring

Like the Silver Ring, the Gold Ring restores health for your ship. Collect 3, and your health meter will increase in size for that mission. If your Ship's Health meter is already increased, you'll gain a retry for every extra 3 you collect.

Repair Wing

This item will repair a broken wing on your Arwing. These will sometimes appear where a Laser Upgrade would be, if your ships wing(s) are damaged.

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