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:: Star Fox 64 - Vehicles ::

Star Fox 64 >> Vehicles

The addition on new vehicles to do your destruction missions with, makes StarFox64 a bit cooler. When's the last time you got to drive a tank and blow stuff up? We thought so.

The Arwing

The Arwing is your basic fighting craft, and the one you'll pilot the most in the game, so get used to it. There are two weapon systems on the Arwing; Lasers (which can be upgraded) and Bombs. The lasers (which can be used by hitting 'A') is your basic weapon. Alone it stands a single-fire laser, but can be upgraded to dual fire, and then to blue dual fire, which makes destroying those pesky bogies easier. Holding down 'A' will store and charge up a laser which you can you to more accurately lock-on to a target and send a burst of energy it's way. The bombs, is your seconday weapon. (You can fire a bomb by pressing "B" once) As expected, a bomb will engulf a large area with fire and essentially clear the area of enemies. Be sure to use bombs wisely though, as you don't have an unlimited supply and they are hard to come by.

The Tank

The Tank, aka the Land Master, is used in a couple of missions where the Arwing can't make it. Controls work almost exactly the same, and you have the same types of fire - lasers and bombs. The only flaw is there is no dual canon upgrades for dual lasers, so you'll have to rely on bombs, and, you single laser canon. If your approaching an obsticle, you can hover over it by simultaneously pressing 'Z' and 'R'. Pressing 'R' or 'Z' twice by themsellves will cause you to do a roll, which is usefull for getting out of an obsticle's way.

The Submarine

The Submarine, aka the Blue Marine, is used in one measly mission. However, don't take it lightly, as Aquas is no picnic. With the Blue Marine, you have unlimited Torpedo's (which are pretty much weak versions of the bomb) and Standard lasers. There's also an auto-lock on system for the torpedo's, so feel free to blast away through the level, just beware that torpedo's take a couple of seconds to reload.

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